February 16, 2015 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

February 16, 20151:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


1.  Discussion of patron privacy policy: Lynn Rudasill

2.  Update on review of student wage allocation: Greg Knott/Sue Searing

3. Update on AP/LOA review: Tom Teper/Cindy Kelly

4. New Business

Minutes Details


John Wilkin, chair, Melody Allison, Susan Avery, Tom Habing, Joanne Kaczmarek, Cindy Kelly, Beth Namachchivaya, Lisa Romero, Lynne Rudasill, Mary Schlembach, Jeff Schrader, Sue Searing, Jennifer Teper, Tom Teper, Sandy Wolf


1.  Discussion of patron privacy policy – Lynne Rudasill

The Privacy Policy has been turned over to EC for approval. Once EC has approved the policy, it will get posted to the web page. Lynne would like to see a webpage developed for users that follows along the lines of Choose Privacy paper. That webpage was created in 2011 for a specific event. The original page was created by UGL, but this is a much more broad issue and should be maintained at the Library level.

Lynne and the task force heard back from most of the units, but not RBML. RBML has their own policy. John suggested linking their policy with this one and any other policies developed in individual units. Joanne will talk to RBML about getting their link. EC will discuss the report and if it has substantive feedback, will get it to AC by the next meeting.

2.  Update on review of student wage allocations – Sue Searing (see PPT)

A survey went out to heads of units at the end of the fall semester from the student budget review working group (Mary Schlembach, Cindy Kelly, Jessica LeCrone, Sue Searing). The responses generated hundreds of data points. The aim of the survey was to find out who is doing what types of work in each unit and what students, in particular, are doing. In addition the group is looking at historical data of budgeting for student wages, current hours of operation, and other factors.

The group is not as far along with the analysis as they hoped to be. Tom Habing noted that information about salary and length of service reports could be generated from JOYCE, by IT staff.

John asked that this subject be left on the AC agenda, so there can be more discussion as the group further analysis the data.

3.  AP/LOA review – Tom Teper, Cindy Kelly

Cindy and Tom shared the AP evaluation with the committee. (LOAs are now covered by union representation and are no longer part of this evaluative process.) There was discussion about when best to implement the new evaluation process. A few changes were suggested that Cindy will implement and then send the document back out to the committee. Division Coordinators were asked to talk about the implementation date with the divisions and send any additional comments to Cindy. The document will be finalized at the next AC meeting.

4.  New Business

No new business.

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