July 6, 2020 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

July 6, 20201:30 pm - 3:00 pm Zoom Meeting

Agenda Details




July 6, 2020 


Zoom Meeting 



  1. Approve minutes – June 22
  2. AP and Civil Service appointments on EC
  3. Agenda for AULs – 7/13 (building project?) 
  4. Committee Appointments for 20/21 


Minutes Details




July 6, 2020

1:30-3:00 pm

Zoom Conference Call


Attendees: John Wilkin (Chair); David Ward (Vice-Chair); Paula Carns; William Maher; Mara Thacker; Jennifer Teper (Secretary); and Lynne Thomas. Lucretia Williams, Recording



  1. Minutes of the June 22, 2020 EC minutes meeting were approved upon the motion by Paula Carns and second by Lynne Thomas.


  1. Question time – Dean Wilkin informed EC of the maps of several COVID-19 testing sites on campus and the “soft” rollout of testing on July 6-7.


  1. AP and Civil Service Representation on EC – EC decided to invite LSSC and LCAP representatives to future EC meetings on a monthly basis starting in August 2020. Lucretia will notify both LSSC and LCAP via email of the invitation and then will add them to the EC calendar Zoom meetings. Lucretia will also invite Library Senators to discuss bringing a proposal to the Campus Senate Statutes Committee to consider adding staff and AP representation to college Executive Committees. EC will also work toward a strategy for meaningful, ongoing engagement of Library APs and civil service staff in decision-making and discussion of major issues as an interim step until statutory changes can be made.


  1. Emeritus Faculty Request – A request for emeritus faculty status was discussed and voted for approval.


  1. Agenda for AULs at EC 7/13/2020 – EC would like the AULs to give regular updates. Lucretia will reach out to the AULs and inform them of the things they will need to discuss. Additionally, Sara Holder and Mary Laskowski will be invited, joining David Ward and Tom Teper, to discuss a strategy for planning next steps in the library building project in the Main Library.


  1. Committee Appointments – EC made selections for open committee positions. Lucretia will contact individuals recommended for volunteer Library Committee appointments to see if they are willing to serve and then report back to EC.