July 15, 2002 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

July 15, 20021:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

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Bart Clark, acting chair, Bob Burger, Tina Chrzastowski, Susan Edwards, Dick Griscom (for Karen Wei), Barbara Henigman, Deloris Holiman, Lyn Jones, Cindy Kelly, Tom Kilton, Betsy Kruger, Becky Smith, Jane Somera, Paula Watson, John Weible, Joyce Wright; Visitor: Tom Teper


  1.   Budget Impacts – Bart ClarkFY03 Budget

    Discussion of Campus Budget Allocations for FY2003.

    Discussion centered upon the allocation that the Library received from the Campus for FY2003 and where the money that was taken away from the Library went.

    The Library received $80,000 dollars to cover salary issues.  $63,000 was allocated to address staff increases.  This is to cover negotiated staff increases and it is only 95% of the funds needed.  The remainder of the necessary funds must be found by internal reallocation.

    The Library received $7,200 to address promotion increases.

    The Library additionally received $40 thousand to address the extension of the Grainger Library’s hours to 3 am in the morning.  This $40,000 is a permanent allocation.  The monies will go into wages, support staff, and security.

    The past year’s allocation from the Campus in new money was $1,000,000.  The $100,000 that was previously non-recurring has now been changed to recurring.  This $100,000 has been placed in the academic pool, which has the greatest shortfall in this year’s budget.

    $350,000 has also been allocated to Collections this year.

    The FY03 Campus Budget Reduction to the Library is 1.5%.  In addition, $45,000 is being used as Campus reallocation funds and $15,900 will go to ICR (Indirect Cost Recovery) monies.

    What is not known at this time is how the monies will be moved in the Budget recommendations.  We also do not know if the Campus will restore the 1.5% reduction to the base.  In addition, the Library is required by the Campus to hold back $600,000 until February 1, 2003.  The Library must leave this money unencumbered until after this date.

    Discussion on the Budget included the following:


    Budget group will serve to review all staff positions

    Executive Committee will serve to review all faculty positions

    Staff upgrades are protected monies. Only $100,000 available. These monies can’t be added to.

    Cindy Kelly will provide an update on the audit processes.

    Hold positions open

    Requests for any positions open

    Review all extra-help positions. Filling with a permanent person is the wiser alternative

    Administration should provide information regarding end of position benefits payouts

    GAs are not affected by the hiring freeze


    Oak Street

    Requires investments to keep going

    Need to reallocate resources

    Staffing requests have begun

    Possible expenses in the range of $100,000

    Definite start-up costs

    3 year recurring costs with not much recoverability


    Requires investments to keep going

    Need to reallocate resources

    Cost Saving ideas

    Request was made to report back about savings ideas and whether they will be implemented

    Cut back on janitorial services

  2. Staff Food and Drink Policy – Tom TeperEmployees Food and Drink Policy

    What the Policy does.

    As we know from Mike Trinkley’s visit, there is a problem with food and drink in the building.  It responds to this problem in a variety of ways.  It identities food and drink as a source of possible damage to materials, encourages good stewardship and addresses a credibility issue by setting an example for patrons.

    What the Policy does not do.

    Exclude eating lunch at work, doesn’t request that employees check people’s bags, and covers compliance.

    Questions that have been raised regarding the policy.

    The example we are setting having a coffee bar outside library without any significant effort at curtailing entry of food and drink into the building has been raised as an issue.  Departmental parties are desirable as they are good for morale. Acceptable according to the policy, but mind what you do.

    Why not patrons?

    Patrons have a policy – it’s on the Library’s website and was recently reaffirmed by AC.

    Some plans are in the works to begin patron education.  Staff policing their own areas is okay to do by union rules; however, Cindy noted that the law dictates that staff must take at least a ½ hour break for lunch.  Therefore, they shouldn’t be encouraged to eat at desks.

    What about policing the staff lounge area of the Main Library?

    Policy changes

    LSCC has reviewed policy and suggested changes.  Most were made.  Need to see more of the policy and make it more visual.  Send a reference to the patron policy to divisions.

    The Staff and Food Policy will be brought back to the next meeting. Approval of this policy will be discussed at that time.

  3. Key Policy – Tom TeperWhat it covers.

    Policy is for Library buildings (ACES, Grainger, Main Library, and Undergrad) only.

    Statements requested regarding policy.

    Administration should make a statement about acceptable flex time hours.  Flex time is 7:00am – 6:00pm.  When building will/will not be open – Building hours begin at 6:30am.  Some changes that have been suggested so far:  some staff need anytime access, need to eliminate student access, and need to address faculty access.  Students should not have an outside access key.  Codes to key pads should not be given out.

    Re-keying locks

    Re-keying exterior doors will take place in the future.  Need to approve the Key Policy first.  A question was raised about the cost-effectiveness of this, and the response was that the cost of the collection is more important that the cost of rekeying locks.

    Security Issues

    Some departments allow all faculty keys to libraries.  UGL has keys out to CCSO, UGL Graphics, and Writers Workshop leaders. Possibly it is not necessary for Writers Workshop to have keys.

    It is requested that the Key Policy be distributed to all 4 libraries.

    The key policy was approved with minor changes in terms of authorized exterior key holders, etc.

  4. UpdatesBarb Henigman – 4 weeks to complete GAP database. Watch for notifications.  Each department should check the charges for GAP.  Tina, Becky, Margaret and Bob will be devising the library’s exam schedule hours.  Audit list distributed to show future time schedule and status.