December 10, 2014 Meeting of University Library Exhibitions Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

December 10, 20143:30 pm

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Miriam Centeno, Anna Chen, Eva Chertow, Kasie Janssen, Cher Schneider, Jody Waitzman (chair)



  • Eva Chertow (Academic Hourly in Conservation) is will be volunteering with the committee and helping out with various tasks as needed
1. Jody: web calendar; budget mgmt. and ordering;promotion/outreach until we get a new member    
  • Results of survey on departmental exhibit spaces are attached.
  • Jody will draft a list of suggested supply materials and send along to the libraries who responded
  • Will also offer funding for printing
  • Once we’ve provided assistance to those libraries, will send out a LibNews message announcing what assistance we’ve provided and advertising for other libraries that could use help

 2. Cher: contact with exhibitors for install/deinstall; preparation of materials for exhibit  

  • Installation/deinstallation communication – technical issues with the excom email have prevented some messages to curators from going out
  • Maternity leave – probably starting in April; Jody will send out emails coordinating installation/deinstallation in Cher’s absence

3. Pat: Graduate student competition

  • Email announcing winners will be sent out to LibNews
  • Do we need to ask Heather Murphy to take announcement off digital signage?

4. Miriam: website; facilities

  • Website updates – announcement of grad contest winner and announcement of expanded funding will go up on the website shortly
  • Facilities gave notice that more events may be held in exhibit areas; Miriam expressed concern over food and drink (esp. red wine) being near the cases
  • Facilities wants to be present for (de)installation in NS corridor; cases have been scratching the floor. Miriam will ask Lesli if furniture gliders are a viable option.
  • WORKSHOP: Miriam and Cher tentatively planning a workshop for exhibitors in mid-February or March 2015, either 428 Library or OSLF conference room. Miriam will look into dates and draft an outline of workshop for our next meeting.
  • Miriam will be putting a GPS tracker on the camera so we can start checking it out (see below)

6. Kasie: photography

  • From October: Will work with Miriam on saving and/or formatting photos for the website
  • Proposal that we start having exhibitors take photos after they set up their exhibits. Pros: spread the work out, allow the exhibitors more control of intellectual property. Miriam will download photos after exhibitors return the camera.

7. Anna: publicity

  • General: Anna proposed changing our meeting day to accommodate a recurring conflict with RBML meetings. Tuesdays or Friday 3:30-4:30 were proposed.

8. Schedule

  • The following exhibit times are available between now and December 31, 2015
    • June 2015, NS Corridor
    • July 2015, Marshall
    • August 2015, Marshall
    • August 2015, NS Corridor
    • September 2015, Marshall
    • September 2015, NS Corridor
    • October 2015, Marshall
    • November, NS Corridor



Prairie Research Institute: “We have 2 topical display shelves that we use for book displays, most recently we have had displays for World Water Day and Species Requiem Day. We have 2 glass display cases, currently housing displays on the work of Stephen A. Forbes and biological illustrator Maria Sibylla Merian. We have a hallway bulletin board outside that is used to display book jackets from recent acquisitions.

There is no specific budget allocation for this, although operating funds could be used for supplies as needed.  No funds has been expended for this purpose in recent memory. We have had in-kind support from units within the Institute for promotional materials (e.g., signage and a bookmark for the World Water Day display).

Other info: We do not change out displays very frequently.  We haven’t seen increased traffic associated with new displays.  Effective promotion is an issue—hosting kickoff events is probably advisable.  We have not attempted that.  We typically supplement book displays with LibGuides, so that the effort to gather info and create the display continues to have an impact even after the physical display is over.

Classics: “The Classics Library only has a tiny bulletin board outside the door, and we’re pretty well fixed for glitter and macaroni. Seriously, though, we use it to display dust jackets of recent purchases and that’s about it.”

Literatures & Languages: “The Literatures and Languages Library has two exhibit cases like the ones in the Marshall Gallery. For supplies, we only have a couple of black clothes, roughly 20 book stands, either white or gold, a couple of glass weights, a plastic stand to hold a letter-sized piece of paper, some card stock, a couple of fleece-covered boxes. We have no funding for exhibits.”

International & Area Studies: “IAS does not have exhibit cases or designated exhibit space. We do have two bulletin boards within the hallway in our Library RM 321 that we use to post events and research of staff. We have a display case outside the door of RM 321 in the third floor hallway that we use to display a poster listing all of our subject areas and staff associated with IAS. We have also used this space to promote IAS related events.

When we have created exhibits in the Marshall Gallery or N/S Corridor, we use the supplies from the exhibit supply cabinet. We have also used F&S Printing for the production of banners and signs associated with the exhibits. We do not have any money designated for exhibits in our budget.”

Veterinary Medicine: “We currently have two glass tabletop exhibit cases. Our exhibit supplies are very limited—in past they usually involved printing info onto paper. There is no funding available for exhibit supplies.


Also, the Vet Med Library is slated for renovation in the next several years, which will reduce our physical space quite drastically.  I don’t anticipate that there will be room for exhibits at that point.”

Funk ACES: “We here at the Funk ACES Library do have small exhibit case on the 2nd (main) floor. Here is a list of the supplies we have requested and received from Jody Waitzman in Conservation:

  • 1 roll of polyethylene strapping
  • 15-20 clear plastic book cradles
  • 10 upright book displays
  • 10 plastic label holders

We do not have any dedicated funding for the purchase of exhibit supplies. All of the current supplies were requested from Conservation and graciously given. And some special funding has been requested and given by Library Administration for printing of banners and photos/images. But there is no steady, dedicated funding source for our exhibits.”