February 7, 2019 Meeting of Area Studies

Time and Location of Meeting

February 7, 2019

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IAS Staff Meeting

February 7, 2019 

Present: Jan Adamczyk, Mia Adams, Atoma Batoma, Lisa Renee Kemplin, Joe Lenkart, Lynne Rudasill, Antonio Sotomayor, Mara Thacker, and Xiaoping Qi

Announcements & Accolades:

  1. Chai Wai event had 21 attendees. Great panel and audience discussion. Thank you to Lisa Renee.
  2. Atoma’s brother died. Atoma will be going to Africa in the next few weeks to make arrangements for the funeral. Atoma expects to be in Africa for two weeks.
  3. Atoma is partnering with the Center for African Studies for a film screening of A Birth of a Nation (about Nat Turner) on February 14 at 6pm at the Urbana Free Library.
  4. Lynne is acting head of HPNL now and will be the acting head of IAS and the acting director of the Center for Global Studies on February 16.
  5. Successful Research Showcase. Kit’s presentation went very well.
  6. Hannah from Advancement will be attending our next staff meeting to discuss how IAS can work closely with advancement.
  7. Bookeye Scanner is not operational. Lisa Renee sent a question to Rhonda about her last contact with vendor after the fuses did not fix the problem. Have not had response yet. All agree that the scanner benefits other departments in the library as well as researchers. Exploration on how to secure funds to replace. Also important for new machine to have surge protector.
  8. Please track complaints about public kiosk computers and lack of applications. Staff noted the limitations of the flatbed scanner’s software since the implementation of the change of computers. Joe agreed to sit in for Atoma on the Administrative Council while he is in Africa. Joe had sent some information about this issue to their committee. Lynne will also bring up in EC.
  9. Introduction of Mia Adams, GA for Global Studies. Mia also works at IAS on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


  1. Send requests for summer Graduate Hourlies to Lynne by February 15. The requests are to be under 50 words.
  2. Maria will be returning next years as IAS’ GA.

Round Robin:

  1. LRK-Gave listing of upcoming events for IAS. Also requests to be brought in at beginning stages of planning any IAS events.
  2. AS- Working on the Digital Library of Latin American and Caribbean Sports (DLLACS). The advanced search will not work with the database but it will have a general search box. Paula Carns is contributing some money to purchase books on Latin America in Spanish or Portuguese. Working on a bibliography on Latin American and Caribbean sports for Oxford Bibliographies Online.
  3. AB-Collaborating on outreach activities with the Center for African Studies. Will be presenting a paper in August in Helsinki on Parallel Naming in Post Colonia Africa. Has a journal in French that he is seeking funds to purchase. Will check with Paula and report back. IPI may also be a possibility. May need to cancel other journals so that continued funds available. Lynne reminded all to send cancellation notices to Division prior to submitting forms in case someone else wants to pick the title up.
  4. MT-Is busy with Big Read activities until March 10. Planning to take extra research time in summer. Looking at possibility of applying for a Fulbright to South Asia. Ideally would coordinate with a sabbatical with 3-4 months in India and 2 months of writing. Looking forward to decision on tenure which could allow time to take classes on graphic design and editing. Shared incident with vendor of comics in India that has sent two unrequested boxes of material and then bills for materials. Both AS and AB have experienced this as well. Brainstormed ways to respond to vendor.
  5. XQ-Third day of Chinese New Year—Year of the Pig. Alma Mater is dressed for the celebration. Last Saturday Xiaoping participated in a local Chinese community celebration at the I-Hotel. He was the host and was also part of the traditional Chinese dancers. Their group has been invited to ISU this Sunday to dance for their local Chinese community. Everything is new with MJ Hahn as head of Acquisitions and Cataloging.
  6. LR- Will be traveling during spring break to see granddaughter in Portland, Maine. Her daughter that lives in Denver is due July 5. Research Showcase work completed. Lynne will be at the Main Library mornings. 

Upcoming IAS Events: 

February 13    Indian Comics                                     12-1pm                         Rm 309

February 21    Book Discussion Big Read                 12-1pm                        Rm 309

February 28    Book Discussion Big Read                 12-1pm                       Rm 309

March 5           Reception Professor Taira                 3:30-4:30                   Rm 321

March 7           Book Discussion Big Read                 12-1pm                       Rm 309

March 9           Books N Brew                                      3pm                 Riggs Brewing Co.

April 13            Author Talk                                          2:30                              Rm 321

June 7             International Resource Fair              1:30-4pm                      TBD