January 14, 2015 Meeting of Library Assessment Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

January 14, 201510:00 am - 11:30 am Main Library Room 428

Agenda Details


  1. Assessment community updates (Jen)
  • LibGuide for Assessment Resources
    • A work in progress (unpublished) – internal guide for staff on available resources for assessment; access information to the guide for the LAC will be sent separately.
    • Reviewed current guide, suggested additions include: information about the Assessment Grant, providing examples in the IRB section for access to chat transcripts or search logs, CARLI Assessment webinars from 2013, and extending resource to include studies from other libraries (i.e. Cornell student surveys).
    • Please feel free to send any new resources and feedback to improving the LibGuide.
    • Sweeps week for Spring 2015
      • Scheduled for March 9 – March 15, 2015
      • Goal is to encourage year-round assessment practices as use of Desk tracker varies across units.
  1. User Experience Librarian search update
    • On-site interviews anticipated to start mid February to March, encourage LAC members to engage with candidates as there may be potential collaboration opportunities.
  2. ClimateQual survey
    • Scheduled for February 23 – March 14, 2015
    • Members of the ClimateQual task force are meeting with the different divisions and units to encourage participation in the survey; goal of 60% response rate.
  3. Discussion of Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) in Assessment community
    • A new data collection survey on universities that has integrated questions from the now defunct Academic Library Survey (NCES). In general, the library-oriented questions are not quite aligned with library practices (i.e. circulation of digital media/e-books); modifications to these questions have been raised but will not be implemented in the 2015 survey.
  4. E-books task force – assessment resource guide
    • Task force consulted with Jen on what resources and tools are available to assess e-books/media. Developed a guide on E-books Data Collection and Assessment Tools including questions, metrics, and a framework approach (will be added to the E-resources tab of the Assessment LibGuide).
  5. Voyager training
    • Propose the LAC be involved in sponsoring a training session for use of Voyager (led by Jon Gorman); can be an introductory or intermediate session to learn about the data structures and improve query writing.
  6. ACRL Information Literacy Framework
    • Framework currently under revision (http://www.acrl.ala.org/acrlinsider/archives/9460)
    • Discussed the role of assessment in the revised framework as well as the application of standards which may be going away even though accreditation agencies still use them.
    • Further discussion of Framework at ACRL conference in March 2015
  7. Ithaka Graduate Survey status
    • Aiming for roll out in Spring 2015 after spring break; Lisa and Jen representatives for LAC
    • Added modules in survey aimed at international students and STEM students;
  8. Conference Room Usage Assessment Survey
    • Working with Facilities to assess conference room space use, survey to be piloted in the coming weeks.

New business

  • Assessment in the Business Library community (Becky)
    • Discussed the role of assessment within the business librarian community (i.e BRASS-ALA, Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and the focus on core competencies for business school students; wide variation in standards availability and usage to inform these competencies. Suggested credit courses in library research within business schools to potentially address standards.
    • Discussed the differences in scope between “standards” and the Information Literacy Framework; Framework development is more library-centric and integrates threshold concepts that can be tailored to different library communities.
  1. CIC Assessment Librarians (Jen)
    • A new interest group bringing together librarians from CIC institutions whose positions primarily focus on assessment (~20 members so far); first conference call (Tuesday, January 20) and Jen requested topic suggestions to bring to the group
    • Questions to ask: Do other libraries have their own dashboards? What platform do they use?
  2. Sub-groups updates
    1. Library Assessment Grant Program Working GroupHarriett, Jason and Jen
      • Edits to draft documents are pending review by Working Group
      • Working drafts available in G drive (LAWG folder)
  3. Library Data Dashboard Solutions Study GroupBecky, Kirk and Jen
    • Reviewed contents from Box Note in the shared LAC 2014-2015 folder
    • Added other tools: Nuvi for social media aggregations (http://www.nuvi.com/) and Purdue’s CrowdAsk (https://sites.lib.purdue.edu/crowdask/)

Minutes Details


J. Yu, S. Avery, H. Green, , B. Smith, J. Strutz, T. Chao