December 17, 2018 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

December 17, 2018

Agenda Details


Administrative Council Meeting Agenda

December 17, 2018



  1. Policy matter regarding Library website and whether or not to list affiliate libraries on main page – John Laskowski (see related materials along with this agenda stored in


  1. Other items?



Minutes Details


Administrative Council Meeting MINUTES

December 17, 2018



Present: John Wilkin, chair; Susan Avery, Atoma Batoma, Paula Carns, Tom Habing, Joanne Kaczmarek, Mary Laskowski, Bill Mischo, Tom Teper, Chris Prom, Lisa Romero, Jeff Schrader, Tracy Tolliver, Sarah Williams; Visitor – John Laskowski; Recording – Kim Matherly


Everyone introduced himself or herself to Tracy. John described AC’s role for Tracy’s benefit.


  1. Policy matter regarding Library website and whether or not to list affiliate libraries on main page – John Laskowski

The Web Working group (WWG), under the CAPT committee, has been charged with the gateway website and top-level navigation pages. On the gateway is a default tab for the list of libraries and its hours. During the process of reorganizing that information, John Laskowski was contacted by Sarah Isaccs, who works at the Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse requesting that the Asian Education Media Service, Giertz Education Center at Krannert Art Museum and the Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse be included on that page. The WWG talked about those, including the Center for Children’s Books, Illinois Fire Service Institute Library and the Law Library. WWG discussed the pros and cons and possible mistakes that could be made through referencing these materials. They came up with two criteria:


  1. The library must be within the University Library reporting structure.
  2. The collection of that library must be discoverable in the University Library catalog.


As chair of WWG, John L. told Sarah the three could not be included. The Law Library and the Center for Children’s Books fall within the two criteria but the Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) Library does not. IFSI protested; see attached email.


AC discussed several ideas.

  • Linking them from another page, not the hours page
  • We don’t want things on the web site that we have no control over
  • The relationship the Library has with those other units
  • The units need to be affiliated with campus
  • Which employees should be included in the Library directory


John W. asked for volunteers to work with John L. to develop a policy around this issue. Susan Avery and Paula Carns will work  with John L.


John suggested they think about a means by which we can include or exclude libraries that wish to be represented in our web services. All University Library units should be included. If the unit is a UIUC entity and it is not part of the University Library, we need criteria to allow us to decide whether to include their (1) collections, (2) services, and (3) possibly staff. In each case, those criteria should allow us to determine whether there is sufficient alignment with and control of those resources to be represented to users without confusion.

If our policy (and criteria) lead us to conclude that they should not be included in such things as the catalog (collections) or hours (services), then we should offer to list those libraries on a page that clearly identifies the library in question as a library unaffiliated with the University Library.


  1. Other items?

There were no other items.