January 9, 2018 Meeting of Diversity Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

January 9, 201810:00 am - 11:00 am 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


Minute Taker: Qiang Jin

  1. Approve December meeting minutes – All
  2. Additions/changes to the agenda: Discuss a budget request
  3. Sousa Archives, briefing about some upcoming events/initiatives – Scott Schwartz
  4. Follow-Up to Cultural Connections Series
    • One on Peace
    • Another panel with students – Atoma
    • Other ideas
  5. Communications Plan – Emily/Laila
  6. Spring Programming Ideas
    • Additional training from ISSS in January – Zoe
    • Culture of Disability Expo April 2018 – JJ
    • Archives 150 Speaker Series
    • Events with iSchool Diversity Committee
    • Other

Next Meeting: February 13
Minute Taker: Emily Kasak

Minutes Details


Cindy Sue Ingold, Zoe P Revell, Jessica Ballard, Angie Gruendl, Qiang Jin, Emily Kasak, Laila Hussein-Moustafa, Heather Murphy, Ellen Swain, Donna Hoffman


Minute Taker: Qiang Jin

  1. December meeting minutes were approved as amended.
  2. One item: “Budget Request” was added to the agenda at the end of the meeting.
  3. Scott Schwartz was invited to the meeting. He talked about upcoming month-long music events on African American culture from October 8, 2018 to the end of November 2018. Guests from other institutions will be invited to perform. The theme of the events is “Race and the Arts.” Scott planned to expand the theme by inviting students from different racial groups to be part of the month-long events. Several committee members suggested that Scott meet and discuss the events with other librarians such as Paula Carns, literatures and languages librarian, Melanie Emerson, art librarian, Kirstin Dougan, music librarian, and Atoma Batoma, African librarian to see what the library could do. Scott will send a proposal to Zoe and Cindy.
  4. Follow-Up to Cultural Connections Series
    • Emily: The Mortenson Center will hold a brown bag on March 29 from noon to 1 pm on the idea of peace as means for cultural connection.
    • Atoma: Three students will be presenting their countries at the end of February 2018.
  5. Communication Plan – For the committee communication plan, Emily and Laila listed iSchool, Inclusive Illinois, the Library, and IAS. Heather can also post events to the library social media listserv. Emily and Heather will send a list to the committee. The committee will look at the list and finalize our communication.
  6. Budget Request – JJ asked the committee to co-sponsor ($1,000) to invite a transgender speaker to campus in April 2018. Several committee members questioned whether we needed to spend $1,000 on one event or not.
  7. Spring Programming Ideas – Additional training from ISSS in January: No dates for training

Next Meeting: February 13