December 4, 2012 Meeting of Staff Development and Training Advisory Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

December 4, 20122:00 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Paula Carns, Michael Fleming, Cindy Ingold, Zoe Revell, Susan Schnuer, Cherie Weible, Lucy Moynihan


1.            LAMP Meeting in May (Cindy Ingold)  Group’s next meeting is November 29th, so not a lot to report on right now.

2.            Wellness Activities (Zoe Revell)  Stress workshops upcoming in November 19th from the Extension and December 6th from the campus wellness group.  January 9th will be CPR Training for 2 hours in the ACES Heritage room for up to 30 people.  January 22 will be the return of the blood drive.  There has been some interest in the Office in a Treadmill that Carle has done.  The Fitness Trail is being worked on.

3.            Civility Panel (Susan Schnuer)  Discussions in Services Advisory.  Beth W. made a suggestion that a panel like the one done at Champaign Public might be a good idea.  See the list of questions staff submitted at the Growing people blog at

“Tales of Civility” examples of how things are handled well, security guard, police officer?

4.            To blog or not to blog?  Only 15 people are following the blog.  Should we abandon it and try something else?  If we stick with it, what kinds of topics should we include?

Suggestions included:  offer to add their email for them, Outlook productivity tips, getting to Know you 1 time a month.

5.            January Retreat (Susan Schnuer)  Services Advisory made some suggestions in the change of format.

Suggestions included doing a survey of employees on their issues around communication.

Decide what aspects of communication to focus one

Bring in someone from outside the library

Small group discussion

Instead of one big room, hold simultaneous discussions in various locations

Act on surveys we’ve already done.

Lot of push back on people not liking the retreat

Don’t talk about communication

Know our new provost

What is happening with the UL search

Break down 1 hour in various departments, go on a tour, like an open house—Scholarly Commons, SSHEL, UGL gaming station, high density storage facility

Wellness activity

COCERA-invite team

How are we doing on our priorities regarding the strategic plan?

  1.  Have PTk speak
  2. Search update
  3. Strategic plan  –EC? And AULS?

Are we meeting discussion item/ Realignment—want it and will act on it.

Next generation PRIMO

  1.  Civility Panel—staff, faculty and AP

How is the library contributing to Chancellor Wise’s priorities?

Facilitators at tables