February 10, 2020 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

February 10, 2020428 Main Library

Agenda Details





February 10, 2020


428 Library


  1. Approve minutes – February 3
  2. Question Time
  3. Select Search Committee Members
  4. 2-2:30 pm – AULs
  5. Interim Head Scholarly Commons
  6. Structure and configuration of AUL roles and responsibilities


Minutes Details




February 10, 2020


428 Library


Present: John Wilkin (Chair), David Ward (Vice-Chair), Lynne Rudasill (Secretary), Paula Carns, William Maher, Bill Mischo, Jennifer Teper, Lynne Thomas, Lucretia Williams (Recording)


  1. Minutes of the February 3 meeting were approved upon the motion of Lynne Thomas with a second by Paula Carns.


  1. Question Time:


The subflooring is visible in the north section of Room 200.


In relation to the Library Building Project, the Library Consultation Working Group expressed concern about things being fixed and inflexible once we make the commitment to move forward. We need to emphasize our commitment to continuous change and our willingness to make every adjustment and be responsive to the needs of our users and advice we receive as we go forward.


Tim Newman is pulling together several individuals to engage on the issues of the building project at a higher administrative and financial level.


There is a preliminary commitment of a large gift for the building project in its conceptual form, which comes as another vote of confidence for the future of the Library project.


In answer to a question, the Dean noted that a general process is being articulated for naming Library spaces as the building project goes forward, and specific amounts are being articulated for these opportunities. This will most likely include areas such as unit libraries, classrooms, commons, etc.


David Ward provided a brief budget group update. They will be meeting soon to respond to questions related to GA allocations. Other items at issue include some upgrades for staff, technical services vacancies, digital imaging needs and Grainger upgrades. He anticipates more activity on staff positions this spring as approved strategic hiring positions are brought forward for review.


  1. Search Committee Members


Three search committees were reviewed, and individuals were suggested for membership. They will be contacted shortly.


  1. Reports from AULs


Heidi Imker

Heidi brought a personnel proposal for EC discussion related to the Scholarly Commons.


There are some continued vendor issues affecting the final updates of Room 220, but they are being worked on.


Research Data Services is doing a 5 year review at the request of Susan Martinez.


The BTAA conference theme this year is “Data access – Data sharing.” There are six delegates and one person presenting. There appears to be strong interest this year and we still have delegate slots open. Proposals are due February 10, 2020.


Tom Teper

Building project – LCWG is drafting recommendations (intended) to go to the Provost by end of the month. Tim Newman, Dean Wilkin, Dennis Craig and Tom are meeting very soon to discuss next steps. Boards have been placed down in the UGL to get feedback. These also made REDDIT – even more constructive online Tom will conduct an AMA on REDDIT to answer building questions.


Oak Street – Tom is holding a series of meetings to explore ongoing storage options for the university and campus. Oak Street is currently at 80% capacity. The dedicated area for the facility is seeing a diminishing footprint which provides challenges for expansion in its current configuration. He is engaged in conversations with other campus entities including Spurlock Museum, the Prairie Research Institute and others to talk about other joint storage opportunities. In addition there are ongoing conversations related to the other campuses in the system. Broad proposals are being worked on for a single storage facility on our campus. Barbara Wilson and Avijit Ghosh are engaged with the discussion. Joanne Kaczmarek is also involved in the discussions. The possibility of a single-copy facility for all three system campuses is being discussed by nothing definite has been decided at this point.


Collections – The budget is going well especially with the quick turnaround this year. The Elsevier invoice is in and being processed and Tom hopes to wrap things up on time. Preparations are already being done for next year. SPR project is at 60% of our commitment and other institutions are being worked with to ensure that there is no unnecessary overlap of materials. It is quite challenging at this point. Illinois is continuing our Google work and is also working with the “Needs and Offers” government documents process to complete some digitization of those materials.


Technical Services – MJ, Tom, and Mary Laskowski are talking about options related to openings in technical services and how to fill them.


In response to a question related to the 60% number, Tom indicated that we have agreed to retain

250,000 volumes at Oak Street for the BTAA. We began the process with JSTOR materials, most of which we have. This provided other the opportunity to reduce their physical collections. Through the SPR 1.0 (IU Bloomington), we have since been doing this with Elsevier, Springer and Wiley materials. We need another 100,000 volumes in additional materials to fulfill our commitment. Some volumes coming from Iowa will help fill the gap.


Chris Prom –

Chris is working on a variety of projects. In addition to working on hiring and tenure issues, he is working with Michael Norman on the ILS CARLI changes.


He is serving on a couple of campus search committees including a search for a new Research Integrity Officer and on the Provost’s Communication 9 review committee. It has been recognized at the campus level that there are definite challenges for women and individuals from underrepresented minorities moving from Associate Professor to Full Professor.


Most of the open Library IT professional Civil Service positions are working their way through the campus approval process successfully.


Chris related the results of his discussions with Amy Santos and Bill Bernhard related to pre-tenure track positions. They would have to be very carefully scoped. These positions would be most closely related to a type of post-doc offering. The discussion that followed included issues that are seen as challenges and advantages for this type of classification, should we decide to go forward.



Cherie’ Weibel

Cherie’ reported that the new Information Desk is up and running and the second floor in Room 200 (the Reading Room) is off schedule by a week. Construction on the floor of the north end has started and has been closed down since August 2019. May be wrapped up by the end of April 2020, then construction will start on to the south end of the room. The Visiting Government Information Librarian search is about to be completed. Cherie’ has been covering the area recently.


She is meeting frequently related to the fulfillment issues that need to be addressed in the switch to ALMA.


A new GIS specialist has been chosen and hiring is a bit slower because of the Optional Practical Training (OPT) visa process. The OPT process is available in certain STEM fields and persons can seek a green card at a later date.


  1. Interim Head of Scholarly Commons

A position description for an internal search for Interim Head of the Scholarly Commons was updated and final approval is pending. The EC will serve as the screening committee.


  1. Structure and configuration of AUL roles and responsibilities

A discussion of the review of this structure was tabled until after the annual reports of the AULs are in and have been reviewed.


  1. Emerging and Immersive Technologies Librarian

A search committee for this position was suggested after brief discussion of the position