February 3, 2003 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

February 3, 20031:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, Chair, Bob Burger, Kevin Butterfield, Tina Chrzastowski, Susan Edwards, Barbara Ford, Barb Henigman, Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Tom Kilton, Betsy Kruger, Bill Maher, Nancy O’Brien, Beth Sandore, Diane Schmidt, Karen Schmidt, Jane Somera, Karen Wei, John Weible, Joyce Wright


  1. Information Technology Report – SandoreThe discussion brought up issues of budgetary implication and the differences between the IT work groups and the Access Task Force.  After discussion the Council agreed to accept the concept and basic principles.  Beth will work on more details and develop a timeline to present to the Council at a later date.
  2. Division Coordinators Goal Setting – KaufmanThere has been little or no progress because the Divisions feel they need guidelines to implement this procedure.  Bob Burger and Paula will develop a plan, which will include training and bring to a future meeting.
  3. Follow-up on Materials Checked out for more than three years – KrugerThe Systems Office produced a report of monographs that have been checked out more than three years and serials that have been checked out more than one year. The report totaled 25,595 items currently checked out to a total of approximately 2,380 patrons.To deal with this volume Circulation proposes that a recall be done on all items from Alumni and holders of courtesy cards and permits through standard recall notices.  Standard recall notices will also be sent to faculty, staff, and students who have five or fewer items that have been checked out long-term. Library faculty and staff on the list will receive a letter asking them to return the items or to discharge then and charge them again.

    Non-faculty affiliated users will receive a letter listing their items and informing them of the new mandate.  They will be instructed to return unneeded items by a certain date.  They will also be instructed to return materials they still need so they can be discharged and re-charged along with an explanation as to why they can’t just be renewed.  If they do not get their items cleared by the specified date a block will be put on their account, on Voyager.

    Faculty affiliated users will receive a letter explaining the new mandate and instructing them to return unneeded items by a certain date.  If they still need the items and they have 10 or fewer items, they will be instructed to return the materials by a specific date to be discharged and recharged.  If they have more than 10 items, Circulation will offer to go to their offices or homes to inventory the materials.  If the Faculty don’t respond by a specified date they will be contacted by phone.

    Beginning September 2003, the Systems Office will begin producing a monthly report of serials charged out more than one year and beginning September 2005, a monthly report of monographs charged more than five years.  At that time an email will be sent to the patron with instructions.  Non-faculty will be given a date to respond by with a $25 recall fine if they don’t meet the date.  Faculty will receive a phone call.

    The Council asked that Circulation put something on their policy page explaining the new policy so patrons could be referred to it and a LIBNEWS sent out.  They also asked that the recall items be coded “recall for inventory control” so they could be distinguished from other items.  They also questioned the number of items a person could have checked out that they would have to bring back themselves.  They have left that up to Betsy to decide but think it could be as high as 20.  The Council would also like the policy to read that Circulation will come to a faculty’s campus office, not their home, except in special circumstances such as when a faculty is emeritus and working out of their home office.  Also that all the books have to be gathered in one place before an employee goes to their office.

    If a book can’t be found and we’ve done a search on our shelves the faculty will be given options to replace or pay for the item.

  4. Volunteer Policy-BurgerBob would like the Division Coordinators to take the document back to their Divisions and send comments to him.  The policy will be discussed at the March 3 meeting.A couple of issues raised were the legal implications of a volunteer being hurt on the job and what kinds of things the volunteer should have access to in regards to computer related files.
  5. Oak Street Update – Burger, K. Schmidt, KrugerChris Brennan is here training the staff that have been hired for Oak Street.  The inventory software has been installed.  4,000 volumes are ready to be inventoried.  8,000 are ready to go to Hort.  Staff have been flagging materials based on Circ history and got through the early 800s.  8,000 serial titles have been selected and over 650,000 volumes have been selected.Oak Street went out for bid.  There were some questions about the HVAC systems so the bidders were requested to resubmit bids including additional information about the HVAC system.  The ground breaking is tentatively set for spring 2003 and the building should be finished early in 2004.
  6. Public Printing for Reference – ChrzastowskiTina suggested having an account where small numbers of copies from Voyager, the Web, or e-reserves (to name just a few examples) could be made on library networked laser printers for patrons. Each Division could determine how many copies they estimate they might need.  Tina recommended less than 30 per month per unit as a starting point, with a review scheduled after we have a few months of use statistics.  There was some discussion about how this should be handled.  Tina has asked that the Divisions talk it over and send her suggestions regarding guidelines.
  7. Updates, Other   Net Library – the loan period will be two hours and renewable.Reproduction fees and research and services fees.  The policy has gone to Steve Anderson in University Counsel.  He is working with the Office of Business Affairs to check on procedures and clear up any questions about income.  Once he hands it back, the AC can continue its discussion of the document.  We need to do research about what the fees should be.

    Some Divisions would like more information about the duties Wendy Shelburne will be taking on in acquisitions.  They are concerned about E-Resource payments.