July 23, 2013 Meeting of Staff Development and Training Advisory Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

July 23, 20131:00 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Paula Carns, Cindy Ingold, Kim Matherly, Lucy Moynihan, Beth Woodard, Cherie Weible, Zoe Revell


1. Thanks and recognition of outgoing members:  Paula Carns, Mary Laskowski, Kim Matherly, and Cherie Weible.  The Executive Committee has appointed the following folks who will be joining us in September:  Skye Arseneau, Richard Stokes, and Kelly McCusker

 2. Need Help with hosting ALA Virtual Conference .

 Wednesday, July 24.  Zoe Revell will do 8:30-10:30; Beth Woodard will do 10:45-1:15; Sue Searing will do 12:15 to 2 pm and Cindy Ingold will do 4:15-5.

 Day 2 – July 25 Sue Searing will do 8:30-9:30, Beth Woodard will do 9:45-11; Zoe Revell will do 11 to 12:15; Beth Woodard 12:15-1:00; Sue Searing 2:15-3, and Lisa Hinchliffe 4-5.

Thanks to everyone for chipping in!

 3. Budget expenditures (update)

John Morrill didn’t get his invoice in by year’s end, so that will be paid on next year’s budget.

LSSC funding for Reaching Forward South has been transferred to Staff Development and Training.  LSSC will continue to send out call for attendees and select those attending.

Paula approved $2,000 for the Pedometer Challenge for next year.

 4. Wellness activities (Zoe Revell)—upcoming plans, call for new members

  • CPR workshop—August  14
  • Blood drives—September 13
  • Carle blood pressure checks and carpal tunnel awareness sessions
  • Suggestion for a wellness fair, perhaps in conjunction with some other event like National Diabetes Month (November), or Mental Health Awareness Month (May) with blood sugars and cholesterol checks.  There may be a charge per test, we’ll have to check.
  • November is also the Smoke Out event and campus will go SMOKE FREE in January.
  • Fitness Trail is still on the list but Zoe is finding it difficult to get a class that does what she needs for it to do in order to make the changes.
  • September-October, Passport
  • September—disaster preparedness from Preservation

 5. Orientation checklist and follow up.

 6. Ideas:

  • Ideas for open houses—VetMed, SSHEL, Circ, Media Commons, Oak Street, IAS
  •  Need reminder emails regarding Lynda.com at the beginning of each semester
  • Need an overview of supervising civil service policies and rules, including leaves and breaks
  • Reminders need to be sent for staff events a day or week before that remind staff to ask for approval of time to be gone.
  • Richard—training videos for circulation employees

7. Website—continuation of discussion