December 5, 2018 Meeting of Library Faculty Meeting

Time and Location of Meeting

December 5, 2018

Agenda Details



University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Library Faculty Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, December 5, 2018
3-4:30 pm
Room 66 Library


  1. Call to Order
  2. Standing Items

2.1   Adoption of the agenda
2.2   Approval of the minutes of the October 10, 2018 Faculty Meeting
2.3   Introduction of New Employees (John Wilkin)
2.4   Executive Committee Report and Discussion (15 minutes – David Ward)
2.5   Report of the University Librarian (15 minutes – John Wilkin)

  1. Discussion Items
  2. Lightning Talks

4.1 Kathy Veach – Human Subjects Payments

  1. New Business
  2. Announcements
  3. Adjournment

Minutes Details




University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Library Faculty Meeting
October 10, 2018
3-4:30 pm
Grainger Commons


  1. John Wilkin called meeting to order at 3:04 pm.
  2. Standing Items

2.1   Adoption of the agenda
Done simultaneously along with approval of the minutes.

2.2   Approval of the minutes of the June 13th and September 12th Faculty Meetings
Motion to approve minutes from June and September meetings from Lynn Thomas and seconded by Kelli Trei.

2.3   Introduction of New Employees (John Wilkin)

  • Bill Mischo introduced Alex Cabada who started on Oct 1 as Medical and Bioengineering Librarian. Alex comes from Univ. of Minnesota Walter Science Library. Prior to that Alex worked as student, GA and staff member at Grainger.
  • Bill Mischo also introduced Bruce Schatz who is working with library in the area of biomedical informatics. Previous collaborations with the library date back to 1994, beginning with the “Digital Library One” grant from NSF, NASA, and DARPA. Other affiliations include the iSchool and the UIC College of Medicine.

2.4   Executive Committee Report and Discussion (15 minutes – David Ward)

  • David Ward expressed thanks to those who have served on multiple recent search committees for:
    • Digital publishing
    • ACES public engagement and outreach
    • Web Developer
    • GIS
    • Digital Humanities
  • EC is moving forward with recommendations for the AP promotion review committee.
  • EC will resurrect office hours
  • EC considering options for a Public Engagement Committee; this would be a 1 year trial program, more information forthcoming
  • EC has requested feedback on the new ILS Coordination Team – a Library working group for coordinating upcoming implementation of the Alma system. Deadline is Oct. 16th.
  • EC has requested feedback on planning documents related to the library building project. Deadline is Oct. 16th.

John Wilkin was asked if EC has had office hours in the past. They have done so but attendance was very low and they suspended them. Now, with building plan, there will be things that come up and EC wants input as they move forward so that broad viewpoints are gathered and the Library is widely represented. EC members can be asked questions at any time.

2.5   Report of the University Librarian (15 minutes – John Wilkin)

  • John encouraged membership to take advantage of EC and their new office hours as they play an important role.
  • AUL Process: Things are moving forward in the AUL process. John thanked everyone for their participation and stressed that it is a work in progress, new to “us”, new to libraries in general. The evolution starting from somewhere in the middle is challenging and John is grateful for the willingness to adapt and make the process work as well as it did. He is committed to continue to help the process move forward and continue to iterate the process; stay tuned.
  • Building project: John thanked Tom (Teper) for making things move along. The salons that have been discussed are imminent. John meets with humanities administration next week. He will send informational messages through deans, department heads, and directors for dissemination as needed. The first of the salons will be announced soon. John talked with iSchool faculty and had good feedback. The launch of PR includes an article in the News Gazette, a new web site, and a story in the Daily Illini; not all funding is secured as reported in the DI.
  • Council of Deans:
    • They are finalizing a new budget process; the last iteration of a white paper was distributed. Implementation of the new budget model will begin next fiscal year. The provost is using meetings with deans to go over the new model based on this year’s money. Deans can then anticipate and adapt to the new model. The model includes a 2 or 3 year budget cycle for more certainty. This is not as critical for the Library.
    • Discovery Partners Institute (DPI): They are discussing what we should be doing. There is a lot of energy and some uncertainty about planning and infrastructure at the university. DPI depends on overall success of the university. Energy is being invested to best structure for optimum opportunity.
  • Other initiatives will be driven by strategic planning process. A new draft for next strategic plan includes many connections to the Library. Once the plan is released, the Library will begin to work on the next Library strategic plan. John thanked Lisa (Hinchliffe) for her work on the strategic plan from 3 years ago. It is now time for a new plan.


Bruce Schatz: Regarding DPI, UIC already has a seed fund; the Library has historically not participated in these large initiatives but has affected commercial activity. Will there be a similar effort here?
John: It is up to us and the answer is yes. The next thing it to shape something to bring ideas to the fore and connect them to strategic planning. More than just a presence, but ways we can be connected.

Bruce: I was a founding member of IGB and helped push bioinformatics around campus; there was a lot of interest in getting medical databases for biology and genome research. Does the Library do that kind of thing? NCSA will host large data sets. Is that an effort that the Library will do?

John mentioned librarians Alex, Peg and Kelli.

Sarah: Katie Newman (predecessor) – looked into purchasing some data and there is interest. There are issues of cost and sustainability. The library has a data purchase program. Sarah suggested contacting Karen Hogenboom about purchase of data sets for the Library.

Kelli: It is best to reach out to medical and biology librarians to talk one-on-one.


  1. Lightning Talks

3.1 Lisa Hinchliffe – Higher Learning Commission accreditation process/timeline (10 min)
(Slides are available)

Lynne Rudasill: what assessments or statistics need to be provided?

Lisa: Jen has been chairing a working group; they will develop a learning outcomes assessment plan. The group met for the final time earlier today and a report will be submitted to EC with a plan of how the library will show impact on student learning. Every dept. on campus is submitting a similar plan. Reports will be available to accrediting teams. The plan will assess students learning. They need to implement the plan, gather data and report results.

  1. Discussion Items
  2. New Business
  3. Announcements
  • Mara Thacker: IAS will do a Halloween event on Oct. 31st from 3:00 to 4:00 pm. Billy Tringali will present on manga horror. There will also be a costume contest but costumes are not required.
  • Linda Bial: RBML will hold an Open House on Nov. 2 from 3:00 to 5:00 for Dad’s Weekend. Newton manuscript with other history of science materials.
  • RBML will unveil the digitized version of Newton manuscript. Newton Unveiled will be from 5:00 to 7:00 pm on Nov. 16th. Special thanks to digitization services. The manuscript will be in conservation to stabilize it through the beginning of 2019.
  • Lisa Hinchliffe: Oct 24-31 is information literacy week; campus information literacy programs such as Savvy Researcher workshops will be highlighted.
  • Lynne Rudasill: The Center for Advanced Study will present MillerComm2019 featuring Michael D. Kennedy. The event is Wednesday, Oct. 24th at 4:00 pm. At Spurlock Museum.
  • Dan Tracy: On October 24th at 7:00 pm at the Independent Media Center in Urbana, as part of Open Access Week, there will be a screening of the documentary Paywall, followed by a panel of people form campus.
  1. The meeting was adjourned at 3:48 pm.