January 11, 2021 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

January 11, 20211:30 pm - 3:00 pm Zoom Meeting

Agenda Details




January 11, 2021


Zoom Meeting


  1. Approve minutes – January 4, 2021
  2. Question Time
  3. Questions/Topics for LCAP and LSSC for Next Meeting
  4. Innovation Fund Final Report 
  5. Outreach and Engagement funding proposal
  6. 2-2:45 AUL’s/Director
    1. Library Budget Planning
  7. Timeline and Expectations for Director and AUL Reports

Minutes Details




January 11, 2021

1:30-2:30 pm

Zoom Conference Call


Attendees: John Wilkin (Chair); Bill Maher (Vice-Chair); Jennifer Teper, Mara Thacker, David Ward, Peg Burnette, Dan Tracy, Mary Laskowski, and Kelli Trei. Lucretia Williams; Recording


AULs/Director present: Tom Teper, Chris Prom, Sara Holder.


Related Meeting Documents: UXLab Innovation Fund Final Report, Outreach and Engagement Committee Funding Proposal


  1. Minutes of the January 4, 2021 EC minutes meeting were approved upon the motion by Bill Maher by Mary Laskowski.


  1. Question time – EC discussed clarifying suggestions in the language used for visiting appointment job descriptions and acknowledged that a visiting position could not be converted into a tenure system position unless there had been  certain language in the visiting job description, especially that the visiting search had been an open and competitive one.


Dean Wilkin noted that, while there is currently a hold on new positions, some positions have been approved to be filled. He noted that Library HR will clearly identify these as previously approved when they are posted.


Dean Wilkin asked EC to be prepared to discuss the Task Force for Research Support Final Report at the Monday, January 25, 2021 EC Meeting.


Dean Wilkin reminded EC about the Library Recognition event on Wednesday, January 13, 2021. Sean Garrick (Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) will be speaking to the Library at the outset. Also, the next hangout has been scheduled for January 26, and it will include a discussion of the Outreach and Engagement Committee’s goals and process, among other items.


  1. Questions/Topics for LCAP and LSSC for next EC meeting – Dan Tracy will contact LSSC and LCAP Chairs on the topics to be discussed at the next EC LSSC/LCAP meeting on Monday, January 25, 2021.


  1. Innovation Fund Final Report – EC discussed and approved the UXLab Innovation Fund Final Report. Lucretia will inform the faculty of EC’s approval.


  1. Outreach and Engagement funding proposal – EC received a request for recurring funds for from the Outreach and Engagement Committee so that they can award funds to applicants from the library who could use funding to support outreach and engagement events.


  • Mara Thacker mentioned that this was a financial piece in the original committee proposal, and the plan was for the committee to follow up with the Dean after they had formed a more specific proposal for what amount of money and how that would be used.
  • The taskforce request includes two separate things that involve funding. One is for small grants to support public engagement and outreach projects, and the second is for an annual outreach and engagement award, which Library Advancement has committed the funding for. For the grant program, the taskforce based the amount on the all the data compiled through the survey that informed the committee proposal, as well as looking at data about how many events the library runs.
  • The taskforce is aware that this is a really tough time to be asking for recurring funding for projects, and is initially asking for $10,000 per year to be distributed in a way similar to how RPC or the Strategic Marketing and Communications grants runs their programs. The committee is committed to transparency on how the money is spent and to serving the whole library, and it will develop a rubric and application guidelines.
  • EC endorsed the overall proposal. Due to current funding restrictions the Dean will allot one time funds of $5,000 for the current year, but recurring funding will need to wait. It seems likely there will be significant demand for the funding.
  • It was also clarified that the proposed grant funds are not meant as a substitute for or replacement of other funding pools, and that for significant events an applicant may seek co-funding from other sources. Large multi-event initiatives will likely continue to come as Innovation Fund requests.


  1. AULs/Director updates –
  2. Library Budget Planning – Dean Wilkin briefed EC on the draft budget document for discussion with the AULs. Guidelines were given from the Office of the Provost on the space constraints, and we have to stick directly to the format. We received a strong response to last year’s document, and the data portion of it was particularly appreciated. Campus now expects from us an appendix related to the collection inflation rate and how it is calculated, and we have additional appendices in particular areas, including one on DEIA efforts. EC members gave feedback on the draft that will be used by the AULs and Directors to revise for discussion again at the EC meeting on January 25.


  1. UGL Integration – Sara Holder and David Ward reported to EC that the first subgroup meetings have just gotten underway. that the space group has a lot of overlap with other groups, so they are investigating how to compartmentalize overlapping topics appropriately. The general group will be discussing how we allocate staff space with the large influx of staff that are coming over from UGL to Main, because that’s probably a level higher than any individual some group might look at.


  1. Timeline and Expectations for Director and AUL Report – Mary Laskowski and David Ward were excused so the remaining EC members could discuss the timeline and expectations for the Director/AUL report. EC established a deadline of February 15. For the director reports, the one-page supplement will focus on a modified version of what AULs submit, including: 1) Priority areas for director role only, 2) Goals the directors had set for themselves in each of those areas, 3) What did they do to address those areas, and 4) Future goals.



Meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm