July 23, 2020 Meeting of Library Staff Support Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

July 23, 2020

Agenda Details


LSSC Agenda 7/23/20

  1. Welcome New Members
  2. June Minutes / Meeting w/Dean
  • Liaison and Committee Reports
  1. Identifying new Chair of LSSC
  2. Review and / or selection of Committee Reps
  3. Invitation to EC
  • Housekeeping / Addressing Ben’s List

Minutes Details


Kim Hutcherson (Administration)
Jan Adamczyk (Area Studies)
Karen Huck (Arts & Humanities)
Kristen Blankenship (Central Public Services)
Michelle Self-Ballard (Central Public Services)
Jessica Sommers (Law)
Erik Chapman (Life Sciences)
Julia Cross (Residential Hall Libraries)
Tony Hynes (Special Collections)
Brian Clark (Technical Services)
Rachael Johns (Technical Services)


Minutes for July 23, 2020 meeting

June meeting was cancelled.

Approve May Minutes: Approved with no corrections.

Welcome new members! 

Liaison Reports and Updates:

Administration:  BHRSC is working remotely full time.  I encourage you all to attend the library hangout meetings with John Wilkin as well as the COVID briefing.

Administrative Council: 

  • Review of COVID-19 measures in Employee Emergency Plan –Tim Newman, Jennifer Teper, and Shelby Strommer met and have been updating the Employee Emergency Plan (EEP) to see if there was any COVID-19 implications that needed to be adjusted or added to it and some of the language that needed some clarity; especially the tornado vs tornado warning section.
  • John Wilkin gave updates on new Administrative Council Members. Mary Laskowski will step down as the Tech Services divisional coordinator; she will be replaced as divisional coordinator by Kyle Rimkus. Carissa Phillips has replaced Susan Avery, who retired, as the CPS divisional coordinator. Mary Schlembach is filling in temporarily for Bill Mischo (PSED).
  • John Wilkin discussed with AC the Bylaws and the process by which people other than divisional representatives are added and that this is done by the Deans in consultation with EC. At the next EC meeting, he will discuss adding the three new directors (Mary Laskowski, David Ward, and Sara Holder) to AC, as they are equivalent to the AUL’s for User Services.

Area Studies:  Working half on-site, half remotely

Arts & Humanities:  no update.

  • LLL – staggering work schedules

Central Public Services:  No meeting.

  • Central Access Services: Eight people returned to work from stacks full time. The locker delivery system is successful and is taking up staff time.
  • UGL: Staff is currently working 2 full days each split in two teams starting this week.  We are planning on trying to implement the locker system in our lobby as well to check out tech and possibly media/games if there is enough space. We will be open for appointments to use the technology booths/studios and hope to open for very minor seating for independent study after about a month. 36 seats on one side of our upper floor. Doors will remain locked on the lobby level and staff stations will be put in to help patrons.

Law: Learning how to catalog in Alma, all working remotely; Some construction going on – reading room into temporary classroom, making a temporary courtroom.

Life Sciences:  Did meet. Discussion on different ways of searching/Alma/Primo – function of journal and article locator: should a patron select something there is a potential to be directed to publishers pay wall than through library resources.  Draft of this issue sent to committees.  ACES project still on hold.

  • ACES: Staffing – alternating full days;  Alma/Primo best practices discussion; meeting rooms being converted into classrooms; discussion on how concerned do we need to be when library is closed and the in-person classes are going on – no definitive answer, just a wait and see scenario. 

Physical Sciences and Engineering: No meeting.

Residence Hall: Serves all with an I-card, please use our services.  No issues working full time; two patrons allowed in at a time, quarantining for at least 3 days, discussing 4 days; meeting with res hall regarding fall move in; continuing to weed.

Special Collections:  Did meet.  Discussion about the exhibit; plans about remote reference service, viewing materials – Library IT will provide some equipment with web cam for some form of instruction.  Onsite researches by appointment, but not sure when will start (sept, oct);

New building plans still on, more coming about needs.  Digitization is the main thing.  Cataloging can’t be done remotely, Figuring everything out.

Technical Services:  Didn’t meet.

  • Preservation:  Working through details of providing digitization, received book-i scanner on loan from Scholarly Commons; how to help support efforts is a work in progress; materials are quarantined for 4 days, but if circulating within departments, don’t need to be quarantined.
  • ACS: Working half on-site and half remotely.

Other news, comments, and updates:

  • LSSC – EC invite to come to monthly meetings
  • 2020 ALA winners? Should they get automatic entry to 2021 ALA if it happens (plus additional winners too?) – Karen Huck (2020 ALA winner will check with BHRSC).
  • Relation of new AUL structure to LSSC communications?
  • Updated bylaws? – discussion to be held at later date.
  • New chair/vice/reps for meetings needed- nominations by August meeting.
  • Make sure all new LSSC members get on the list for their divisional meetings/communications
  • Social distancing social event? Virtual?  Reach out to Sarah Christensen on Diversity Committee with ideas
  • Alma training? – Discussion to be held next meeting.