February 5, 2020 Meeting of Library Faculty Meeting

Time and Location of Meeting

February 5, 2020TBD

Agenda Details



University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Library Faculty Meeting Agenda
February 5, 2019
3-4:30 pm
Room 66 Main Library


  1. Call or Order
  2. Standing Items

2.1   Adoption of the agenda
2.2   Approval of the Minutes of the December 11th Faculty Meetings
2.3   Introduction of New Employees (John Wilkin)
2.4   Executive Committee Report and Discussion (15 minutes – David Ward)
2.5   Report of the University Librarian (15 minutes – John Wilkin)

  1. Discussion Items
    1 Academic Professional Promotional Path Discussion (15 minutes – Heidi Imker Cherie’ Weible
  2. Lightning Talks
  3. New Business
  4. Announcements
  5. Adjournment

Minutes Details



University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Library Faculty Meeting
February 5, 2020
3-4:30 pm
Room 66 Main Library


  1. Call or Order

Meeting was called to order at 3:03pm

  1. Standing Items

2.1 and 2.2 Adoption of the agenda and Approval of the minutes of the December 2019 meeting

Kirstin Dougan Johnson made a motion to adopt the agenda and approve the December 2019 meeting minutes once they are updated to include typographical edits provided by Nancy O’Brien. Lynne Thomas seconded.

2.3   Introduction of New Employees (John Wilkin)

Bill Mischo introduced Monica Carroll, the new Engineering & Physical Sciences Liaison Librarian. Monica’s office is in the Grainger Engineering Office.

2.4   Executive Committee Report and Discussion (15 minutes – David Ward)

The executive committee met four times since the last faculty meetings. The committee addressed questions about the GA allocation model, the budget, and discussed a plan to replace Greg Knott. The committee made a number of appointments, selected external referees for librarians going up for promotion and tenure, appointed committee replacements, reviewed and approved funding for strategic initiatives, and began discussions about the annual AUL review process. Look for a call to the faculty in March to provide input.

Of particular note, the committee continued to discuss the creation of two task forces focusing on how we work with our tenure-track faculty. One will be a “Mentoring and Evaluation” task force, chaired by Chris Prom and one will be a “Pre-tenure-track” task force, chaired by Heidi Imker. Once underway, the task forces will provide recommendations for the faculty to discuss. (For further details, see the minutes of the December 2019 faculty meeting.)

One key topic of ongoing discussion involving the committee was the Scholarly Commons and how to move forward with the Head position and the overall management and direction of the unit.

2.5   Report of the University Librarian (15 minutes – John Wilkin)

  • Annual report and budget


The deadline for annual reports and budget requests from colleges, including the University Library, was earlier this week. The Library submitted our report on time. The Dean acknowledged the significant contributions to the text of the report from the AULs. Of particular note, the Library’s work on staffing and culture, responsiveness to developing metrics around performance, and the building project were well received. The full narrative will be made available via Libnews after the Dean’s annual meeting with the Provost and Vice Provosts, likely to be mid-March.


The state has not yet released a significant portion of the University of Illinois funding allocated for this fiscal year but is expected very soon.


  • Library Building Project


Tom Teper has been providing email updates on the project and facilitating in-person quarterly updates and Town Hall meetings. The most recent Town Hall meeting this time focused on the use of the Undergraduate Library as a special collections facility. The Provost’s response to a question about funding was notable in so far as he indicated that funding will be coming from a variety of sources and isn’t immediately available. However, the Provost made clear the campus commitment to initiate the project and provide funding to do that – to show we have “skin in the game.”

  • The Library Committee Working Group, (LCWG), comprised of faculty members representing key stakeholders and including Lynne Thomas representing the Library faculty, is wrapping up its work and general sentiment seems largely positive about the direction of the project. David Chasco, the chair of the LCWG, reported on the project to a Council of Deans meeting and his report was well-received.


  • Support of Library Faculty


The Dean reminded us about recent Executive Committee reports mentioning the ways we are supporting and cultivating our library faculty. New proposals and plans for how we improve our support will be looking for input from the faculty at large to make the discussions most productive. Faculty should plan to use the faculty meetings to engage in these discussions.


  • Library Business and HR Functions


Susan Edwards and Skye Arseneau have stepped into interim positions overseeing the core Library Business and HR functions in the absence of Greg Knott. The Dean is meeting with them regularly and their outstanding work provides us an opportunity to move slowly and thoughtfully in the process of finding a replacement for Greg.


  • Promotion and Tenure Cases

The Library’s promotion and tenure cases have been submitted to the campus. The Dean especially acknowledged the support of Chris Prom and Lucretia Williams for their care in preparing materials for submission as well as the candidates, PTAC and FRC.


  • Council of Deans Meeting Highlights

The Dean brought attention to the deadline of March 1st for nominations for excellence in faculty mentoring.


Due to continuing and growing concerns about the coronavirus, anyone who may have plans to travel to China in the near term should be aware that the Center for Disease Control and the Department of State restrictions on travel may continue through the summer. This will likely affect the first graduation at ZJU, the annual trip to China from a high level delegation from the University and possibly fall enrollment.


The Council of Deans had an update from Fine and Applied Arts regarding their Public Engagement efforts. In the Library, we are thinking carefully about outreach and the Dean encouraged us to give good attention to public engagement as well.

  1. Discussion Items

Academic Professional Promotion Program – Heidi Imker and Cherie’ Weible

Heidi and Cherie’ provided information about the Library’s AP Promotional Program and pointed out where they received feedback on how to make improvements:

  • Clarify the role of the supervisor
  • Improve notifications and communications
  • Improve quality/variety of sample self-nominations and letters of support
  • Get buy-in upfront.

Self-nomination period is now open through 5pm on March 2nd. https://forms.illinois.edu/sec/3056959

Supervisors are encouraged to submit letters of support: https://go.library.illinois.edu/APletters

For details about the program: https://www.library.illinois.edu/staff/ap-promotional-process-page/

  1. Lightning Talks

There were no topics presented for Lightning Talks.

  1. New Business

No new business.

  1. Announcements

Lynne Thomas – RBML is hosting an interesting event: “Speed Dating with Rare Books” 3-5pm February 14th. Each participant will spend from 3-5 minutes with each book. RBML is also working with International and Area Studies for a “Print Your Own Poetry Postcard” event in room 300 as part of Mom’s Weekend festivities.

Sara Williams – ACES is in the middle of a remodel project to build space for accommodating 3 new librarians.

Bill Mischo – Grainger Commons is getting remodeled to support configurable space – larger or smaller room spaces depending on the need – having state of the art instructional equipment in the space.

Tom Teper – We have finished our “read and publish” agreement. (It’s a big deal. Look it up!)

  1. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn moved by Tom Teper and seconded by Kelly Trei. Meeting adjourned at 3:40 pm