December 9, 2015 Meeting of Library Assessment Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

December 9, 20159:00 am - 10:29 am Main Library Room 323c

Agenda Details


  1. Welcome new member and introductions. Review agenda.
  • New member Kirsten Feist serving in place of Susan Avery, who is away on sabbatical.
  1. Innovation Fund – Exploration of Data Analytics Tools for Library Data []
  • Jason suggested an update to this site.
  • Jim Hahn approached Jen for Innovation Funds for EC when he developed a trending dashboard prototype. It was reviewed by the LAC as having good and bad qualities, but the problem seemed to stem from a need for more experienced programmers.
  • Bean Counter was an excellent application when it was first developed a few years ago. Development on it has ended due to a lack of resources. It’s still considered an essential tool for running circulation stats, but it needs an upgrade. Suggestions included adding Google Analytics or combining it with Desk Tracker information. Negotiation began with IT and EC and some funding was received, but not all. The budget is at the above agenda link. It’s important to identify the procedure within the tool through interpretation layers (such as an ETL process for data visualization.) Use cases are also important—how do we envision a tool being used? Tableau is also an option. Zoom Data is less sophisticated than Tableau, but it is good for KPI (key performance indicators). Suzanne asks what use cases for this might be, but seconds the Google Analytics idea, and would like to see how it can use Easy Search and site search query analytics, especially for comparison to other institutions. Jen and Jason are hoping this issue will fall under the responsibilities of the new Data Analyst position and agree that Tableau is a top contender. Kirsten would like to see e-resources data added to this dashboard and to see what pathways/click-throughs are most used.
  1. Discussion: Dashboard, data farm, data dictionary, data retention policy … (How do we tie them together?)
  • Above agenda item can be somewhat combined with this one as discussion bridged both topics. Dashboard issues were discussed further as well as the idea of a data farm. The problem with the data farm is too much “farm” and not enough usage. A data dictionary is also an option. There is such a long list of variables and statistics that could be measured and retained, but it’s difficult to know when to let data go and how to measure the benefits of such a project. Jameatris suggests asking Joanne Kaczmarek about the data retention policy and how to get staff to adopt the data retention policy in the incidence of a data farm/dictionary.
  1. Library Assessment Committee Grant Program update
  • Jemma Ku received a little funding from this project to work on library signage, and she is writing a report.
  1. Projects for this year
  • Instruction Assessment?
  • New application to replace Desk Tracker?
  • We have ARL tracking, but no formal tracking for other documents.
  • Library instructional literacy assessment is still desired.
  • Continue to investigate replacing Desk Tracker. (Erin is going to talk to RIS about this.)
  1. Updates (Round-robin)
  • Library UX Chicago meetup (Wednesday, December 16th)

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