February 3, 2015 Meeting of Staff Development and Training Advisory Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

February 3, 20151:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Skye Arseneau, Sarah Christensen, Jon Gorman, Cindy Ingold, Cindy Kelly, Jessica LeCrone, Lucy Moynihan, Megean Osuchowski, Richard Stokes, Zoe Revell


1) Minute taker – Jessica LeCrone agreed to take minutes

2) Approve minutes from December 2 meeting – Committee approved minutes

3) Review of Agenda – Cindy Ingold will give a quick ClimateQUAL update, Cindy Kelly will talk about active shooter training during “other” portion of Wellness Activities (agenda item #6)

4) Updates and Announcements –

a) ClimateQUAL update given by Cindy Ingold:

Cindy Ingold and Cindy Kelly have been meeting with different units to talk about the survey and discussions have been going well. There has been some pushback about the length of the survey. Cindy Ingold and Cindy Kelly have emphasized the anonymity of the survey, and that it is optional (but encouraged). There will be computer labs available for staff to take the survey if they cannot/do not want to use their personal workstation. Units have wondered what information will come out of the survey and what the library will do with the results. There was also a question about what QUAL stands for, and also general questions about the incentives.

b) Web accessibility training update given by Megean Osuchowski:

Megean Osuchowski can contact DRES, or will stay in touch with her contact from CITES; training will be put off for now

c) IT brown bags update given by Jon Gorman:

Jon Gorman will look into arranging IT brown bag events towards the end of spring semester; IT work load is high during this time of semester, so later in the spring will likely be better timing.

d) Digital Humanities Symposium

Sarah Christensen shared some information about the digital humanities symposium that will take place February 27-28. She will send a link to the digital humanities blog as well as a poster to SDTC members.

5) Supervisory Training Institute – There are 15 participants in the next Supervisory Training Institute, including SDTC members Skye Areseneau and Sarah Christensen. Cindy Kelly reported that there is a good mix of faculty and staff participants.

6) Wellness Activities – updates from Zoe Revell unless otherwise noted

a) The blood drive will be held April 9

b) There is no CPR training date set yet; RBML will suggest more dates that they are available for training

c) Zoe Revell is still looking into the best way to handle the request for a walking group, which would meet and use a walking DVD such as Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home DVD. Room 106 in the Main Library is the best space, but there is no good way to show a DVD in that room. Zoe Revell is looking into a DVD player for the room to aid setup for this group; Megean Osuchowski suggested looking into finding a digital copy of the walking workout – Zoe Revell will look into this. Cindy Ingold indicated that there are funds available if we need to purchase a digital copy.

d) Money Smart Week is the last full week of April; the Library will host two events – one on ID theft, and another on saving for a dream, which will include speaker Kathy Swindler.

e) Pedometer Challenge is coming in April. Cindy Ingold offered SDTC help for Zoe Revell in handling the details. There was a discussion among SDTC members about whether or not to continue this activity; this will be discussed again at the March meeting.

f) Kathy Veach will hold Banner training at the end of February

g) Cindy Kelly and Zoe Revell shared some information about active shooter training, called “3 Minutes to Live,” which is being hosted by ILEAS. There will be 3 training sessions for library staff this semester; as many front line staff and supervisors should attend one of these trainings. There will be a training for the general public during spring break, which will be good for evening and overnight staff to attend. Everyone else is encouraged to attend training during the summer, and there is a potential for student assistant training in the fall. Training will be held at ILEAS from 8:30-4:30, and will include lunch.

In addition to the “3 Minutes to Live” training, there is a video on “Run, Hide, Fight” available online. It was reported that people who have been trained have a 70% higher chance of survival in an active shooter situation. Zoe Revell and Cindy Kelly reported that the officers who conduct the training are blunt, but empathetic to the severity of the subject.

As a follow up, there may be a possible assessment of work areas on a day that the library is closed sometime in the future.

Some discussion took place on the difference between the active shooter training included in the BEAP and “3 Minutes to Live” – Cindy Kelly reported that “3 Minutes to Live” is part of a campus wide initiative, which Dean Wilkin is supporting. Cindy Kelly also indicated that Graduate Assistants should attend this training. Richard Stokes asked what to do if there are staff who do not wish to attend the training. Cindy Kelly reported that this training is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged.

h) It was requested that there be training on Python programming language by catalogers/CAM; it was discovered that having someone to come in to conduct this training would be quite costly ($1000+). Zoe Revell found some open-source tutorials online; Richard Stokes suggested contacting GSLIS faculty and staff for help; Megean Osuchowski suggested that there might be a community group in town who could provide this training; Jon Gorman knows some local trainers.

Jon Gorman will follow up with Cindy Kelly, Cindy Ingold, and Zoe Revell on local trainers to help with Python training.

7) GREAT Training Update – Zoe Revell reported that GAs Clara, Sarah, and Jody have divvied up the letters of “GREAT” and have a rough script for each one, which will be emailed to SDTC members. The group will begin shooting videos in a couple of weeks; SA and GA volunteers will be needed to appear in the videos. Jessica LeCrone and Zoe Revell will work out video shoot details with the GAs.

8) Student Training in Compass – Zoe Revell reported that the Compass module for student training is ready, and needs to be sent to some supervisors to have their SAs test out the tutorials. Lucy Moynihan, Jessica LeCrone, Alex Cabado at Grainger, and Gennye Varvel at SSHEL would be good contacts for SA testing of the student training module. Zoe Revell is interested in finding out if there is any misinformation in the training, what needs to be added to the training, how long it takes, and she would like a mix of old and new SAs to test it out. The roll out is planned for this summer.

A discussion occurred about an inventory of the Staff Development and Training webpage. Zoe Revell suggested looking into using LibGuides for each grouping of information instead of a standard webpage, as it would be easier to update. Cindy Ingold would like to postpone a full discussion of the website until Beth Woodard returns from sabbatical; SDTC can discuss ideas of possible changes at the March and April meetings, but decisions should wait for Beth Woodard’s return and the new CMS to be in place. Cindy Ingold will email Chris Prom re: updating committee pages.

9) Retreat Recap – Zoe Revell reported that the library retreat went well and that a lot of good feedback was received, which indicated that the retreat was well organized and participants felt engaged. Skye Arseneau felt that discussions flowed really well. Cindy Ingold felt that there was good discussion at her table, and that the lunch buffet was really good.

Due to scheduling conflicts related to the active shooter training, the next meeting will be held a week later than originally scheduled.

Next Meeting: March 10, 2015 428 Library, Cindy Kelly, minute taker.