January 12, 2016 Meeting of Diversity Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

January 12, 2016225 B Main Library

Agenda Details


  • Ben Riegler – Minute Taker
  • Approve Dec. Meeting Minutes
  • ClimateQUAL Updates
    1. Recommendations from the ClimateQUAL Response Team were sent to Dean Wilkin on December 17.  Cindy I. will be meeting with EC to discuss the recommendations on January 25.
  • Inclusive Illinois Updates
  • Inner Voices & Microaggressions
  • Welcome to a New Year! : Outlining a plan
    1.  Defining a focus
      1.  Our work supporting and celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the ADA
      2. Our work with campus microagressions
      3. Inner Voices
    2. Planning Ahead
      1. Are there planned campus or departmental initiatives that we would like to support?
        1. Inclusive Illinois’ ADA events?
        2. Planned exhibits?
        3. Should we host a staff oriented event over the summer?
    3. GREAT Initiative
    4. Framework for Strategic Action
      1. How do we align with this framework?
  • News, Updates, and Events

Minutes Details


Erik Chapman, Laila Moustafa, Heather Murphy, JJ Pionke, Ben Riegler, Ellen Swain
Absent- Harriet Green, Cindy Ingold, Qiang Jin, Cindy Kelly, Zoe Revell


Minute Taker- Ben Riegler

  1. Approve Dec. Meeting Minutes
    1. The December minutes were approved.
  2. ClimateQUAL Updates
    1. Cindy I. was absent, but she provided a brief update via the agenda stating that recommendations from the ClimateQUAL Response Team were sent to Dean Wilkin on Dec. 17th and she will be meeting with EC to discuss the recommendations on Jan. 25th. More significant updates are expected in February.
  3. Inclusive Illinois Updates
    1. Heather reported that there were no updates for Inclusive Illinois.
  4. Inner Voices & Microaggressions
    1. Erik reported that he had communicated with Lisa Fay, coordinator for Inner Voices, via email and she thought that a pop-up style performance would be a better fit for the library presentation, as opposed to a more traditional show in Room 66 or 106. He will be meeting with her on January 15th to tour possible locations for a pop-up show.
    2. Potential dates would be in early March, but the final date is yet to be determined. Further brainstorming about potential locations ensued, ideas put forward included the UGL, Marshall Gallery, newly renovated hallway east of the Marshall Gallery, ACES/Grainger, and somewhere in the Business School. Erik will contact Lori Mestre about the UGL, Jeff Schrader about the Main Library hallway locations, as well as someone at Grainger, or ACES if Grainger is unavailable.  Inner Voices will also be putting on a performance for campus at the Armory sometime in March.
    3. Other considerations discussed included providing seating for those who want or need it wherever the pop-up show ends up being held, checking with Lisa Fay to get permission to photograph the performance, determining a way to evaluate the audience response to the program, such as a survey, show of hands, etc, and making sure we provided email information for the committee at the performance so people could send us more extensive feedback.
  5. Welcome to a New Year! : Outlining a plan
    1. Defining a focus
      1. 25th Anniversary of the ADA
        There will be some library exhibits on the ADA, including one currently being researched by JJ’s grad student for February on the ADA and Tim Nugent. This exhibit will include a timeline in the North-South Hallway. JJ asked if the Committee could assist with $200 for printing costs for the full-board posters, and it was determined that she would seek the additional funds from the Exhibit Committee first, and if they were unable to provide them she would email the Diversity Committee so we could decide on using some of our budget.
        DRES is keeping track of all campus events related to the ADA, although it wasn’t known if this calendar was for in-house use only.
        The committee decided to continue with additional discussion for ADA-related event planning in February, including working to promote/co-sponsor events already planned by other groups.
    2. Microaggressions
      1. See IV for discussion of Inner Voices.
        JJ mentioned that the Staff Development and Training Committee was planning an event on microaggressions for the summr aimed at service point staff, possible utilizing roleplaying or games. The committee discussed the possibility of working with them as committees for this or other training.
        Creating a Libguide on microaggressions was also discussed. Qiang had asked Ellen to work on it last year, but since Ellen does not have any experience working with Libguides, Laila volunteered to assist her going forward.
    3. Planning Ahead
      1. The committee brainstormed about additional exhibit ideas. Laila asked if there were any previous successful exhibits we could repeat. An exhibit showcasing the diverse faces and stories of the library in the North-South Hallway was discussed, and Ellen suggested it could be tied to exhibits already planned for the 2017 Sesquicentennial of the University.
        In addition to the events above, it was decided we will continue with additional planning at the February meeting.
    4. GREAT Initiative
    5. Discussion tabled until our February meeting.
    6. D. Framework for Strategic Action
    7. Discussion tabled until our February meeting.
  6. News, Updates and Events
    The state of our committee budget was discussed. It was estimated that we have around $800 left, but it was believed that we could request additional funds from the Dean if needed. However, at the moment we do not have any significant planned expenses for the semester.