January 7, 2002 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

January 7, 20021:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, Beth Sandore, Deloris Holiman, Marianna Choldin, Dick Griscom, Tom Teper, John Weible, Lisa German, Tina Chrzastowski, Joyce Wright, Lyn Jones, Bart Clark, Bob Burger, Al Conrad, Karen Schmidt, Diane Schmidt, Betsy Kruger, Paula Watson, Cindy Kelly, Barbara Jones and Nancy O’Brien


  1. Gateway Project – John WeibleSeveral division coordinators made comments on the project.  Most divisions have had discussions within their unit and have asked individuals to respond to John.  It is agreed that the concept is fine; however, needs some fine-tuning.  Comments are to be sent to John by January 11, 2002.
  2. Binding Quotas – Tom TeperTom has only heard back about his proposal from one division at this time.  One consideration is to exempt Undergrad from the quotas.  One concern is the potentials of loss or damage.  One unit asked to raise the overage from 20% to 30%.  Another unit was concerned about having quotas “set” for them. One suggestion is to have the binding go back to the individual library.  The cost for this is high. An ideal process would be that the binding would come in with a plastic sleeve, processed and then sent back in a tub to the “home” library.  Binding will talk to and work with any unit who has concerns.  It was agreed that the quotas would stay at 20%.
  3. Extended Hours Prior to the State of Fall Semester – Paula KaufmanThe consensus it that extending the hours at this time will cause problems with changes in staff hours and training. Cindy Kelly informed everyone that due to the different bargaining units each civil service employee would have to be informed of work time changes in advance. One suggestion was at time of hire let that person know that at certain times of the year you will be expected to work different hours.  Some agreed that extending the time on Friday night and Sunday morning would be possible.  It is hard to find students now and adding more hours will make it harder. It was suggested that units find more creative service ways (maybe librarians on call).  Paula was concerned about meeting users’ requests for longer hours throughout the year and may come back with another proposal.
  4. Announcements and Updates

    Paula spoke about the chancellor’s e-mail message about the Library being exempt from budget cuts this year and explained that it is unlikely the Library will receive any new money.  She suggested that each unit plan budgets as if they will not receive extra monies next year.  There has not been any information on salaries to date.  There is not a job freeze.

    Cindy Kelly handed out material on Course Enrollment for Civil Service Employees.  Library policy states that an employee can only take one class a semester when it interferes with an employee’s work schedule and only with authorization from the supervisor.  Classes outside the work schedule are not included in the policy.  The Library’s policy will be consistent for every unit.  Human Resources will work with every unit to make sure each unit is following the policy.  Each time an employee would like to take a course, the Course Enrollment form is to be filled out and sent to Library Human Resources.

    It was asked if the cigarette smoke smell coming through the vents has been addressed. Bart has been down to the basement several times and has not found anyone smoking in the building.  He will continue to check on this.

    Barbara Jones announced that security issues for RBSC are being reviewed and she will have a report at the next meeting.  She also announced that Susan Allen, Chief Librarian of Getty Research Institute, will be here this week.  If anyone would like to meet with her, please call.

    Bob Burger reminded everyone that the list of names of those who are selecting materials for stax are due January 11.

    Lisa German reported that Tech Services had a division meeting with seven faculty members and that they look forward to a good year with a more complete group of staff.

    Tina Chrzastowski reminded everyone of the Voyager Launch session #1 on January 30 in 126 GSLIS from 10 – 12.  She also announced that the Database Control Numbers (DBCNs) are being identified by Acquisitions for a Voyager test database.  Units do not have to locate and report their DBCNs Cindy Kelly reminded everyone the importance of letting Human Resources know when a GA resigns.  The jobs to be audited are still being processed.

    Lyn Jones reported that the FY 2001 Annual Report has gone out to Library Friends and others on campus.  Also, the Feasibility Study is done.  The Library is looking at a campus campaign goal of $30 million.  A campus committee will be set up with colleges and foundation members.  It is encouraged to form good partnership with departments.  An educational program will be formed to put together a brochure to go out with a letter from Paula to Library Friends with information about what the Library can do for them.  Lyn thanked the librarians for meeting with the development staff to discuss their needs, etc.  Paula announced that the Chancellor is squarely behind us on the campaign.

    Meeting was adjourned at 2:40p.m.