January 27, 2022 Meeting of Library Staff Support Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

January 27, 2022

Agenda Details


LSSC Meeting Agenda 01-27-22

  1. Approve November Minutes
  2. Liaison & Committee Reports
  • Membership update
  1. Discuss meeting format
  2. Conference CSE announcements
  3. Mini-grant announcements
  • Feedback for BTAA DEIA project proposals
  • Topics for meeting with Dean Wilkin February 24, 2022 from 11-12:30pm
  1. Other questions/topics
    1. C. meeting (last Monday 01-24-22)
      1. EC Monday, 2pm
        1. Shared topics for EC:
          1. Budget draft
          2. Hiring considerations for Budget Group discussion
  • Inclusion in Governance document
  1. For next time: Questions? Agenda topics?
  1. Staff Concerns & Feedback
  2. Request to observe a meeting by Jennifer Nelson
  3. Spring drop-in hour
  4. Special Collections Building update
  5. COVID-19 updates
  1. Other Updates / Comments

Minutes Details


Jan Adamczyk (Area Studies)
Kristen Blankenship (CPS)
Bernadette Braun (Physical Sciences)
Erik Chapman (Life Sciences)
Julia Cross (Residential Hall Libraries)
Karen Huck (Arts & Humanities)
Kim Hutcherson (Administration)
Tony Hynes (Special Collections)
Rachael Johns (Technical Services)
Michelle Self-Ballard (Central Public Services)
Jessica Sommers (Law)
Dulcie Vermillion (Social Sciences)
Tesfaye Wolde-Medhin (Technical Services)


Minutes for January 27, 2022 meeting

Guest introduction: Jennifer Nelson, Department of Education Policy, Organization and Leadership.  Research on organizations, seeking permission to shadow a meeting with us.  LSSC discussion can shadow one meeting.

Approve November Minutes:  Approved
(LSSC did not meet in December)

Liaison Reports and Updates:


Administration:   Nothing to report

Administrative Council:  Didn’t meet.

Area Studies:  Met in December, there were presentations of research.  Discussed possible reductions and GOBI funds.  Met in January.  Discussed the move of space/employees in UGL.  Mortensen Center will be incorporated with IAS; brainstorming spaces; Jan 19 email from Victor Jones inviting library units that are interested in hosting a resident librarian to submit a proposal by February 9.  Discussed if interested in hosting, and if hosting, would resident become part of IAS and what guidelines.  Also talked about a review of materials, electronic materials such as what was spent and printed as well as GOBI fund.

Arts & Humanities:  Guests:  MJ Han and George Gottschalk discussed auto ships and flat budget (no room for inflation).  There is an HPNL author event on Feb 16 at 7 pm. Ayana Contreras, ‘Energy Never Dies:  Afro-Optimism & Creativity In Chicago’ with a panel discussion. Arts & Humanities might train/share staffing when staffing issues arise.  Discussed emergency closures if needed.  LLL is currently not open the full hours.  Monday-Friday 10 am-7 pm.  Starting Feb 6 will be open longer in the evenings and weekends.  Michael Cleveland transitioning from UGL

Central Public Services:  Not too much to share.

Central Access Service: Discussion on the Confidential agreement.  Lisa Hinchliffe mentioned that we should create policies better for the library.  Noted the grant proposal opportunities/training.  Due to the UGL move, CAS now has video games and audiobooks.

UGL:  Collections all moved out. Still receiving patron questions on where the collections are now.   UGL is open this semester, study spaces are still open.

Law:  Didn’t meet.

Life Sciences:  Discussion on spring schedule, planning for changes regarding COVID.  Also discussed staffing fall hours.  Staffing changes:  getting Tiffany Brenneman from UGL and Erik Chapman going to Map Library.

Physical Sciences:  Didn’t meet.

Math & Grainger:   Search for Head of Grainger extended to February 17.  Two staff from UGL coming ahead of schedule due to staffing needs.

Res Hall:  No grad practicum students this semester.  From social media:  Residential Hall Libraries  – learn more about Black History month lots of great books and DVDs.  Ike Library: we’ll set you up on a Blind Date with a Book! Pick out a wrapped book from our display and take it to the circulation desk for check out. We hope it’ll be a perfect match!

Social Studies:  Didn’t meet.

SSHEL: discussed possible reduction in serials, move to the north side, and another round of weeding

Special Collections:  Discussion on the building project:  architect plans/drawings, equipment, furniture needs.  Staffing/procedures will be discussed at a later time.  Costs are important, will have another company look at issues on drainage.

Technical Services:  Didn’t meet.


Other News:

  • Membership update
    • Life Sciences Division – there are a few possible liaisons
  • Discuss meeting format
    • Effective March 24 meetings start at 2.
  • Conference CSE announcements
    • LSSC received a budget spreadsheet from BHRSC. The funding is tracked on the BHRSC side.  However, LSSC can track recipients and usage of funds as well.
    • LSSC noted that exhibits-only funds should be for in-state only.
    • LSSC follow-up Q&A – If need to change the original fund usage, create a proposal for approval. The funds do have a deadline to spend by.  Any amount left over at the end of the year will not be included in the next year’s allocation.
    • LSSC will send a notice out for conference applications. LSSC discussion on a new platform.
  • Mini-grant announcements
    • Pilot to document and establish procedures Track process, make transparent on the spreadsheet, and respond to employees.
    • Incorporate conference options.
    • Kristen Blankenship volunteered to help with announcement verbiage.
  • Feedback for BTAA DEIA project proposals
    • BTAA Heads of Public Services looking for feedback from selected committees and selected instruction staff for a potential pilot.
    • LSSC provided feedback based on their project summaries identifying frameworks that best align priorities.
  • Dean John Wilkin will be meeting with LSSC next meeting February 24.
    • Discussed topics
  • EC Topics
    • Committee feedback on Library FY23 Annual Report and Budget draft
    • Committee feedback on position prioritization under consideration
    • Inclusion in Governance document
    • Discussed possible questions for next time
  • Staff Concerns & Feedback
    • Currently none
    • LSSC will hold a Spring drop-in hour
  • COVID-19 updates
    • No questions regarding the latest University email updates


Next LSSC Zoom Meeting: February 24, 2022