February 14, 2017 Meeting of Diversity Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

February 14, 201710:00 am 225B Main Library

Agenda Details


Minute Taker: Harriett Green

  • Approve January meeting minutes
  • ClimateQUAL Recommendations Update/Survey of Priorites
  • Spring and Fall 2017 Events and Planning
    • Diversity Committee Brown Bag Series
    • Collaboration with ISchool Diversity Committee
    • Co-sponsoring Sesquicentennial Events
    • Fall Events
  • Updating Our Diversity Statement
    • Cindy will discuss process in creating the original statement
  • Updates and Announcements
    • Central Illinois Library Workers Meeting        Feb. 22, 5:30-7 Esquire
    • Committee Budget
    • Diversity Potluck                     May 19
  • Next meeting:      March 14, 2017
    • Laila Hussein Moustafa minute taker
    • Parking Lot/Future Agenda Items:
    • Greg Knott report back from Big 10 HR meeting – March
    • Other

Minutes Details


Ellen Swain, Cindy Ingold, Harriett Green, Laila Hussein-Moustafa, Ben Riegler, Angie Gruendl, Zoe Revell


Minute Taker: Harriett Green

January Minutes
The January meeting minutes were approved with two corrections:  The spelling of JJ Pionke’s name was corrected; and the section on the Disability Forum was revised to say “Discussed holding an information fair to educate employees about resources if an employee needs accommodations. It was decided to be better to advertise the campus program.”

ClimateQUAL Recommendations Update/Survey of Priorities
Cindy reviewed the results of the Diversity and Staff Training Spring 2017 Priorities survey with John during their regular meeting: John felt that none of the tasks were particularly urgent, and that the Committee already is doing a number of events this spring.

Committee discussed the survey results further, and agreed that none of the tasks were especially crucial. Also, future events and training activities will depend on the future role and incarnation of the staff training coordinator after Beth’s retirement in fall 2017.

But it was suggested that the committee could start developing the Diversity Toolkit via the discussion groups and brownbag events’ discussion materials. It might also be possible to start identifying best practices from ClimateQUAL data, and the committee could also invite Lori Mestre to talk. Zoe and Laila will work on this and look into gathering best practices.

Spring and Fall 2017 Events and Planning
The first Diversity Committee Brown Bag Series was hosted in January by JJ with 2 people attended in addition to Cindy. Laila suggested that we keep track of attendance and do more events for topics that get lots of interest. Cindy noted that the first one was advertised late, but the February one hosted by Harriett has already been advertised. Overall, events don’t depend on the numbers, but having a consistent series.

Zoe noted that JJ sent out the resources afterward, which others appreciated, and committee discussed about posting on the Diversity Committee webpage as well. Key part is the discussion, and getting people to participate and send suggestions for future topics.

Cindy noted that the committee should review the webpages and Compass pages again: The committee also should consider if there needs to be a LibGuide and/or the Diversity Toolkit. Cindy noted that in the new website template, the committee charge and public information will stay on the public Library site (for other institutions who are interested in what we do, interviewees, etc.), but the archived minutes and documents will be migrated to the forthcoming staff intranet site.

Collaboration with iSchool Diversity Committee
The film viewing of the 13th is Thursday with a featured panel: We are funding drinks (bottled water) and the iSchool is providing sandwiches and popcorn. The iSchool committee has students and alumni involved in planning the event.

Co-sponsoring Sesquicentennial Events
Ellen provided the list of upcoming sesquicentennial events and the committee reviewed them. Committee members discussed potential events to co-sponsor, including the March 29th event on African American History; the events in October (Cobb-Roberts, housing and race; and Williamson-Lott); and November events on “Women and Gender” and “History of Chinese Americans at the University.” The website is www.archives.library.illinois.edu/150  (middle tab is the sesquicentennial series list).

Fall Events    
The committee discussed how to continue the brownbag series in the fall, and planned to come up with ideas at next meeting.  Cindy also suggested having forms at the upcoming series for people to contribute ideas, and Cindy volunteered to revise the existing feedback paper form.

JJ and Greg are working on armed services exhibits for October and November, and may be able to provide updates at a future meeting.  Another idea discussed by the committee was doing Disability Month activities in October, and to talk with the iSchool. It was noted that September will be Inclusive Illinois month. Members suggested setting up a meditation space for the Monthly Mindful Meditation series.

Zoe mentioned that there will be coloring/craft events this spring for the Creative Connection Hour:  Zoe will teach friendship bracelets and lanyards at the first one, George will lead an origami workshop later in the spring; and future events could include other crafts like knitting and crocheting.  Members suggested that they hold the events not just in Main Library, but also Grainger, ACES, or Math.

Updating Our Diversity Statement

Cindy described the process of creating the original statement, which hasn’t been updated since 2010:  Last time, the committee gathered and examined other libraries’ diversity statements, and then had cookie breaks where people could come together and provide feedback. The statement was drafted and revised, and then submitted to EC and Paula. This occurred during in May and June.

JJ and Heather had volunteered at the last meeting to review the statement—it was suggested that they bring a draft to a future meeting and the committee review it from there. Members noted that we now should incorporate the campus’s diversity statement. The committee also could have open feedback sessions with Library staff on the statement and ideas for the future – do again in May.

Updates and Announcements

Cindy announced the next Central Illinois Library Workers Meeting is on Feb. 22 from 5:30-7 at the Esquire. Zoe and Cindy are on the steering committee, and will send another email out to LIBNEWS. The announcement was also sent to Kathryn LaBarre at the iSchool who is also on the committee. There is a Slack channel for organizing and they want to get more community librarians and archivists because the group is predominantly U of I people right now.

Committee Budget: Cindy announced that the AULs and Budget Group reviewed committee budgets, and found that there was inequity between committees and unspent funds, so the administration is taking back the individual committee budgets. There will still be money, but it will be in a general pool and we submit requests.

The Diversity Potluck is scheduled for May 19, and John will be replaced with the acting University Librarian, and we will need to find out their availability. The grill masters are tentatively Greg and Tom.

Zoe announced that the Library Committee Fair will be in April, and people are needed to staff tables.

Next meeting:
March 14, 2017
Laila Hussein Moustafa minute taker

Parking Lot/Future Agenda Items:

  • Greg Knott report back from Big 10 HR meeting – March
  • Other