January 14, 2019 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

January 14, 2019

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January 14, 2019


428 Library


Present: John Wilkin, chair; David Ward, vice-chair; Paula Carns, William Maher, Bill Mischo, Nancy O’Brien, Lynne Rudasill, Lynne Thomas; Visitors – Heidi Imker, Chris Prom, Tom Teper, Cherie Weible; Recording – Kim Matherly


  1. 2-2:30 – AULs
    1. Library Building Project Update – Tom

Both Working Groups have had a kickoff meeting. Tom has met informally with Jeff Schrader, Heather Murphy, Paula Carns, Kirsten Dougan and Wendy Wolter to discuss the website and meetings.


The campus faculty salons have been completed. Five Library employee salons have been scheduled and begin January 15. A series of grad student salons are being scheduled and there will also be salons for undergrads. We currently have no signed agreement between the Library, F&S and the architects.


Kris Kiesling asked for a deadline of 45 days to submit her report on Special Collection. She still has about two weeks to submit her report.


John is hoping the Provost will have finalized the campus committee on the Library Building Project by the time we have a signed agreement.


  1. 220 Updates – Heidi, Cherié

A preliminary meeting with the consultants took place in mid-December. A report is expected by early February. This will be an add-on to finishing the 200 space.


Activities will continue being scheduled in 220 Library. An assessment will be made after each event to find out how the space was used, what worked in the space and what could be improved. The 220 Planning Group will look at all the feedback and make recommendations for changes to the space. Heidi would like EC to revisit the charge and membership of the 220 Implementation Team and will submit a draft to EC for consideration.


The 220 space is not a direct part of the Library Building Project (LBP), but should be a flexible space that complements the LBP.


Signage is being added to 220 to let students know that the space is not just a quiet study space, but will be used for various functions.


Cherié commented that the 200 renovations are currently projected to start by late summer. Those will include window treatments, floors and HVAC. Renovations will be done in stages, so the collections will not need to be moved.


Research Data Services (RDS) will be providing information to new faculty and APs about its services. RDS will also provide information for the Reference Training retreat.


Heidi also noted that the OVCR has started a weekly newsletter and the Library has been highlighted several times. This week’s newsletter will include a note about plan S in Science. Plan S is a new directive from the European Union and will be open access.


  1. IT in general and changes to organizational structure –Chris

Tracy Tolliver is in the info gathering mode. She is finding out what works well and what could be enhanced. Chris has asked Tracy to inventory all service commitments. Tracy was involved in how IT positions function in Computer Science and will use some of that knowledge to help develop Library IT positions. Tracy will be added to the ILS Implementation Team, chaired by Michael Norman.


  1. Approve minutes – January 7

Minutes were approved as amended with a motion from Nancy O’Brien, seconded by Lynne Thomas.


  1. Question Time

The Provost will appoint a committee on the Library Building Project (LBP).


John met with the Council of Institute Directors. There was a lot of enthusiasm from many of the Directors for the LBP.


Discovery Partners Institute (DPI). Governor Pritzker is more positive about DPI than previously reported. He is committed to helping the university find private capital. Pritzker has not made any additional promises for support.


The Altgeld renovations are moving forward.


The Library received a $250,000 gift for special collections; additionally, some of the Library’s St. Louis donors will host an event to help raise more money.


  1. Replace Heidi on the Faculty Agenda Committee

William Maher has agreed to finish Heidi’s term.


  1. Strategic Planning Team – choose a chair

A chair was suggested.


  1. Data Discovery & Support Committee – disband, repurpose



  1. Position Request

EC approved the position and chose a search committee.