February 1, 2021 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

February 1, 20211:30 pm - 3:00 pm Zoom Meeting

Agenda Details




February 1, 2021


Zoom Meeting


  1. Approve minutes – January 25, 2021
  2. Question Time
  3. Appoint Faculty Editors and Paper Preparers for P&T Candidates
  4. Discuss topics to discuss for next week EC AULs/Directors
  5. Research Support Task Force Report (Continued Discussion)
  6. Updating Discussion on Inclusiveness in Administrative Governance

Minutes Details




February 1, 2021

1:30-3:00 pm

Zoom Conference Call


EC Attendees: John Wilkin (Chair); William Maher (Vice-Chair); Dan Tracy (Secretary); Mara Thacker, Mary Laskowski, David Ward, Kelli Trei, Jennifer Teper, and Peg Burnette. Lucretia Williams, Recording


  1. Minutes – The January 25, 2021 minutes were approved upon the motion by Mary Laskowski and seconded by Kelli Trei.


  1. Question Time – Dean Wilkin followed up on the previous EC discussions on the number of Faculty meetings per semester, and the conclusion that we would try with one Faculty meeting in the spring and continue to assess. Dean Wilkin met with Cait Coker as the Secretary to the faculty, and she understands and agrees. Dean Wilkin will draft a letter that will go out today, letting all library staff in LibNews know that we’ll be going with one faculty meeting spring semester and using the meeting currently scheduled for April 28, 2021. The February and March 2021 Faculty Meetings will be canceled, and Lucretia Williams will remove them from the calendar after Dean Wilkin sends his email to LibNews.


Dean Wilkin submitted the budget report to the Provost’s office today and he expressed his appreciation for the contributions from EC, LCAP, LSSC, and other groups. Everyone did an outstanding job.


Dean Wilkin informed EC that there are discussions with two donors for generous gifts, both of them for the building project and one also including professional development.


  1. Appoint Faculty Editors and Paper Preparers for P&T Candidates – EC appointed Editors and Paper Preparers for P&T Candidate. Lucretia will reach out to the appointed to see if they are able to serve and then report back to EC.


  1. Discuss topics to discuss for next week EC AULs/Directors – For the next EC on February 8, 2021 meeting that includes the AULs and Directors, EC would like to discuss their regular updates and the UGL Integration.


  1. Research Support Task Force Report (Continued Discussion) – Dean Wilkin again thanked everyone involved on the thorough report, and asked EC to begin planning particular topics we can follow up on during meetings this semester. While some recommendations will need to wait until funding is more stable, others can move forward now.


EC suggested two areas for action:

  • The report’s recommendations related to recruiting and hiring.
  • The report’s recommendation to address policy around research time and investigation time. As part of that we need to do a full inventory of what policy and other documents already exist (such as the investigation time policy and research time policy). We want to develop solutions that have broad buy in from unit heads as well as the individuals in their units.


Members of EC will draft charges for two task forces to follow up on these two items for discussion in upcoming meetings.


In addition we will likely move forward with another residency program, as suggested in the report, and will return to that as well as the issue of centralized research support once we get the initial two groups under way.


  1. Updating Discussion on Inclusiveness in Administration and Governance – EC had a wide ranging discussion following up on its previous discussions on inclusiveness in administration and governance in the summer and early fall. The inclusion of LSSC and LCAP representatives in EC meetings on a monthly basis has been a positive step for us to build on. This will be discussed again when LSSC and LCAP next join EC.