February 23, 2015 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

February 23, 20151:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


1.  1:30-2:00 AULs

a. NSM Update – Sue

b. Search Update – Tom

c. Strategic Plan

d. AUL Annual Reporting/Evaluation


2.  Approve Minutes from February 9


3.  Question Time


4.  Report on Salaita survey – Kirstin


5.  AUL Annual Reporting/Evaluations


6.  Privacy Policy Working Group Report


7.  Mortenson Center Advisory Committee


8.  Membership Change on Data Services Committee


9.  Proposed charge for RDS Committee

Minutes Details


John Wilkin, chair; Kirstin Dougan, vice-chair, JoAnn Jacoby, secretary; Lori Mestre, Bill Mischo, Jennifer Teper, Sarah Williams; Visitors-Beth Namachchivaya, Sue Searing, Tom Teper; Recording – JoAnn Jacoby


1.                  1:30-2:00 AULs
a.      NSM Update – Sue  
Krista Grey started in Illinois History & Lincoln Collection earlier this semester. The Archives move to the first floor will happen after spring semester.

b.      Search Update – Tom
Four people are starting March 1: Head of Ricker, Visiting Instructional Technology Specialist, E-resources Acquisitions Support Specialist, and Visiting Archives Reference Specialist.  A number of searches are underway.  The Law Director search is moving forward.

c.       Strategic Plan  
It may be worth looking at the last Strategic Plan to see which of the top-level goals are worth carrying forward. It was good work and we should leverage what we’ve done before. At some point when things are firming up, we should invite Lisa to meet with this group (AULs plus EC).

The strategic planning group met today and the group will be organizing library-wide conversations. We should be getting a report on the retreat soon. The AULs are working with their advisory groups to identify areas of strategic opportunity and what focal points should be part of our strategy. Bill noted that the Report of the ARL Strategic Thinking and Design Initiative [http://www.arl.org/storage/documents/publications/strategic-thinking-design-full-report-aug2014.pdf ] is useful reading for thinking about our strategic directions
d.      AUL Annual Reporting/Evaluation
The AULS will use the same form as last year, adding reference to the scope and vision areas identified in the administrative reorganization document. March 30 is the due date.

How can we best solicit meaningful feedback? We’ll use the questions used in 2013. These questions are listed in the “Standing Policies” section on the EC website under Annual Evaluation of the Associate University Librarians.
e.       In searches, small pools are not acceptable in most cases, even for specialized positions and the dean mentioned that we should push back on job descriptions that are too narrowly focused or that require qualifications or expectations that limit applicants. This may require rethinking the qualifications or the expectations about how the work should be done and recognize what skills may be transferable and in what areas they may be able to grow.
2.                  Approve Minutes from February 9
Minutes were approved with a motion by Lori Mestre, seconded by Kirstin Dougan.
3.                  Question Time
Campus has been well-prepared to deal with the financial challenges, thanks to sound money management and careful preparation.

The Library’s Budget meeting went very well. There were lots of good questions and appreciation for what the Library does.

Hiring plan – We got permission to move forward with all of the AP positions and two faculty positions on the hiring plan this round. We’ll move forward with the AUL for User Services search and one other, to be determined. John will send out a call for expressions of interest in the other faculty positions to see if there is any internal interest in moving into these roles.

Potential composition of the search committee for the AUL for User Services was discussed. Lori Mestre agreed to chair.

4.                  Report on Salaita survey – Kirstin
Morale was one of the major issues that came up in the survey, along with the impact the Salaita case had on searches and on speakers declining to come to campus. Kirstin will send a brief email to the faculty list summarizing the response, and how it provided data we can use in conversations on campus.
5.                  AUL Annual Reporting/Evaluations
Discussed with AULs, above.
6.                  Privacy Policy Working Group Report 
Deferred to next meeting.
7.                  Mortenson Center Advisory Committee
EC suggested appointing a faculty member.
8.                  Membership Change on Data Services Committee

Approved appointing Heidi Imker to the Committee.
9.                  Proposed charge for RDS Committee


Approved with suggestions for minor revisions that Sarah will take to Heidi.