December 10, 2014 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

December 10, 20141:00 pm - 4:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


1.                  1:00-1:30 – Greg Knott – Budget Update
2.                  Approve Minutes from November 3 and 18
3.                  Question Time
4.                  Agenda items for next meeting with AULs (12/22)
5.                  PRC member 
6.                  Library IT
7.                  Specialized Faculty
8.                  Integrating and Supporting Digital Production responses
9.                  RRSS Restructuring and Research Program
10.              Position requests

Minutes Details


John Wilkin, chair; JoAnn Jacoby, secretary; Tim Cole, Lori Mestre, Bill Mischo, Lynne Rudasill (by phone), Jennifer Teper, Sarah Williams; Recording – Kim Matherly


1.                  Approve Minutes from November 3 and 18
The 11/3 minutes were approved by a motion from JoAnn Jacoby, seconded by Jennifer Teper. The 11/18 minutes were approved with changes by a motion from JoAnn Jacoby, seconded by Jennifer Teper.
2.                  Question Time
John – At the last Council of Deans meeting, there was a strong interest in stimulating activities around campus awards. The Campus Honors Committee wants a contact for each unit. John asked Heather Murphy to coordinate with Dan Tracy to fill that role for the Library.

There has been discussion around hiring individuals who do not have permanent residency in the United States. Jennifer will meet with Tom Teper and Donna Hoffman to find the best language and procedure for dealing with individuals who apply for jobs with the Library, but do not have permanent residency.

The College of Medicine has been looking at implications for the Library, if they open a new college on campus. John has asked Mary Schlembach to work with a group to give him a sense of what the costs (including both collections and staffing) might be. If there are any comments about this, Mary Schlembach should be contacted.

EC needs to appoint a chair to PTAC. John would like to wait for the committee to meet and to make a recommendation. FRC has nominated John Wagstaff for chair.

John and Greg Knott will meet with the Provost and CBOC on February 20. They have received the budget template and will be working with the Cabinet to complete the documents.

Agenda items for next meeting with AULs (12/22)

  1. Position requests
  2. Restructuring

4.                  PRC for a faculty member
A faculty member was suggested.

5.                  Library IT
John talked about his plan to move IT forward. Once things are finalized, he will share his plan with the rest of the Library.
6.                  Specialized Faculty
EC felt the Faculty Meeting discussion regarding Specialized Faculty was very productive. The discussion reinforced EC’s sense that the Library needs a formal framework for promotion and recognition of library professionals (e.g., librarians and archivists) who are not in the tenure track. Moreover, we have a growing number of individuals in these kinds of positions with no existing mechanism to provide promotion opportunities. EC recognizes both the problems and opportunities that come with the use of the Specialized Faculty framework. Many felt that the value outweighs the issues or problems. A vote was taken to determine whether to move forward with use of Specialized Faculty. The vote carried, though was not unanimous, and a decision was made to move forward with the use of Specialized Faculty. Future meetings will discuss how to implement use of the Specialized Faculty framework in the Library.
7.                  Integrating and Supporting Digital Production responses
EC discussed the comments that came in about the report. The committee accepted the report. Jennifer will incorporate the revisions EC discussed and put forth a revised report.
8.                  RRSS Restructuring and Research Program
EC discussed the comments that were received about the report. The report was accepted with a motion by JoAnn Jacoby, seconded by Lynne Rudasill.

John would like to see a follow-up document with specifics on the Reference Management Team for Research and Information Services (RIS). JoAnn will update the chart in the report to show the core positions in RIS.
9.                  Position requests

EC began discussing positions.



12/8/2014 – approved Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies Librarian Position Description