December 17, 2007 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

December 17, 20071:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. Google digitization update
    Betsy K
    (30 minutes)
  2. Web CMS Update
    Beth S.
    (20 minutes)
  3. Budget Group Plus Update on meetings with divisions and progress
    (20 minutes)
  4. GAs and GSLIS
    (20 Minutes)
  5. Announcements

Minutes Details


Scott Walter, Beth Sandore, Lynn Wiley, Mary Stuart, Valerie Hotchkiss (for Bill Maher), Greg Youngen, Tom Teper, Tina Chrzastowski, Sue Searing, Karen Wei, Tony Hynes, David Ward, Betsy Kruger, Recording: Holly Foster


  1. Update on Google Project (Guest: Betsy Kruger)Betsy provided an overview of a variety of issues related to the Google project, including the ongoing discussions about how “collections of distinction” might be identified for digitization (see attached). She noted that this approach was a CIC idea, not a Google idea. Discussions of how materials and/or collections will be identified for digitization continue between the CIC and Google. This project will involve considerable costs, but at least a portion of the costs may be supported by campus. There was a cost analysis done for Paula at approximately $500,000, but that did not include staff costs, bar coding, etc. This is a six-year project with the scanning starting no earlier than July 2008.  The timeframe from scanning until the material is available for use is estimated at a minimum of 8 weeks.
  2. Web CMS Update (Beth Sandore)The Web Content Liaisons will meet on December 18, 2007.  They will decide how to best provide system documentation and provide support for migration to the units and divisions. The concern about staffing hasn’t hit yet, but that may happen by the Spring. In Mid-November, 20 people were trained, (a minimum of 2 per division), which was a positive sign. The Web content division liaisons were encouraged to experiment with page conversion to see how the changes in format and style will affect the content. Each division liaison needs to discuss not only the technical aspects, but how to best plan and implement the conversion, within and across the units in the division.  At least 3 divisions are ready to start converting pages. A number of people want an alternative to using CMS, i.e., using Dreamweaver templates. For divisions that don’t use CMS this is not a top priority, but they will be able to get CMS into useable shape.

    Beth also provided an update on the development of new Web pages for faculty and APs. Most departments and colleges across campus provide a more robust and consistent Web presence for faculty and other professionals. The Library wishes to move to a similar environment for our faculty and Academic Professional Web pages; one in which contact information, CV information, etc., can be managed by individuals and presented in a consistent fashion. As a first step, Beth Sandore has requested current CVs from all faculty and AP. We have received approximately 50 so far.  Faculty/AP Web pages will be linked to the online phone directory (and will be updated as the phone directory entries are) and may be linked to additional Web resources, e.g., the list of subject specialists. If desired, they may also include a link to a full CV or to an independently managed page.  A draft template has been created by Barry Bailey, and Beth will provide a link once it is ready for review. The Library recognizes the concerns of some individuals for maintenance of personal privacy and will design a template that balances the need for a consistent Web presence for our faculty and professionals similar to that found in other departments with concerns for privacy.

  3. Budget Group Plus Summary (Scott Walter)Scott provided a summary of “Themes Emerging from Budget Group Plus Meetings with the Divisions.” These themes represented feedback received from BG+ members at multiple division meetings, e.g., comments requesting clarification of the planning timeline for the New Service Models proposals, and comments requesting clarification of the relationship between NSM planning and collections allocations.

    Scott also provided status updates on the four projects identified by Paula as having already been selected for implementation: 1) Retrospective Reference Collection; 2) CPLA – ACES Consolidation; 3) Optimizing Reformatting, Metadata Creation, Digital Preservation, and Access Work; and 4) Open and Improve User Services in the Main Library Bookstacks.

  4. GA Selection for 2008 (Scott Walter)Scott described discussions that have gone on between Paula Kaufman and John Unsworth regarding our plans to reduce the number of GAs in the Library owing to budget constraints. John has expressed support for our planning process, but has asked if we can re-align our interview and selection process in such a way that would allow GSLIS to make GA offers part of the admissions process. AC members identified a number of procedural concerns and questions regarding the GSLIS admissions calendar that Scott will pursue with GSLIS administration. Scott noted that Budget Group continues to meet on the GA proposals for FY09 and still plans to announce GA allocations on January 16, 2008.

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