December 2, 2014 Meeting of Staff Development and Training Advisory Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

December 2, 20141:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Sarah Christensen, Jon Gorman, Lisa Hinchliffe, Cindy Ingold, Jessica Le Crone, Lucy Moynihan, Megean Osuchowski, Susan Schnuer, Richard Stokes, Zoe Revell


1) Minute taker – Jon Gorman agreed to take minutes

2) Approve Minutes from November 4 meeting – Committee approved minutes

3) Review of Agenda

Jon Gorman asked to add an update on IT “open office hours” session

4) Updates and Announcements                                                     All

a)      ClimateQUAL update given by Cindy Ingold

Cindy Ingold, Cindy Kelly, and Jen Yu met with the Library Staff Support Committee, fairly well received although there were some reservations about privacy. Lucy Moynihan was also present and mentioned that the privacy concerns came from a small contingent and seemed influenced by previous events although she was not sure what they were. Cindy Ingold mentioned that Cindy Kelly had offered to answer follow up questions and that an FAQ was being developed.

Lisa Hinchliffe asked some questions to clarify what information would be seen by the people compiling the documents and whether or not that could be used to identify and also how breakdowns of various factors such as gender would be available not just at a general level but on a question basis. Cindy Ingold stated not all the details are known yet, but that the survey will be processed out of house and the results will be returned.

Cindy Ingold also gave a lightning talk about this before the Faculty meeting and there have been no follow up questions.

Will take place in the last two weeks of February and first week of March, longer if needed.

Next steps are to have John Wilkins send out an email, meet with unit heads in January to discuss.

b) Library IT Walk in / Open Office Hours

Jon Gorman has gotten responses from all the heads of various groups in Library IT greenlighting the idea and permissions. Initial idea was to have a 2 to 4 hour window, with volunteers from library IT to be available for walk-in. Cindy Ingold and others agreed a shorter session would be better. Lisa Hinchliffe asked as the possible location, Jon Gorman responded with room 314 Main Library. That might cause issues with instructional statistics, if that room is to be used will have to at least wait till after Merinda books the Savvy Researchers session. She suggested bringing laptops to 323 as alternative. February is also busy session for instructional statistics and room usage. Jon Gorman proposed delaying till March, but Cindy Ingold suggested that rooms late Friday are usually available. Richard Stokes suggested if successful could rotate future sessions to different places.

Jon Gorman will look into details and update the committee at the next meeting.

5) Wellness Activities

Updates from Zoe Revell unless otherwise noted

a) Chair Massages

(No notes taken)

b) Chair Yoga

Will be doing

c) Blood Drive

Next blood drive is booked for spring

d) Lighten Your Holidays

Good turnout, will post links to recipes in blog

e) Stress Workshop

Will happen, participants will use aromatherapy, will create their own scents to take home

f) Blood Pressure/Glucose Test

Parkland contact unresponsive, will need to get a new one, will not be happening as scheduled

g) CPR Training

Working on schedule, last week in December for classes in DCL, one open one just for RBML likely, instructor had job transition, so there has been delay in planning.

h) GA Training in Spring (not on agenda)

Talk of CPR training lead to including GAs. Need to talk with Donna about how many GAs need training, Jennifer Le Crone mentioned there’s currently one GA posting.

i) Crochet Club

Gil Witte requested a room for evening and weekend meetings for an open to the public crochet club to meet at the library, most likely in room 106. The evening meetings aren’t an issue, but waiting to hear back from Jeff on confirmation that the key can be checked out and used for weekend meetings. Lisa Hinchliffe asked for clarification about room key checkout. Only room 314 is via the circulation desk, all others are in Administration office. Richard Stokes offered to have the main circulation desk hold on to the key for Gil. Will wait for feedback from Jeff to see what is needed.

j) Indoor walking club

Interest was also expressed in spaces/rooms for times for folks to meet and do in-place walking. Zoe will try to arrange places. Susan Schnuer expressed concern that Zoe will end up responsible for everything. Zoe said that those interested will need to self-organize on times. Some of the individuals involved in the proposal also wanted time walking to count as work time, but that was beyond authority of committee to grant.

k) Fitness Trail on 4th floor

Approval has been given. Zoe and Cindy Ingold need to work on instructions, pictures. Lisa Hinchliffe expressed concern about noise as sound carries. Zoe  clarified that the walking trail would be restricted to between the stairs. Ideal solution would be noise reducing renovation, but that’s not likely to be approved in the budget. May need training, reminders to stay quiet.

l) Blog posts needed

Send to Zoe

Jennifer Le Crone’s blog post on fitness apps will be posted soon.

