February 10, 2016 Meeting of Library Assessment Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

February 10, 20169:00 am - 10:30 am Main Library Room 323c

Agenda Details


  1. Review agenda.
  1. Funding request for attending the Library Assessment Conference 2016 (Arlington, Virginia, Oct. 31 – Nov. 2)

The committee decided to send the current funding requests to Dean Wilkin for funding approval. This budget has been approved in the past. The committee decided to request the same $4000 for faculty/staff/AP. The language of the proposal will be adjusted to reflect the current year, and some of the extra verbiage removed since the conference is better known now. The request will be made shorter overall with an added itemized list for the budget request itself, to demonstrate how the money would be used.

  1. Library Assessment Committee grant program review process

Susan Avery’s grant application asks for $500. The committee had been divided until today’s meeting when it was officially decided to approve the project since it is part of a larger library assessment initiative. (Since the process for approval was a bit chaotic, the committee decided to clarify that the rubric can be used flexibly, and need only be strictly adhered to when there is a major influx of applications or for a very large or complex project application.) There was also discussion of revising item #10 in the grant proposal guide so applicants will have a better idea of what can be funded (i.e. make the list more comprehensive). A note of this was added to the proposal guide in the shared Box file.

  1. Projects for this year
  • Instruction Assessment?
  • New application to replace Desk Tracker?

Since most library staff etc. are unhappy with Desk Tracker, Erin is going to bring it up with the Reference Management Team at their next meeting to see what can be done. It is agreed that there is probably not a single-tool solution without some trade-offs, but it may be worth at least demo-ing some different options. Changing the current Desk Tracker form might allow for the gathering of more qualitative data. Jen is going to share a chart of existing products that could replace Desk Tracker so the LAC can compare them.

  1. Updates (Round-robin)
  • Tableau User Group (Tuesday, February 9th)

Susanne requested some advice about a usability study she is conducting. This prompted a discussion of different assessment tools available for such projects. The committee decided that from now on, all meetings will include a short product demo session wherein a committee member will lead a brief (~10 minutes) demonstration and discussion of an assessment product. Next meeting, Susanne will be demonstrating Optimal Workshop.

Minutes Details


K. Feist, C. Ingold, E. Kerby, J. Rimkus, J. Yu (ex officio), S. Chapman (ex officio), S. Braxton and E. Justiss (GA)