February 12, 2019 Meeting of Diversity Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

February 12, 2019

Agenda Details


Library Diversity Committee
Meeting Agenda

February 12, 2018
10-11 am
308 Main Library

Minute Taker: Heather Murphy

  1. Approve December minutes NOTE: January meeting was cancelled
  2. Updates and Announcements
    • Spring meeting rooms and update minute takers                         Cindy
    • Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion search       Cindy
    • GLBTQIA Training March 13 and April 11       JJ
  3. IDEAL meeting (formerly NDLC) Columbus, OH August 6-7     All
    Ask Dean Wilkin for funds to support 2 staff members to attend
  4. Checklist/Process for Event Planning     All
    See attached from Library Facilities
  5. Possible Events for Spring 2019                 All
    • White fragility talk
    • Albert Lee/Home of Our Own film showing
    • Other??

Next Meeting:  March 12, 2018
JJ Pionke, minute taker



Minutes Details


Library Diversity Committee
Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2019
308 Main Library

Attendees: Cindy Ingold, Heather Murphy, Hoa Luong, Krystle Simmons, Zoe Revell, Atoma Batoma, Jessica Ballard, Alisha Taylor, Kim Hutcherson

Absent: JJ Pionke, Laila Hussein

Minute Taker: Heather Murphy

  1. December Meeting Minutes approved as amended
    One correction: In #4 (bullet #2)…Archives may be showing the Albert Lee film in February
  2. Updates and Announcements
    Diversity Committee meetings will no longer be in 225b; meetings are scheduled in other Library locations through May.
    JJ should take meeting minutes in March; April and May minute takers are as scheduled; June and July minute takers will be decided later.The Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion search is still ongoing; Cindy has not learned of any new candidates but will pass this information along to the Committee when available.

    The Committee is co-sponsoring the upcoming GLBTQIA Training with Library Staff Development and Training.

    The Committee is providing refreshments (water) for the Feb 24 Renee Baker event; flyers and posters are available and the Committee encouraged Jessica Ballard to have them displayed in the Library’s glass wall displays. Jessica said there is an additional film screening with Baker without her orchestra on February 25 from 7-8:30pm at the Independent Media Center (IMC); those flyers will be done soon.

    The exhibit cases in the N-S corridor of the Main Library on the first floor will have special collections (Archives and RBML) materials for Black History Month (the unit that reserved it for the month backed out); there were complaints about the empty cases and that Black History Month wasn’t being featured. Cindy Ingold reported that SSHEL and UGL have displays/exhibits. Heather will send out a call via LIB-NEWS for Black History Month events and exhibits to push out via social media. Jessica Ballard mentioned that the St. Elmo Brady (the first African American to earn a chemistry PhD) exhibit is still up. Cindy posed the question: should the Committee request cases for next year?

  3. IDEAL Meeting
    2016 was the last diversity conference at UCLA (under a different name). Heather Murphy and Donna Hoffman went last time. This year’s conference is in Columbus, OH. The Committee agreed that it should once again dispense two awards of $2,000 each. The deadline is not until April. Cindy Ingold will connect with John Wilkin and Greg Knott about offering the awards. Cindy is planning on attending this year.
  4. Checklist for Event Planning
    Facilities has an existing checklist that can be used as a starting point. Heather Murphy and Krystle Simmons will work together on a draft to review at the next meeting. The Committee’s checklist should include the following:
    -Proofreading (Krystle has volunteered to help with this)
    -Checking for conflicts such as holidays and other big campus events
    -Funding for food (should those with P-Cards purchase items in lieu of other staff being reimbursed?)
    -Who is responsible for what
    -A follow-up surveyOverall, the Cultural Connections event on January 25, 2019, was successful. Around 20 people aside from the presenters attended. A survey wasn’t distributed afterward, but should be after future events.
  5. Possible Spring Events
    There was a white fragility talk at the iSchool and the Committee discussed holding something similar at the Library. All agreed. Barbara Jones would be the presenter. The Committee will look at April to host this over a lunch hour (Cindy Ingold will connect with Barbara Jones).Regarding the Lee film, Bill Maher thinks it would be good to show 1 or 2 of the videos at a faculty meeting (one is short while the other is longer). Albert Lee’s draft memoir is in the Archives (~200 pages). The Committee discussed showing the video to the entire Library. Jessica Ballard will connect with the iSchool and check the 66 Library schedule. The Committee also talked about asking Bill to talk after the film and perhaps asking Dr. Vanessa Rouillon to speak. Jessica could talk as well. The timeframe the Committee is considering is in March after Spring Break (March 25-29).

    The Committee discussed the idea of hosting a potluck in June, but the University YMCA schedule will need to be consulted. Also, the Committee needs to schedule around Ramadan. The consensus is to hold one this year.

    There was discussion about movie screenings (starting with “Birth of a Nation” on February 14, 2019) at the Urbana Free Library hosted by the Center for African Studies. Flyers have been posted and Heather Murphy will help push out via social media.

    Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting:  March 12, 2019
Minute Taker: JJ Pionke