June 10, 2014 Meeting of University Library Exhibitions Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

June 10, 20143:30 pm

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Miriam Centeno, Cher Schneider, Jody Waitzman (Chair)


Lucy has left the committee; a new member will be assigned, Kim Matherly said they’ll start August 16 (that’s when committee terms for the Library begin)


1. Jody: web calendar; budget mgmt. and ordering;promotion/outreach until we get a new member

Mueller Fund

  • As of May 2014, Mueller fund balance is $6887.19
  • Kim Matherly and Sue Searing are going to EC to find out if the Exhibits Committee can use Mueller Endowment money (and potentially additional funding) to support exhibits in departmental libraries

Exhibits Calendar/Scheduling

  • Gil Witte offered to leave the July crochet exhibit up for August, so we’re covered (though for some reason the WebTools Toolbox won’t let me delete the “space available” placeholder for August…)
  • Sent out recruitment email on 6/10/14
  • Annual (November) Veteran’s Day exhibits in the NS corridor has been cancelled due to staffing changes
  • Advancement and RBML will need to use the NS corridor cases for an event in the RBML on Saturday, November 8; details forthcoming on that one
  • The following exhibit times are available from now through June 2015:
    • November 2014 in the NS Corridor
    • January 2015 in the Marshall Gallery
    • February 2015 in the Marshall Gallery
    • February 2015 in the NS Corridor
    • March 2015 in the NS Corridor
    • May 2015 in the Marshall Gallery
    • June 2015 in the NS Corridor
    • June 2015 in the Marshall Gallery

ExploreCU website

  • We discussed the ExploreCU website (http://explorecu.org/) and decided against contributing – it seems to be more for spaces than events – don’t see any mention of exhibits in other spaces


 2. Cher: contact with exhibitors for install/deinstall; preparation of materials for exhibit  

  • From last meeting: Cher suggested doing a survey about moving the cases. If they would like the 2nd floor and if 3 cases is more preferable than 6? Etc…
  • We will wait to see if we get approval from Facilities before drafting a survey
  • Additional survey question: Would exhibitors be interested in leaving exhibits up for two months rather than one? We’d need to work out the recurring exhibits if we decide to move to 2-month time slots.

3. Kaylan

  • Kaylan has graduated and will no longer be serving on the committee

4. Pat: Graduate student competition(Pat wasn’t present, no final decisions made)

  • Our schedule is: Contest in Sept./Oct., winners announced end of Oct., exhibits (two) will be in early spring.
  • Pat proposes: Contest in November, winners announced early December, exhibits in February
  • Concerns from other committee members: holding the exhibit close to Thanksgiving and winter break might be an issue, students are busy with midterms and finals
  • Currently we have March and April reserved for the contest winners
  • Should we switch to February and March for future years? (Feb 2015 is already booked)
  • How will we promote the contest?


5. Lucy: Publicity and recruitment of exhibitors

  • Lucy has left the committee

6. Miriam: website; facilities

  • Miriam: website; facilities
  • Exhibit cabinet: Facilities is eliminating all storage cabinets from Library corridors except the 7-14 corridor where the cabinet is currently housed. They will replace or repair the cabinet and move it into Preservation (room 425) if Preservation can fit it.
  • Would Miriam be able to photograph exhibits for the summer? Come fall, a conservation GA or intern could be assigned this duty
  • Draft proposal to move three of the NS corridor exhibit cases to the second floor