February 9, 2016 Meeting of Diversity Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

February 9, 2016225 B Main Library

Agenda Details


Ellen Swain – Minute Taker

  1. Approve January Meeting Minutes
  2. Proposal for talks/workshops (Lori and Kristyn) – Planned 20 minutes
  3. Inner Voices & Microaggression
    1. Additional planning for this event
    2. Promotion and Feedback
  4. National Diversity in Libraries Conference
    1. Funds allocated to send staff to this conference
    2. Setting Selection Criteria for Interested Staff
  5. Libguide for Microaggressions
  6. 2016 Goals and Events
    1. ClimateQUAL Update
    2. Inclusive Illinois Update
    3. Summer Event w/Staff Development & Training
    4. Campus ADA events update
  7. Other News and Updates

Minutes Details


Erik Chapman (co-chair), Harriett Green, Nicole Helregel, Cindy Ingold, Qiang Jin (co-chair), Laila Moustafa, Zoe Revell, Ben Riegler, and Ellen Swain
Guests:  Kristyn Caragher and Lori Mestre


The Committee approved the January 2016 minutes.

Proposal for talks/workshops:
Kristyn Caragher, GSLIS practicum student under Lori Mestre’s direction, spoke about her Certificate of Advance Study (CAS) project on anti-racist librarianship.  She plans to lead three training sessions for the Library on anti-oppression, specifically focused on:

1.    Diversity vs. Anti-oppression
2.    Where do you fit in within the power structure?
3.    Strategies for moving from awareness to action

Kristyn has an instructional design background.  She will employ an inter-active approach in the sessions, relying on reflective writing, small group work, etc.

Lori Mestre indicated that she hopes the Diversity Committee will support and promote the workshops, which would be held over course of the spring 2016 semester.

The Committee members expressed support.  They discussed the length of each session, debating whether one hour would be sufficient.  Some felt that release time for more than an hour was problematic for many Library employees.  Zoe Revell suggested holding two sessions for each workshop (similar to Hub Training) to help with staff scheduling and improve turn-out.  The Committee agreed.  The workshops, one hour each, will be offered at Grainger and at the Library on Mar 16, March 17, Mar 30, March 31, and April 13.

Inner Voices & Microaggression
The Inner Voices performance will be held in the Undergraduate Library foyer with a discussion session to follow in Rm 291.  Lori Mestre will check on availability for Mar 8 or Mar 9.  The Committee will promote via Library digital signage, email, and social media.  The event will be listed under the Inclusive Illinois umbrella and will be open to anyone.  The performance will last 20 minutes with 20-30 minute discussion period to follow.  The Committee discussed handing out a “take-away” item.

National Diversity in Libraries Conference
Cindy Ingold is attending this conference, to be held at UCLA in August 2016.  The Dean will support two Library employees to attend.  It was unclear whether this opportunity was open to all employees.  Cindy and Qiang will work on establishing criteria for choosing the two employees.  The Committee estimates that $2,000 per person is a reasonable travel allotment.

Libguide for Microagreessions
Laila Moustafa volunteered to work on the Committee’s “Libguide for Microaggresssions.”  She asked Committee members to send her content suggestions.  Members suggested some broad categories for the site:  an overview of the topic; reference materials and resources; UI related information as well as national links; and event and training links.  Specifically, Stacy Hargraves’s Facebook page link and Lori Mestre’s videotapes on the subject are good candidates to include.

The meeting adjourned at 11am.