February 8, 2021 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

February 8, 20211:30 pm - 3:00 pm Zoom Meeting

Agenda Details




February 8, 2021


Zoom Meeting


  1. Approve minutes – February 1, 2021
  2. Question Time
  3. Questions/Topics for LCAP and LSSC for Next Meeting
  4. 2-2:30 AUL’s/Director
  5. Draft Charge for Task Force on Research and Investigation Time Policy
  6. Library Governance Ongoing Discussion

Minutes Details




February 8, 2021

1:30-2:30 pm

Zoom Conference Call


Attendees: John Wilkin (Chair); Bill Maher (Vice-Chair); Jennifer Teper, Mara Thacker, David Ward, Peg Burnette, Dan Tracy, Mary Laskowski, and Kelli Trei. Lucretia Williams; Recording


AULs/Directors present: Tom Teper, Chris Prom, Sara Holder.


Meeting Documents: Task Force on Research and Investigation Time Policy Final Charge


  1. Approve Minutes for February 1, 2021 EC Minutes were approved as amended with a motion from Bill Maher, seconded by Jennifer Teper.


  1. Question time – Dean Wilkin updated EC:
  • Discussions have begun with about a possible lead for the next iteration of the residency program.
  • Last Friday Dean Wilkin had a very productive conversation at the Senate Library committee meeting regarding faculty resolution related to the building project. Ralph Mathisen, who is on the committee, has formulated a resolution related to the library building project. It has changed shape dramatically over three instantiations. It is still a work in progress. Bill Maher was present at this meeting.


  1. Questions/Topics for LCAP and LSSC for next EC meeting – Topics to be discussed will include inclusiveness in administration and governance, and any topics the representatives propose. EC would also like for LSSC and LCAP to update EC on what topics they are discussing.


Dan Tracy will contact LSSC and LCAP Chairs on the topics they will need to present at the next EC LSSC/LCAP meeting on Monday, February 15, 2021.


  1. AULs/Director updates –

This discussion focused mostly on the UGL Integration work in progress and did not include regular reports. However, Chris Prom provided several updates on key issues:

  • He noted that the library’s COVID planning group is having very preliminary conversations about planning for Phase 5 reopening. While this is still a ways away and the timing is uncertain, we will need to have some plans in place. There will be a survey going out to unit heads about Phase 5 implications of the combination of COVID, budgetary issues, and other changes for what work will look like.
  • Additionally, the campus continues to discuss updates to Communication 9, but it appears that they will not impact current 5Y individuals in the library.
  • Finally, Chris will be reviewing and updating our grant policies with Wendy Balthazor.


The AULs and Directors provided updates on the Subgroups of the UGL Integration Working Group.

  • Spaces group: They are working with John Laskowski and Jen-chien Yu to examine data on past activity, attempting to move towards proposed floor plans for reconfigured spaces. The other issue related to this will be the organizational structure necessary to run those spaces and late night hours in Main. They are also discussing expanded study space at Funk ACES. Instruction space is a significant concern and they are looking at renovated Main 314 and ACES 509 for increased and different use.
  • Consultations & Programming: They are focused on staffed services such as the writing center, media commons, and progamming. Discussions around programs have centered around the people involved – both audience type/size and the Library employees who are most involved. Many of these programs are organized and staffed by GAs so it will be important that any units taking on this work have a compliment of GAs to continue this work. They are currently working through the services associated with the Media Commons, particularly related to the various levels of loanable technology.
  • Logistics and Collections groups: They are trying to tease out the usage of difference pieces of the UGL collection, and having discussions with different individuals who may take on fund responsibilities. Related to this is identifying places for pieces of the collection to go and their relation to other collections in the Main Library.
  • David Ward wrapped up by noting that the main group is also discussing changes to staffing models, and that staff space is on upcoming agendas. There are about 20 full time employees in the UGL and the move will affect large parts of the Main Library and beyond. They are aiming for a final report in May, with subgroup drafts for internal library response in March and an interim revised draft to the library and the Senate Committee on the Library in late April.
  • A member of EC asked about data sources they are examining. The answer noted these include several years of hourly body counts in the UGL upper and lower levels, bookings for study rooms, prior surveys on facilities use, and wifi usage. For Main we also have hourly counts for some units. They are considering zoning issues such as quiet versus group study spaces.


  1. Draft Charge for Task Force on Research and Investigation Time Policy – EC made some suggested verbiage changes to the Draft Charge for Task Force on Research and Investigation Time Policy, and approved the charge as amended. Dan will make the edits as approved and will forward to EC and Lucretia. EC appointed people to serve on the Task Force. Lucretia Williams will reach out the appointed to see if they are willing to serve and then inform EC. Dan Tracy will send final charge to Lucretia Williams to send to the Task Force.


  1. Library Governance Ongoing Discussion – Due to time restraints, this topic was not discussed and will be added to a future EC meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm