August 5, 2014 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

August 5, 20141:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


1.                  Approve Minutes from June 23
2.                  Question Time
3.                  Replace Faculty member on PRC during sabbatical 
4.                  Exhibitions Committee
5.                  Innovation fund reports
a.      Preservation Metrics and their Application to Prioritize Treatments (J. Teper)
b.      Spectral Analysis of Leather Surface Treatments for Conservation (J. Teper)
6.                  Specialized faculty
7.                  Search Committees



7/8/14 – approved the RBML Curator position description

Minutes Details


John Wilkin, chair; Bill Mischo, vice-chair; John Wagstaff, secretary; Tim Cole, Mary Laskowski, Nancy O’Brien, Carissa Phillips, Chris Prom, Jennifer Teper


1.                  Approve Minutes from June 23

Approved with a motion by Mary Laskowski, seconded by Jennifer Teper.
2.                  Question Time

For the last year, FAA and the Library have worked together to shape services and indeed a relationship around visual resources curation. Sarah Christensen has served very capably as the Visual Resources Curator, first in FAA and then subsequently in the Library. During that time, FAA generously provided the funding necessary for Sarah’s position, and the two groups worked closely together to ensure we were meeting the needs of the campus and of FAA particularly.

By all accounts, the trial has been tremendously successful, helping to reinforce the importance of the position within the Library as well as the importance of the connection to FAA.  Indeed, the success of the effort was so successful that, as we embarked on the second year of the shared effort, we decided to take stock and consider how best to conduct the work moving forward.

The pivotal nature of visual resources curation in research libraries has led us to decide to shift responsibility for funding the VRC position to the Library beginning in FY 2016.  FAA will fund student assistance for digitizing resources for FAA programs, and the hiring and management of those students will be managed by Sarah Christensen.  We will also continue to use an FAA-Library advisory committee to help advise the service. We are pleased with this outcome, which may serve as a model for other shifts of function and responsibility on campus.

John Wilkin announced that he approved the innovation fund proposal, “Preparing for the post-MARC world: BIBFRAME Transformation for Enhanced Discovery” after talking with Jim Hahn and Qiang Jin and confirming that Michael Norman will provide a supportive role. (You can find approved fund proposals and final reports at

The AULs continue to work on the Administrative Restructuring document and plan to have a version for EC to review by August 25.

A personnel issue was discussed.

EC discussed the internal faculty award.

The P&T statement needs to be on the next agenda.

3.                 Replace a faculty member on a PRC during sabbatical

A nomination was suggested. John will ask the faculty member to serve.
4.                  Exhibitions Committee
The Exhibitions Committee is often asked to help with exhibits in libraries outside and inside of main Library. The current charge only covers exhibits in the first-floor hallway and Marshall Gallery. The committee would like to be able to help others throughout the Library. EC has approved changing the charge to include a broader scope. Jennifer Teper will work to update the charge. John Wilkin has also approved an additional $2500 per year to help with the expenses of providing expanded services.

5.                  Innovation fund reports

a.         Preservation Metrics and their Application to Prioritize Treatments (J. Teper)
b.        Spectral Analysis of Leather Surface Treatments for Conservation (J. Teper)

EC accepted and approved the reports.

c.          iKive-A Trusted Personal Archives Service (Prom)
Chris submitted a report, but due to other responsibilities, was unable to finish the project and asked for an extension until August 15, 2015 to finish the project and spend the rest of the funds. EC granted the extension.
6.                  Specialized faculty
EC discussed the different titles available and how they might be used (if at all), in the Library.

John Wilkin appointed a small taskforce to look at Communication 25—Employment Guidelines for Specialized Faculty Holding Non-Tenure System Positions—to determine if and how Library faculty might fit, before the next hiring plan. The task force will report back to EC October 1 and their report will be reviewed at the October faculty meeting.
7.                  Search Committees

EC discussed the suggestions made by Tom Teper, suggested changes and approved.


7/8/14 – approved the RBML Curator position description