August 9, 2016 Meeting of Diversity Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

August 9, 201610:00 am 225 B Main Library

Agenda Details


J.J. Pionke – Minute Taker

I. Approve Minutes

II. World Peace Day, September 21: Inclusive Illinois and Diversity Committee will have a table in the Marshall Gallery

III. Cindy’s work with Lori Mestre regarding the recent practicum and Diversity resource themed compass (blackboard) page.

IV. ClimateQUAL Update, the Focus Groups

V. Update regarding the recent appointment of an Associate Provost of Diversity: how the committee might collaborate with this office.

VI. Updates and Next Steps (if any).

VII. Other News and Updates.

VIII. Erik’s last diversity committee. He is rolling off the committee. Let’s thank Erik for what he has done for the diversity committee for the last couple of years.

Minutes Details


Heather Murphy, Erik Chapman, Laila Moustafa, Ben Riegler, Cindy Ingold, JJ Pionke, Zoe Revell, Qiang Jin, Harriett Green
Absent: Ellen Swain, Greg Knott


Minute Taker – JJ Pionke

  1. Corrections made to minutes
  2. World Peace Day: peace flags have been nixed because of the religious connotations to the flags.  The committee is meeting later today.  We still want to table, probably from 10-3.  Discussion about a table in a hallway vs being in a room.  Heather will get in touch with Inclusive Illinois about what they might be planning.  Brainstorming about what we could do instead.  Candy!  Qiang and Cindy will figure out what to do since they are on the next committee.  Zoe will get candy for the Peace Day.  Zoe will also request tables and chairs.  Heather will check on the tablecloth.  Discussion of getting a laminated map and magnets for people to mark where they are from.
  3. Diversity Blackboard Module: Cindy met with Lori in May and they are developing some strategies and ideas.
  4. ClimateQual: Focus groups are done.  Getting a report from the Center for Training and Development when the data is aggregated.  The interviewers are willing to come and do an open session for the library to talk about the results.  Ideas for getting more data from groups, especially staff, individual interviews, doing an anonymous survey with the focus group questions.
  5. New Associate Chancellor for Diversity is Assata Zerai.
  6. Updates and Next Steps: Discussion of inclusive illinois week and special lecture series on UN and Slavery via ALA.  More discussion of talking to history and African studies and perhaps the centers to sponsor a lecture event.  Harriett will contact Antoinette. Discussion of finances including talking to RBML and working with them on an exhibit and having a lecture in RBML.
    Discussion of empathy. Brene Brown, Chris Menanrd, book club, JJ does an empathy lecture?
    Discussion of mentoring.
    Discussion of a private space for people with disabilities, especially vision, to work.
    Discussion of job shadowing.
  7. Other news: