January 10, 2017 Meeting of Diversity Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

January 10, 201710:00 am 225B Main Library

Agenda Details


Minute Taker: Greg Knott

  • Approve December meeting minutes
  • Updates and Announcements
    • Diversity Potluck May 19
  • Library Bridge Working Group
  • Review Committee Charge
  • Planning for Spring 2017
    • Collaboration with ISchool Diversity Committee—Co-Sponsor film 13th on February 16—info on film here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/13TH_(film)
    • Co-sponsoring Sesquicentennial Events
      Other Ideas??
  • Next meeting:      February 14, 2017
    • Harriett Green, minute taker
  • Parking Lot/Future Agenda Items:
    • Greg Knott report back from Big 10 HR meeting – March
  • Other

Minutes Details


Aneitre Johnson, Donna Hoffman, Zoe Revell, Qiang Jin, Angie Gruendl, Jj Pionke, Harriett Green, Ben Riegler, Heather Murphy


December Minutes approved

Updates and Announcements
Diversity Potluck – May 19 – YMCA We will do the same as we did the last year.  Send out sign-up sheet.

Jj – Greg wants to do exhibit on UIUC Medal of Honor winner, Kenneth Bailey in October.  Kenneth passed away in World War II and is the only U of I graduate to receive this medal.  JJ will be doing the hallway with Armed Service in November.  These will include stories of service from things in the Library of Congress collection.

We don’t have anything set up for disability month.  Other Universities are being aggressive with October being Disability Awareness Week.  There were discussion on what the Library could be doing.

Libraries in the Community
Zoe suggested we need to come up with different topics for January 24.  People will network at ALA to see if what others are doing.  She asked for facilitators at this event.

Diversity Statement Update
Consensus is it needs to be revisited since it has been a while from the most recent update.  It was determined no one has read it so JJ and Heather have agreed to read and edit.  This should happen before the February meeting.

Planning for Spring
Library and the iSchool will be co-sponsoring the viewing of the film 13th on February 16.  The diversity committee will head this for the Library.

Ellen Swain is coordinating the Sesquicentennial and has asked for a list of events.  She will send a list of provide event details at next meeting.

JJ suggested a mental health awareness.  Zoe will see about monthly Mindful Meditation series to be conducted over the lunch hour.

Jj suggested doing a Color event.  Zoe thinks this should be a Wellness event.  4 generations in the workplace.  Would be a good workshop to discuss cross

Disability Forum.  Something to teach employee in the away of disability.  Information fair to educate employees.  Jj asked that we offer something to teach staff about filing for accommodations.  It was decided to better advertise the campus program.

Diversity  Brown Bag Series – decided we should hold a monthly discussion series on diversity issues
Discussion wil be held the last Wednesday of the month
The first discussion will be led by JJ Pionke on teaching empathy and self-care during stressful times.
February is “Ouch that Stereotype Hurts”, led by Harriet Green.
March is “4 Generations in the Workplace”, led by Qiang Jin.
April is “Accommodations for Disabilities”, led by JJ Pionke.