February 8, 2017 Meeting of Library Faculty Meeting

Time and Location of Meeting

February 8, 20173:00 pm - 4:30 pm 126 iSchool

Agenda Details


1.    Call to Order
2.    Standing Items:

2.1    Adoption of the agenda – John Wilkin
2.2    Approval of the Minutes of the Dec. 2016 Faculty Meeting
2.3    Introductions – John Wilkin
2.4    Report of the University Librarian (15 minutes – John Wilkin)
2.5    Executive Committee Report and Discussion (15 minutes – Nancy O’Brien)
3.    Lightning Talk
3.1    Library’s DPLA work (15 minutes – MJ Han, Tom Teper, Hannah Stitzlein)
4.    New Business
5.    Announcements
6.    Adjournment

Minutes Details


1.                  Call to Order John Wilkin called the meeting to order at 3pm

2.                  Standing Items:

2.1              Adoption of the agenda – Adopted as distributed.

2.2              Approval of the Minutes of the Dec. 2016 Faculty Meeting—Cindy Ingold motioned, Tom Teper seconded to approve the revised meeting minutes of the Dec. 2016 meeting.

2.3              Introductions – John Wilkin
Hannah Stitzlein was introduced as the visiting DPLA Metadata Services Specialist for Illinois Hub.

DoMonique Arnold was introduced as the Uni High Librarian who graduated from UIUC and worked in various positions before coming to her current position.

2.4              Report of the University Librarian (15 minutes – John Wilkin)
The Library Update is scheduled on February 21 from 2-3 in Grainger Commons. There is a possibility it may be postponed, as a lot of info is pending. We are keeping it on the schedule for now and will send out a note if it is cancelled.

Merit program. Completed work for merit program. We rely on different inputs for making these determinations; For APs performance reviews and faculty FRC scores from the annual report process.  This is a tremendous amount of useful data and goes to John as a recommendation. John is working with Greg Knott to categorize and make clusters. Scores look like a bell curve and all are very normal and predictable. Those on grants are eligible. Some people are not eligible because of when they were hired or when they had their last salary adjustment. We are entering data in the salary planner this month. The period covered is from Feb. 16 on and the first pay increase will be in March.

Council of Deans. First John talked about the campus reaction to the Immigration Executive Order. We are watching the most recent developments and what is happening in the courts. We have fairly good data, but not complete data on citizenship and who might be effected. Often it is the case that the spouses of someone who is not reflected in the data. A fair amount of work by a well-positioned committee will continue to work on advocacy, information and support.

Secondly, John discussed the budget situation. We will continue to plan for the likely outcome in the state budget situation. We are looking at something along the lines of 0% increase this year. We are also trying to take into account the reductions we were not able to afford in the last round of reductions. The reductions will be spread out over next eight years. Schools and colleges with enrolled students are getting guidance now as to how they should plan to accommodate those reductions.

2.5              Executive Committee Report and Discussion (15 minutes – Kirstin Dougan)
EC has met at five times since the December faculty meeting.

EC meeting summary:

In consultation with the AULs, EC discussed topics and points to be covered during the Chancellor and Provost visit on January 26. Also discussed with the AULs were the format and content for the January 13 Library Retreat.

A proposal for a group to investigate needs for advanced research technologies was approved with some feedback about specific outcomes to be addressed. Once changes are made the document will be posted to the EC website.

The Executive Committee continues to review funding for various committees to determine if adjustments need to be made. A review showed that some committees no longer exist and that others may need more or less funds to address the committee charge. A proposal for future funding of committees was discussed and will be sent out as a call for feedback.

Committee and PRC member appointments were discussed and made, and a change in title and focus for a faculty position were approved.

Names of external and internal reviewers were considered for faculty going up for tenure and/or promotion.

Names of paper editors were discussed and individuals will be contacted.

EC granted an extension to an Innovation Grant.

The Marketing and Communications Strategy Working Group report was discussed, and EC advised the Dean on next steps.

The annual review of the Associate University Librarians will be initiated by posting the annual reports of the AULs in late March or early April for feedback.

The emeritus faculty benefits document was approved and will be posted on the web.

A 2 year position for the Illinois Distributed Museum Coordinator will be partially funded by the Provost, and will be located in the University Archives.  This position relates to digital content and has some ties to the Sesquicentennial.

As Vice Chair, Nancy O’Brien participated in the Budget Group discussions regarding graduate assistant and graduate hourly requests for 2017/2018.  The decisions were sent out to LibFac by Greg Knott.
3.                  Lightning Talk
(See PowerPoint posted on Library Faculty Meeting page.)
3.1              Library’s DPLA work (15 minutes – MJ Han, Tom Teper, Hannah Stitzlein)
MJ Han and Hannah Stitzlein presented the “Library’s Contribution to DPLA”. MJ first introduced the DPLA, two major ways to contribute to DPLA through Content Hubs and Service Hubs. UIUC started to contribute as one of the fist Content Hubs in 2013 and in fall 2015, the Illinois Digital Heritage Hub (IDHH) became the Service Hub for Illinois. Hannah talked about the IDHH’s mission and the collaboration among Illinois State Library, CARLI, Chicago Public Library and University of Illinois Library. The IDHH’s DPLA blog went live on Jan. 5, 2017. Hannah also noted the major contribution the Library has made in collection and metadata.

Cindy Ingold asked if there is a link from library page to the DPLA, and Hannah answered not yet, but it’s being worked on. MJ Han mentioned CAM is revamping LibGuides. Hannah also leads Savvy Researcher Workshops.

JoAnn commented that this makes a great new item on the library webpage and suggested to they work with Heather to have this in library newsletter.

John-commented that this is very important. The State Library wanted to do this but couldn’t do this unless UIUC was on board. So, kudos to the group. John also asked what the metadata looks like; is it a mess? Hannah said it depends on who it’s coming from and what their processes are. We are developing best practice and standards for people to use. MJ Han added that Hannah will do assessment and training. Stitzlein said there hasn’t been a statewide standard. But we’re moving in the right direction,
4.                  New Business
5.                  Announcements
Hogenboom – 3/9 Juan Pablo – Public talk at 4pm in 407 Illini Union. If you have users who want to meet with him let Karen know. Open knowledge project.

Cindy Ingold – Diversity Committee and Champaign Public Library – -sponsoring with the iSchool diversity committee – 2/13-5pm 126 iSchool. There will be a film, dinner and a panel discussion.

Dan Tracy – June 5-10 – ARL initiative to start the professional development program for training librarians in digital scholarship; people transitioning into digital scholarship roles or people just getting started.  It is atBoston college this summer, and in January another instance in San Diego. Announcements forthcoming.

Clara Chu justcame back from Chicago where she participated in project welcome – asylum seekers summit. Participation was from different libraries. Several librarians are doing research on identifying services for refugees andworking with a refugee settlement agency. All refugees getting settled will get a Library card.

Ayla Stein motioned to adjourn.
6.                  Adjournment-adjourned at 3:32pm