July 16, 2012 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

July 16, 20121:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


1. E911 access (Paula, Jeff Schrader; 20 minutes)

Email from Jeff Schrader on May 10, 2012: “The University Library will no longer maintain Centrex telephone lines for 9-911 after the Lync conversion is complete in June 2012. As per the information posted on CITES website http://cites.illinois.edu/e911/faq.htmlfaculty, staff and patrons can utilize the Lync based telephones that are being installed throughout Library facilities for e911 calls.”

2. Issues arising from access to Lynda.com (Beth Woodard; 20 minutes)

See more information about Lynda.com at http://www.cites.illinois.edu/training/lyndafaq.html

3.  Retreat Follow-Up and Next Year’s Retreat (Beth Woodard; 20 minutes)

4.  “Reinvigorating Administrative Council.”  An open discussion to help determine the direction and future of this group.  Be ready to talk about your vision for AC.  (All; 20 minutes)

5.  New AC Agenda Committee person or persons (due to retirement of incumbent).

Minutes Details


Sue Searing, Beth Sandore, Tom Teper, Mary Laskowski, Lisa Romero, Marek Sroka, Caroline Szylowicz, Sandy Wolf, JoAnn Jacoby, Susan Edwards for the Budget Group, and members of EC for budget discussion: David Ward, Lynn Rudasill, Paula Carns, Beth Woodard


1) Lync implementation update (5-10 mn, Beth Sandore)

– An IRS rule may prevent Business Office staff from purchasing calling cards with P-Cards. The Library had wanted to use the cards to control costs until the campus can sort out its post-migration telecommunication budget. Instead, we may have to add North America long-distance privileges to more phones in the Library.
Some people have reported difficulties in using the calling cards for conference calls. Reminder: the cards can be used to call into conference calls but cannot be used to initiate conference calls.

– Emergency landline in Stacks. Jeff Schrader is looking into the installation of crash-bars on Stacks doors to eliminate the need for a landline.

– The Phone Center can’t receive calls from non-Lync phones (calls go directly to voicemail). This is caused by an old “uniform call distribution” system that was switched off prior to the migration. Cites is in the process of disconnecting that system.

– Michael Fleming, the Help Desk Coordinator, is handling Lync-related issues now that Peggy Steele has retired. Remember to log OTRS tickets for all IT issues, Lync-related or otherwise, to ensure that IT staff are aware of all problems.

2) Updating Library emergency procedures in time for GA orientation (20 mn, JoAnn)

– Sue Searing, Jennifer Teper and Jeff Schrader are in the process of updating the Employee Emergency Procedures manual (EEP, aka blue and orange flipbook). At the same time, CPS colleagues have expressed concern that some information is outdated (9-911 doesn’t work anymore), some web links are broken or point to conflicting instruction. Such concerns should be sent to Jeff Schrader for updates, and Robert Slater, to make sure that online emergency instructions come up when searching the Library gateway.

– Staff in Undergraduate Library can’t hear emergency sirens from their underground location. They have been relying on a call from CAS but need to rely more on information from weather radio and Illini Alerts, and need to develop stand-alone procedures since UG is open longer hours than the Main Library building.

– Sue Searing will send a reminder to units outside the Main Library to check and update their emergency supplies.

3) 2pm: joint AC/EC budget discussion (Tom Teper, Susan Edwards)

Preliminary discussion to advise Library Administration and Budget Group on budget planning.

4) New unit head training (30 minutes, Sue Searing, Beth Woodard)

Beth Woodard distributed the outline of a Unit Head Training checklist which has been available on the HR website for some years. As we recruit new Unit Heads, how do we implement training? Not all new Heads are alike, some are internal recruits, some are new to the campus or the Library. Suggestions included making it a divisional process, a cross-divisional process, training Unit Heads as a cohort, setting up a one-on-one mentoring system. A cohort approach would foster a sense of working together, but may not take into account the fact that not all Unit Heads need to perform all tasks on the checklist.

The Library Business Office has offered to organize training sessions, Lynn Wiley in Acquisitions already reaches out to new Heads.

This ties into the question of what is considered a unit (what about new virtual units and services?), and therefore who is considered a Unit Head. EC is working on this question as it works through a review of job titles.

The Unit Head Training Checklist should be openly available to all Library staff, to clarify for  everyone which tasks are the responsibility of a Unit Head, and which are not.

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