January 16, 2014 Meeting of Area Studies

Time and Location of Meeting

January 16, 2014

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IAS Staff Meeting Minutes

January 16, 2014

(Guest minutes taker: Antonio Sotomayor)

Present: Steve Witt, Lynne Rudasill, Laila Hussein, Shuyong Jiang, Dmitri Tartakovsky, Joe Lenkart, Larry Miller, Mara Thacker, Jan Adamczyk, Xiaoping Qi, and Antonio Sotomayor.


  1. White paper due date: February 21 (3 pages) Lynne and Steve will work on this.
  2. GA/GH Requests: Due Tuesday 21. There will be a separate request for the new hire in International Reference Librarian. Steve met with Kathleen Kern and Cindy Ingold to share appointments between IASL and their units, 33% between three units.
  3. SAWBO follow up: Atoma, Steve, and Michael Norman met with SAWBO people to enhance dissemination of the project with the catalog. Additionally, they will create an IDEALS account for them. There is a continuing call to identify different language speakers to help in making translations. Laila has begun to translate some materials in Arabic.
  4. Brenda Kelsey from continuing education for teachers gave IAS funding for DVDs to Kobuki.
  5. Yoo-Seong placed orders for videos from North Korean via China. These are rare, often classified, videos from North Korea that would greatly enhance our collection.
  6. Lynne= Beth Sandore sent report from U.S. budget on Title VI grants. Feel free to contact her for copies.
  7. Larry=Slavic made major *** acquisition of *** primary sources.


  1. Area Studies Benchmarking data. Steve received from Kit and Antonio. Call for another to submit theirs. Mara mentioned it is hard to indicate staff support for her collection. Steve: please send yours in next couple of weeks.
  2. Bulletin Board: design by Sonal and Quetzalli. Comments: a. Consistency in faculty and staff information; b. needs headshots; c. wear ID w pictures; d. Ask Heather Murphy to take headshots; e. place book covers inside the box; f. cut hours from information paragraph and place IAS web url.
  3. Sarajevo Olympics: Need newspaper articles from your region to exhibit boards.
  4. Naming systems exhibit: call for participants. Antonio will be setting up a time to meet and discuss exhibit with those interested. Laila and Atoma have joined this project.
  5. Concert: April 1st Indian music in IASL, thanks to multiple funding.


  1. World Newspaper Archive? Is it worth it or valuable to keep it? Lynne will follow up on digitization of collection from Hathi Trust in two months.
  2. RBML guidelines for accession-Larry Miller: Problems of definition of what is “rare”? Many of the items in our collections would easily be considered rare and would have to go to RBML. There is a need for clarification of these guidelines. Larry volunteers to draft a revision of guidelines for RBML. Invite Valerie and Tom to IAS Division meeting for further discussion. Meeting with Tom to talk about collection development policies: vernacular versus English.
  3. International Reference Librarian search-Steve Witt: Ready and sent. Encourage people to apply.
  4. IASL Reference and User Services: Mara Thacker-They will be meeting time to go over the User satisfaction survey coming up soon to the website.