December 18, 2006 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

December 18, 20061:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. Circulation workstation procedures
    (John Weible – 15 minutes)
  2. discussion of sabbatical requests
    (Scott and Karen – 10 minutes)
  3. FY08 budget planning
    (Karen – 10 minutes)
  4. N eed for CPR training – do we need to identify some key people for this training?
    (Scott & Karen – 10 minutes)
  5. Pay phones
    (Jeff – 10 minutes)
  6. Energy conservation – overview of information from Chancellor
    (Karen, Scott, Jeff – 10 minutes)
  7. Question time
  8. Discussion of the recent situation where the plaza at Undergrad was being used for literature distribution
    (Scott, Jeff – 10 minutes)
  9. Brief update on IT re-structuring
    (Sandore – 5 minutes)
  10. Announcements

Minutes Details


Karen Schmidt, chair, Tina Chrzastowski, Janis Johnston, Bill Maher, Bill Mischo, Lisa Romero, Beth Sandore, Dee Shonkwiler, Mary Stuart, Tom Teper, Scott Walter, David Ward, Karen Wei, Lynn Wiley, Greg Youngen, Visitors: Jeff Schrader, John Weible, Recording: Kim Matherly


  1. Circulation workstation procedures – John WeibleSee attached.

    Systems has been testing a new login process for the circulation desks throughout the libraries. The new process should be available in spring 2007. This will allow workers to use any of the computers without logging out and logging in each time.

  2. Discussion of sabbatical requests – Scott and KarenThe campus standard is no more than 10% of faculty in a college is on sabbatical at one time. The Library can’t afford to have 10% of the faculty gone at one time. What percentage would be acceptable for the Library. In regards to coverage, is cross-division acceptable? The divisions should discuss this and it will be put on the agenda and discussed at another AC meeting.
  3. FY08 budget planning – KarenThe process will be a little different this year. The Campus Budget Oversight Committee and the Provost will meet with Karen and Rod Allen to discuss the budget. It will be more focused on the strategic plan. A template will be out soon

    The Library IT fee request is pending and may come before the BOT in January.

    AC and EC will meet in early January to discuss how the strategic plan fits into the budget request. Rod Allen will attend that meeting.

  4. Need for CPR training – do we need to identify some key people for this training? – Scott & KarenThere was an incident in UGL where an F&S worker had a heart attack and died. The Library could send people for CPR training, purchase electronic defibrillators and offer training. Perhaps the security guards could be CPR certified. Discuss in divisions and bring feedback to next meeting.
  5. Pay phones- JeffThe phone company is pulling them out if they don’t produce enough revenue. We have four facilities to consider subsidizing because of the number of patrons. Currently UGL has five phones. They are expected to generate an average of $75 per month. We have the option of subsidizing the difference if they don’t produce that much revenue. Main has three phones and Grainger has three phones. If we removed all but one phone from UGL it would pay for itself. Law and VetMed may want to work with their colleges to decide how many phones to keep. Jeff will send a libnews letting everyone know when and from where the phones will be removed
  6. Discussion of the recent situation where the plaza at Undergrad was being used for literature distribution –Scott, JeffA student organization set up a table and was distributing information without permission from the Registered Student Organization (RSO) or from the Library.

    The Library will work on a policy that meets the criteria of the RSO. We want to make the Library as available to the public as possible. Students would still have to have their “event” approved by the Dean of Students and then they would have to get permission from Library facilities. A policy will be brought to the next AC meeting for discussion.

  7. Brief update on IT re-structuring – SandoreBill Mischo and Beth are working close together to smooth the transition of Beth leaving and Bill taking her place. Bill is attending the IT unit head meetings and is aware of the work that is going on in the different IT areas.

    There are three new areas: Help Desk and Application Support, Work Station and Network support and Technical Infrastructure and Software Development.

    Bill will continue to meet bi-weekly with the IT Advisory Committee to prioritize the spending of funds we have for software and equipment purchases. They are also prioritizing software and database development work.