December 6, 2004 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

December 6, 20041:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Agenda Details


  1. CAMELS Team
    Becky Smith, Sandy Wolf (visitors)
  2. AC Focus and Membership
    Paula Kaufman
  3. Gift Guidelines for Library Personnel
    Lisa German
  4. Announcements and Updates

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, Rod Allen, Bob Burger, Tina Chrzastowski, Lisa German, Lisa Hinchliffe, Janis Johnston, Cindy Kelly, Tom Kilton, Betsy Kruger, Bill Maher, Lyn Petrie (LSSC), Diane Schmidt, Karen Schmidt, Jeff Schrader, Sue Searing, Karen Wei, Joyce Wright, Visitors-Becky Smith, Sandy Wolf


  1. CAMELS Team – Becky Smith, Sandy Wolf (visitors)Sandy Wolf has distributed approx. 25 red “handbook of essential information” binders to the various unit libraries. During the week of Thanksgiving, CAMELS assisted IRRC. They are now working in Stacks to help discharge the end of semester return overload. The general policy for requesting CAMELS assistance is that a library will first contact their Division Coordinator and exhaust all other possibilities before they contact CAMELS for help. On the staff website there is contact information. The calls come into Sandy Wolf’s CAMELS dedicated phone.  If she is away from work on any given day, the call will be forwarded to Zoe Revell’s area (main desk phone) in BEL.

    Sandy Wolf reminded us that most libraries have signs on their doors telling patrons to notify the Circulation Department if the library is not opened by 15 minutes past its stated opening time. The signs still need to be there because CAMELS cannot provide service on evenings or weekends. If a library is not opened on time and a patron contacts the Circ Desk during weekdays, CAMELS will be notified and Sandy will work with the respective Division Coordinator to arrange emergency coverage. Sandy has been instructed to let Bob Burger know in the event that CAMELS are called when a library is not opened at its scheduled time.

  2. AC Focus and Membership – Paula KaufmanThe Committee discussed the different scenarios. Almost unanimously they voted for the “ Representation by Proxy Model.” It was suggested that whatever change is made that it be reviewed in a set amount of time to see if it is still working or if other changes need to be made. Paula will take this recommendation under advisement.
  3. Gift Guidelines for Library Personnel– Lisa GermanLisa will add a line about serving on RFP panels and a bullet about it being permissible to receive travel expenses for a meeting to discuss State business. Otherwise the guidelines have been adopted.
  4. Announcements and UpdatesBob Burger – The Services Advisory Committee is in the final stages of tweaking the Undergrad Survey. It will be sent out on March 1, 2005.  In the next week or so it will be posted for comments from the faculty and staff.

    After the Undergraduate Survey has been administered in the Spring of 2005, the unit heads will again will be asked what was most surprising about the results and what changes they have or will make based on the findings. This was done after the graduate survey but only a very small portion of unit heads responded.

    Bob Burger – Jim Self from the University of Virginia and Steve Heller from the University of Washington are an ARL team that is will be visiting six ARL libraries this Spring to assess assessment efforts. Bob will let us know when they will be here and what will be required of us.

    Betsy Kruger – The Oak Street Open House is December 7 from 3:00-4:30. She hopes everyone will attend and that the support staff that helped with the project will be allowed to come.

    Jeff Schrader – There is a moisture/mold outbreak on the north side of the monumental stair case. Jeff and Tom Teper have been working with Facilities & Services to pinpoint where the water is coming from. They have had a roofing and mason crew on site and they have built a temporary roof over the duct work to counter the problem. Jeff and Tom are working with specialist to look at the damage and assess how to properly fix the problem. The north stairs may be closed at some point.

    Karen Schmidt – The IBHE has contacted state university bookstores to ask that they investigate textbook rental.  Karen Schmidt attended the Illini Union Bookstore Advisory Committee meeting to share information she has begun to compile regarding providing more textbooks for students.  She is especially interested in how the availability of electronic textbooks is shaping up.  The IUB committee agreed that textbook rental is very expensive in both space and staffing.  It is more likely that the Bookstore will look for a partnership with the Library to help provide more textbooks on reserve and this may be explored in the future.  Karen will be keeping Ed Slazinik appraised of her investigations into e-textbooks.

    Jeff Schrader – Jeff is trying to get an updated schedule as to when the tunnel will be finished. They are supposed to be providing seating and counters mounted on the south wall. The chairs that are there presently will be sent to surplus. This summer new lighting and wireless internet service should be installed.

    Espresso will be adding tables, chairs, accent painting and art work in their area.

    Cindy Kelly – The vacation/sick leave totals should be on the December pay stubs for faculty. They should be correct, but if anyone has any problems call Library Human Resources.