December 5, 2018 Meeting of Social Science

Time and Location of Meeting

December 5, 201810:00 am - 11:30 am 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Nancy O’Brien (Chair pro tem), Yali Feng, Cindy Ingold, JJ Pionke, Lynne Rudasill, Yoo-Seong Song

Guests: Jenny Johnson, Wendy Shelburne

Minute taker: Nancy O’Brien


  1. Approval of October 3 minutes (see G:/Social Sciences Division/MINUTES/DRAFT Minutes).
    1. Minutes were accepted as amended.
  1. Announcements and Discussion Items:
    1. Nancy announced that because Lisa Romero was unable to attend due to car issues Nancy would be acting as chair for the meeting
    2. Discussion of January 2, 2019 meeting resulted in agreement to cancel that meeting
    3. Discussion of Springer renewal proposal (Wendy Shelburne)
      1. Wendy Shelburne explained that in the past the Springer renewals were paid centrally by the Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA).  The BTAA is now passing along some of the costs for Springer packages to member institutions, especially the TakeOvers and New Subscription (TONS) titles.  The Library Office of Collections prepared a spreadsheet dividing costs by Division according to the categories established by Springer.  The cost requested from the Social Sciences Division is $12,909.79, with various subject areas allocated specific costs:
      2. Jenny Johnson attended the meeting to participate in discussions related to Springer geography titles.  There was extensive discussion of the proposal and the ability or inability of specific funds to contribute to the costs.  Nancy O’Brien indicated that of the education titles in the Springer spreadsheet, only one title was of interest, and that she did not have sufficient funds in the education budget to pay for the amount requested.  Others indicated similar concerns, while at least two Division members believe they have sufficient funds and are willing to contribute.  In addition it was pointed out that some areas such as Business and Management, Finance, and Law are not actually part of the Social Sciences Division.  The general sense was that for this year the cost of the Springer proposal should be covered by the Office of Collections.  Most Division members did not feel that with such short notice they were able to contribute funds during this year.  Wendy indicated that other Divisions, notably the Life and Physical Sciences divisions, were contributing significantly to the Springer proposal.  She also said that she would take the Social Sciences Division comments back to Tom Teper for further discussion.


Subject area No. of titles Subject fund cost Division cost
Behavioral Science and Psychology 25  $    2,355.80
Business and Management 16  $    1,507.71
Economics and Finance 22  $    2,073.11
Education 35  $    3,298.12
Law and Criminology 11  $    1,036.55
Political Science and International Studies 3  $        282.70
Social Sciences 25  $    2,355.80
Total SSD data 137 $  12,909.79


  1. Reports
    1. Area Studies Division representative to SSD (Rudasill)
      1. Lynne indicated that the campus is moving forward with area studies centers being relocated to an Illinois Global Institute housed in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and that Institute will report to the Provost.
    2. Collection Development Committee (Feng)
      1. Yali reported that the primary focus of the CDC has been the Springer renewals. The Library is requesting a 3% increase for serials and possibly monographs, and fund managers are being encouraged to spend out their funds.
    3. Data Discovery & Access Committee (Hogenboom) – No report.
    4. Diversity Committee (Ingold, Pionke) – No report.
    5. Faculty Review Committee (O’Brien)
      1. Annual reports will be due at the end of January.  FRC and PTAC are offering joint office hours during December and January.
      2. December:

        Friday, December 7, 1:30-3p in Rm 225b

        Monday, December 17, 2-3:30p in Rm 225b

      3. January:

        Thursday, January 10: 10-11:30am in Rm 225b

        Tuesday, January 22:  1-2:30p in Rm 225b

    6. LSSC Representative (Varvel) – Sent by email.
    7. Reference Management Team (Feng)
      1. The team is working on assessment and surveys, such as the Library Chat survey sent previously to staff.
    8. SSD rep to Central Public Services Division (Ingold) – No report.
    9. Staff Development & Training Committee (Ingold, Pionke)
      1. The Committee is redefining itself with Jake MacGregor taking on more direct responsibility for the committee.  There is discussion of possibly livestreaming some training sessions. The committee will also be investigating wellness sessions for dealing with and managing change, especially in regard to the upcoming building renovations.
  1. Round Robin
    1. Cindy Ingold:
      1. She is now liaison for anthropology, sociology and geography due to Beth Sheehan’s departure.
    2. Jenny Johnson:
      1. The Special Collections Division is engaged with the consultant brought in to assess the feasibility of moving Special Collections to the Undergraduate Library building.
    3. Yoo-Seong Song:
      1. Yoo-Seong met with a delegation of Korean visitors the preceding week to discuss resources available through the University and Library.
    4. Yali Feng:
      1. Yali will stop providing office hours in the Psychology Building due to lack of response. She has ongoing requests for research consultations, however.  Yali asked about the Library’s position on Open Access journal fees and whether there are lists of high quality journals in subject areas.  Division members provided some feedback.  She also provided a workshop about library services and resources for Chinese visiting scholars that was very well received.  Liaison services to the programs Yali works with are going well.
    5. Lynne Rudasill:
      1. Mostly spent out funds.  Arms Control & Domestic and International Security (ACDIS) is moving to the new Illinois Global Institute. ACDIS papers are in IDEALS, and Lynne’s affiliated units are using Illinois Experts for departmental web pages.  In February Lynne will take over IAS during Steve Witt’s sabbatical.  There will be a visiting scholar in IAS during the summer.  Lynne is currently on the CAPT Web Team which is working on the Library Gateway.  Over 300 people recently responded to a card sort exercise related to website usability.
    6. JJ Pionke:
      1. Spent all approval funds; purchasing anatomical models for speech and hearing science students and faculty (brain, ears, skull).  Also working on building a circulating Alzheimer collection, and continuing to focus on research.
    7. Nancy O’Brien:
      1. Took over Beth Sheehan’s responsibilities as GA supervisor in SSHEL, and is dealing with a lot of paperwork and reports.

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