Susan Schnuer offered photos and write up to trip on Nepal.

Lisa Hinchliffe asked for clarification on mission of the blog, Zoe responded with eclectic, centered around staff development, wellness, training, tips & tricks, CITES services, training opportunities, “getting to know you” posts are all valid subjects.

Cindy Ingold suggested something on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and how to counter winter darkness (lighting tips, etc.)

Lucy Moynihan led discussion on how to deal with other issues, for example, individuals without plans for Thanksgiving. Discussion lead to conclusion avoiding discussing religious nature and instead focusing more on staying connected and being more patient with people.

Lucy Moynihan could also compile list of books to read while on vacations and websites to view. Cindy Ingold suggested could be expanded to also cover websites like “too cute” for an emotional lift.

Zoe was asked what format posts should be in, she responded saying that word is fine, or just an email and images as attachments. Zoe will send the blog post to the author to view and approve.

Starting Pinterest Boards

Nothing to report

6) Accessibility Guidelines for the Library Update

Megean Osuchowski followed up with person at CITES. They are offering to do a 50 minute session on accessibility, with time for questions. Thinking of a target of February, will be useful with the CMS re-launch. Tips will apply to digital signage as well. Will likely be in room 106.


Zoe Revell & Jessica Le Crone are working together to produce videos, compass training. They are working with three GAs, with the main coordinator being Sarah Crissinger, who is a second year GA in RRSS. Compass course will be a mix of videos, readings and perhaps photos. Will be short quiz at end of each letter. One approach is a photo hunt with a good and bad interaction and need to spot the differences. Susan Schnuer will send some similar videos she has that might be useful.

Calendar will be difficult to find common times for GAS to meet with Zoe and Jessica, Some meetings already set up (Thursday 1:00pm, Cindy Ingold may try to attend meetings as well).

Students will likely just use the compass and then discuss with supervisor, rather than group training that might be more common with other groups.

Susan Schnuer brought up topic of a re-launch of GREAT, since it has been a while since the Guidelines were initially introduced. Services should be doing this, beyond scope of this committee. Cindy Ingold will discuss with Sue Searing

Zoe Revell and Jessica Le Crone went to Kankakee for Customer Service training, instructor was very good. May be able to assist us with our training, but can’t devote too much time. Instructor was Dawn based out of St. Louis, Zoe will share website.

Lisa Hinchliffe requested at least one example be an internal customer / internal relations, not just focused on how staff interact with patrons. We should have good customer relations with each other.  Training will start in spring semester.

8) Retreat

Lisa Hinchliffe asked for clarification of scope of responsibilities. Cindy Ingold’s information is retreat will be mandatory; arrangements are largely responsibility of Administration. Unclear if they have arranged for breakfast to be catered, but reservations for Alice Campbell has been reserved for Jan 9th. Will likely be half day w/ pizza and cleaning afterwards.

Committee can, and is expected, to have some members help on that day, doing things like registration, guiding people to restrooms, greeting, making sure coffee is set up before coffee break, etc.

Lisa Hinchliffe will talk more with Administration and Sue Searing on registration, clarifying issues.

Lisa is hoping that retreat can address first stage of Strategic Planning, which will be idea generation. Strategic plan needs to be concise and focus on goals of the entire institution, not just the library. Important to know that “enabling” activities not necessarily covered, don’t want to get lost in details.

The Library is in a more stable position than have been in previous years due to stability in campus leadership, recent assessment work.

Discussion among group agreed an issue with getting people to attend stems in part from unit heads; more work needs to be done to get unit heads to take responsibility for people being at retreat. Also need to work on making staff feel like they can offer their input and it will be acted on. Need to figure out framework for making sure good ideas get to where they need to, criteria for picking ideas to focus on.

The above needs to come from Administration, particularly the Dean.

Lisa offered the ACRL’s strategic plan as a good example (

Supplies for the retreat may be an issue, library supplies (flip-boards and the like) are not going to be enough for 300 people, will need to use Alice Campbell’s supplies.

9) Student Training in Compass Update

Zoe Revell said almost completed, some updates need to be made due to changes in library gateway. Will share with committee when done.

Next Meeting:  January 6, 2015 428 Main Library, Lisa Hinchliffe, minute taker

Modification -> Lisa will not be minute taker, Cindy Kelly will if she accepts, otherwise Jessica Le Crone has offered to do minutes.

Staff Development and Training Committee


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