January 13, 2020 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

January 13, 2020428 Library

Agenda Details



January 13, 2020


428 Library


  1. Approve minutes – January 6
  2. Question Time
  3. 2-2:30pm – AULs
  4. GA Allocation distribution 
  5. Awards and Recognition Committee replacement 
  6. AUL for User Services job description discussion
  7. Internal/External Reviewers 
  8. Strategic Funding Proposal 






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Minutes Details




January 13, 2020


428 Library


Present: Dean Wilkin, chair, David Ward, vice-chair, Bill Maher, Bill Mischo, Jennifer Teper, Lynne Thomas, and Mara Thacker, Recording- Lucretia Williams



  • Approve minutes – The minutes of the meeting from January 6, 2020 were approved upon a motion by Bill Maher with Lynne Thomas seconding the motion.


  • Question Time –


  • The budget document is making progress and is ahead of schedule. A draft should be completed soon. EC will be able to view the final draft and make comments/suggestions prior to finalizing. Deadline was set for January 23, 2020 to finalize all revisions.


  • Approved positions from the strategic hiring process can commence the hiring process.



  • 2-2:30pm – AULs
  • Heidi – Heidi expressed support for the Scholarly Commons as a unit–believing there should be a digital scholarship center within the Main library, in particular focused on campus needs for the Humanities and Social Sciences. To not have one on a campus of our size and strength in the humanities would leave a notable gap. In response to John’s question about assessing the service, Heidi indicated that several assessments have been done (links below) and they also gather annual statistics which are included in unit annual reports. Other data may also be available or could be analyzed to answer questions if any specific questions are raised and additional assessment can be done if there are gaps. David also raised questions about the organizational structure and relationship to other units. Heidi indicated this is the perfect time to evaluate these aspects as well and that we should be open to changes, including open to major changes especially given the move to 220 and the trajectory of the Building Project as a whole.




FINAL REPORT: The Humanities and Interdisciplinary Scholars Collaboratory Strategy and Planning Group



Scholarly Commons Digital Humanities Needs Assessment Study



2018 Scholarly Commons Annual Report



(No link for 2019 Annual Report, but has been submitted and can provide to anyone interested.)


  • Scholarly Commons Unit Head


If there is a unit, there is a unit head and leadership for digital scholarship in the Main library is critical. Heidi believes we should seek a candidate from a national pool.  Funding sources for a new unit head were also discussed.  EC also discussed some options for interim coverage, and will continue that discussion at a later meeting.


A preference was expressed to bring in a new unit head first, and provide that individual with the opportunity to shape and evolve the Scholarly Commons model after they are hired, rather than reshaping the unit prior to bringing in a new head.”


Room 220 – The move is still planned, and as mentioned on LibNews, we are being circumspect in construction timing to make sure we’ll be able procure appropriate furniture, especially the mobile consulting and collaboration rooms.


Wrapping up, two things Heidi is especially eager for direction on from EC:

  1. unit head hiring
  2. interim unit head appointment


[Not mentioned in the meeting, but for those on EC who missed and would like clarification or if others have questions/comments on reflection, Heidi is happy to talk with people individually as well, of course.]


  • Tom Teper – “Free Open Use of Online Public Domain Reproductions”

This policy governs free and open use of digital reproductions and accompanying metadata of public domain works that the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library makes available online (the “Policy”). The Library Consultation Working Group Town Hall is meeting on January 22, 2020 from 3:00-4:00 pm at 314A Illini Union to discuss the public document and the design phase. Next plan will be to put together programming statements and looking at what with the engineers for the next phase project. This could take 6-8 months.


  • Cherié – First Floor Service Point is going well. Plans to have the Information Desk up and running will be after the beginning of the Spring 2020 semester and will be fully staffed.


  • Chris Prom – Feedback on Mentoring Group draft document was discussed with EC with some minor changes. Lucretia Williams will reach out to each person named in the document and who apart of the Mentoring Group and will also give them a copy of the document. EC should be expecting soon a document coming out of Library IT concerning a service portfolio. IT has been working to develop an explanation of what the service portfolio is and why it needs to exist.


  •  GA Allocation distribution – David Ward and Bill Mischo are working with the Budget Group on the GA Allocation process. EC discussed what priorities are considered in the distribution of GA Allocations without changing opportunities and circumstances. The Budget Group will follow up on this discussion.


  • Awards and Recognition Committee – EC voted that Julie Bumpus will serve on the Awards and Recognition Committee. Julie Bumpus is replacing Krystal Simmons and Greg Knott.


  • AUL for User Services job description discussion – EC discussed the AUL for User Services job description and for clarity and made some wording changes.


  • Internal/External Reviewers – EC discussed Internal/External Reviewer that were submitted from the Division and made some recommendations.


  • Strategic Funding Proposal – David Ward discussed revisions to the Machine Learning/AI proposal budget and scope, which were approved.