December 12, 2017 Meeting of Diversity Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

December 12, 201710:00 am - 11:00 am 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


Minute Taker: Laila Hussein Moustafa

  1. Approve November meeting minutes – All
  2. Additions/changes to the agenda
  3. Follow-Up to Cultural Connections December 5 event – Laila and Heather
  4. Building Library Community Committee update – Cindy
  5. Spring Programming Ideas
    • Additional training from ISSS in January – Zoe
    • Cultural Connections series ideas
      • One on Peace
      • Another panel with students
      • Other ideas
    • Culture of Disability Expo April 2018 – JJ
    • Archives 150 Speaker Series
    • Events with iSchool Diversity Committee
    • Other
  6. Next Meeting: January 9

Minutes Details


Cindy Sue Ingold, Zoe P Revell, Atoma Batoma, Angie Gruendl, Qiang Jin, Emily Kasak, Laila Hussein-Moustafa, JJ Pionke, Ellen Swain


Minute Taker: Laila Hussein Moustafa

  1. November meeting minutes were approved as amended.
  2. Angie continues her work updating the Diversity Committee page.
  3. Emily and Laila will work together creating and collecting a list of contacts of the university students groups and other groups that we can contact and advertise our events with them and invite them to our events.
  4. Laila updated us on the event that she organized with Heather. It was a good start, and it has 12 participants. Seven of the attendees completed the feedback forms which gave positive feedback.
  5. The Diversity Committee agrees that there should still be a meeting with Bill Mischo, Acting University Librarian and Dean of the Library, to talk about the Building Library Community Committee but no date of when the meeting will take place.
  6. Future activities:
    • Zoe is helping to organize an additional training from ISSS in January; she will send out the date and time.
    • Cultural Connections series ideas: Emily talked to Clara and they will invite individual students to talk about their perspective and experiences about Peace.. Emily will consult with Clara and send more information to the committee. Zoe suggested additional events that bring students from other countries. Laila will help to organize one more event. Atoma will help to invite students from Africa and he will talk to Antonio to ask him to connect the diversity committee with students from Latin America to talk about their cultures and participate in the cultural serials events.
    • JJ is planning to use Room 106 at the main library in the day of Culture of Disability Expo event in April 2018. She will also send the committee more information about the event.
  7. Next Meeting: January 9