December 3, 2018 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

December 3, 2018

Agenda Details




December 3, 2018


428 Library

  1. Approve minutes – November 26
  2. Question Time
  3. Agenda for AUL meeting 12/10
  4. Web Working Group request

Minutes Details




December 3, 2018


428 Library


Present: John Wilkin, chair; David Ward, vice-chair; Paula Carns, Bill Mischo, Nancy O’Brien, Lynne Rudasill, Lynne Thomas


  1. Approve minutes – November 26

Minutes were approved as amended, with a motion from Lynne Thomas, seconded by Nancy O’Brien.


  1. Question Time

The second to last salon was November 28. This was a good group that was productively and positively engaged. The next salon is December 13.


The Provost’s office has not sent directions for the Library budget. There is a New Budget Model, so it is taking longer because Provost Andreas Cangellaris and Vice Provost Paul Ellinger are meeting individually with the deans to discuss the process. The Library’s budget model will not change, because the new budget model depends significantly on revenue generation. Without students/tuition, the Library has no revenue/recovery. Our allocation depends on state funds and overhead costs charged to the different colleges. This puts the burden on us to articulate a case of our value to the institution.


The Library recently received a gift from an anonymous donor for $100,000 to be used in the building project. John will begin fundraising after the first of the year. So far, the Library has received about $3.5 million.


John had a call with Laura Clower (Chief of Staff, President’s Office), Jennifer Creasey (Sr. Director State Relations, Office of Governmental Relations) and John Davis (Professor of Accountancy) to discuss the rights of state government employees to access the Library’s licensed digital resources. He explained to them the issues with licensing and who can have access based on those agreements. The research park is moving into the University and will report to the Office of the Vice-chancellor for Research. However, although the Research Park employees will be university employees and thus have access, the employees of the companies in the Research Park will not be working for the University and therefore will not have access to licensed digital resources.


John just attended the Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) Director’s meeting. Some agenda items included the Provost’s response to offsetting strategies for paying article publication fees. The directors have proposed to the Provosts that we pursue the University of California’s offsets-based strategy. The cost of offsets would be deducted from the subscription price. Doing the same thing with major publishers would be beneficial for the Library. John meets with the Provost later this week.


Miscellaneous: The BTAA Geoportal is moving forward. HathiTrust acts as a collective and we have two seats on their board. A whitepaper coming out from Lorcan Dempsey may shape discovery. This will be more about understanding our collective assets.


Paula Carns had questions about her role as search committee liaison.


David Ward asked for input regarding topics for the Faculty meeting. Some suggestions were the search process and updates that are being discussed and a reminder regarding the Turyn Professorship applications.


  1. Agenda for AUL meeting 12/10
    1. AP review process
    2. Brief general updates


  1. Web Working Group request

The Web Working group would like a policy regarding physical Library affiliations and listing virtual libraries on the website. John Laskowski will be invited to Administrative Council to discuss this.


  1. Search committee

EC agreed on members.