August 6, 2001 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

August 6, 20011:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, chair, Marianna Choldin, Bart Clark, Alan Conrad, Susan Edwards, Lisa German (for Barbara Henigman), Janis Johnston, Lyn Jones, Cindy Kelly, Betsy Kruger, Bill Maher (for Barbara Jones), Larry Miller (for Karen Wei), Nancy O’Brien, Paula Watson, Joyce Wright, Diane Schmidt, Karen Schmidt, John Weible


  1.   International Strategy Task Force – Choldin

    The members of the Task Force are Marianna Choldin, Bob Burger, Barbara Jones, Betsy Kruger, Tom Kilton, Susan Schnuer, Karen Wei, Greg Youngen, Priscilla Yu

    Marianna requests information from each of the divisions about international activities in their divisions—both those done by individuals and units; send her information by September 1.

  2. Preview of Preservation Assessment from Michael Trinkley, Chicora Foundation – SchmidtTrinkley values the Library’s collection at $1.5 billion. However, the current Library environment is reducing the life of the collection by 40-60%. Some of his recommendations include year round climate control and fire protection. The new Preservation and Conservation librarians, along with the Preservation Committee, will play a large role in helping to implement the changes needed to insure the life of the Library’s collections. Copies of the reports were distributed to AC members (and will go to EC as well) for routing in divisions. A copy will also be available in the LIS Library. Trinkley visited a number of individual libraries and has produced a report for each. These are being distributed to the heads of those units.
  3. Update on ACES and Reconfiguration – ClarkACES is opened with restricted hours due to the fact that the sprinkler system and fire alarms are not fully operational. You can go in and check out books but no one is allowed to use the area for study. Paula recognized Maria Porta, Bart and Wendy for the great job they did in making the move a success.

    Reconfiguration has started and will be broken down into three phases. Phase I includes rooms 26, 44, 50 and the restrooms. Phase II includes room 12 which is where Acquisitions will move. Phase III includes Newspaper moving to the space Acquisitions vacates.

    Undergrad wiring is on schedule.

  4. Planning for AC Retreat in Fall – KaufmanPaula proposed another retreat and asked for issues that faculty would like to talk about at the retreat. Some things that will definitely be covered are preservation, collections and access, and the workforce for the future. A date will be set for sometime between late September and mid-October.
  5. UpdatesBetsy Kruger asked for clarification of the process for upgrading civil service positions. Paula, Bart Clark, Bob Burger and Cindy Kelly will meet to discuss guidelines for re-classes and will have something to present to the committee at the next AC meeting.

    Karen Schmidt commented on the serial price increases/decreases for FY01. The Budget Subcommittee will discuss this issue next week. Increases for Social Sciences are currently at the top with Sciences (for a change) experiencing relatively low rates of inflation. Some humanities disciplines experienced price decreases.

    Cindy Kelly reminded all that August 21 is the all campus orientation for new faculty and academic professionals who have been hired since August 2000. The orientation is from 7:45am – 1:15pm, Illini Rooms A & B at the Illini Union; invitations have been sent out (or will be soon). The same afternoon the Library will have mandatory New GA orientation from 1-5pm in 407 Levis. There are still many GSLIS Students looking for assistantships. If you know of any opportunities let Cindy know.

    Lyn Jones informed the committee that a new General Brochure for the Library will be available soon. She also reminded all that the Library will have a table set up at the Illinois State Fair on August 13 and on Quad Day on the 21 st. She needs volunteers, each of whom will receive a Library T-shirt for helping.