January 29, 2013 Meeting of Content Access Policy & Technology (CAPT)

Time and Location of Meeting

January 29, 20131:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


1.  Future of the catalog (Voyager Classic, VUFind, etc.)–Tom Habing and Kirk Hess have been invited to join the conversation
2.  MARC-it
3.  New titles list
4.  Placing “try Primo” link on the Gateway—placement, timing, communication

Minutes Details


Robert Slater; Sarah Shreeves; Kirk Hess; Jenny Johnson; Tom Teper; Bill Mischo; Beth Sandore Namachchivaya; Tom Habing; Michael Norman; Lynn Wiley; Jim Dohle


1. Future of the catalog (Voyager Classic, VuFind, etc.)–Tom Habing and Kirk Hess have been invited to join the conversation

Beth Sandore Namachchivaya provided some background. We had asked Lynn Wiley as I-Share liaison to contact them as record changes due to RDA implementation were not reflected in Classic and CARLI noted would not be. This prompted a whole conversation about the future of the catalog. They offered to meet with us and that is being arranged.

Some feedback via CPS on Vufind issues was collected and shared such as: Call number searching, browse title left anchor to emulate classic, no view of subject headings and issues with uniform title, all of which have been noted previously. These issues were reviewed in the context of PRIMO implementation.

Kirk is working to collect information and with Tom Habing, now have server space to help test changes. CARI was prioritizing changes but we can help them see what may be done easily (low hanging fruit) one example is author name indexing while call numbers are harder to do.
Beth talked about that issue, the boundaries between VUFind and Voyager content are being delineated, and we could not load Vufind due to holdings as are all of CARLI

CAPT discussed where CARLI may be going as far as any new system implementation

Next steps: Kirk will look at what may be offered re help on VUFind issues
CARLI has agreed to give us an account to let us look at code. So will start on that
Micahel Norman reviewed Primo loads and Classic indexing and approach there.

Classic does still get a lot of use, veteran researchers appreciate the precision

actionstep: next mtg may be able to cover the pluses and minuses of the current catalog environment. Michael said that Peggy Steel had done one and he will look for it to share with the group. That is a good starting point for public interface team

CAPT may do a brief document on our catalog history and evolution for the new dean. CAPT discussed Library background, specifics about how we leverage our data now, what shortcomings exist and what are some solutions

Next Step: get Peggy’s document and discuss at next meeting and add Primo to that comparison. Beth will also explore an MOA to allow Tom and Kirk to explore VUFind on CARLI side.

2. MARCit: CAPT approved the charge and the group as set up by Michael and Lynn
See Dec meeting minutes

3. New titles list. Charge approved and possible membership also approved awaiting member’s responses
See Dec minutes for charge

4. Placing “try Primo” link on the Gateway—placement, timing, communication

PIT replacing old home page link to Try Primo.

Options were discussed: all agreed on placement on new page
Robert noted only one comment re what happened to old from link

Who makes decision for home page? Web Content group to address this and CAPT advised we pull them together to authorize these changes Beth W. asked that we call that an advisory group which CAPT endorsed and asked that Robert get members together and have Sue be the chair. Sue will send revised charge and membership to CAPT

CAPT then approved link change; Replacement will require instructional materials update
Discussed an intermediary page on Primo or direct link to Primo
Testing information as reported by PIT indicates once you show functionality they (users) do like it so no intermediary page needed. Beth W noted Merinda offered to help with instructional materials

Action step: CAPT recognizes work of Merinda and approves link implementation and with no intermediary page. CAPT noted Primo evolving and must move forward on that

PRIMO team will pick a date in next weeks and will let Robert know when to make the switch.

CAPT also approved the CMS template and will send it to AC.