August 4, 2003 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

August 4, 20031:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, Chair, Rod Allen, Kevin Butterfield (for Janis Johnston), Bart Clark, Katie Clark (for Diane Schmidt), Peggy Glatthaar, Barb Henigman, Sharon Hershbarger, Bill Maher, Cindy Kelly, Tom Kilton, Betsy Kruger, Nancy O’Brien, Karen Schmidt, Susan Schnuer (for Barbara Ford), Paula Watson, Karen Wei, John Weible, Joyce Wright


  1. Budget Updates – Kaufman, K. SchmidtWe have approximately a $95,000 deficit for FY03 that will be covered by funds from IRIS.  It will the end of August before we get our final numbers.

    We start FY04 with a 4.84% reduction, 1% rescission, and no vacancy money left. The Executive Committee will be dealing with faculty positions. Right now there is not enough money for even one position although there will be some positions coming open and the committee will have to decide which positions to fill. It is clear that not many can be filled.

    The $300,000 that will come out of general funds in collections this year for the operating budget has served as a cushion that we don’t have now. We’r e using serial expenditures to start the allocation process.  It’s important this year that we be very precise about subject funds and what your cancellations need to be.  Fund managers who overspent serials last year and haven’t made any cancellations may be surprised at their monograph budgets.

    The Elsevier cancellation list and who’s getting the print copies – UIC, UIS, or UIUC, will be distributed. We expect some $450,000 in Elsevier cancellations. In our new Elsevier deal – UIS, UIC, and UIUC will be treated as one institution. There will be one print copy among all three institutions.  Every time we have a duplicate with either Springfield or Chicago, one of us gets the opportunity to cancel and one of us says they want to keep the print, then we have electronic access to all three campuses for all titles.  That begins in January ’04.

    Content fee (which is the price we pay for having electronic access) is going up, which will be covered in part by savings and 50% will be given back to a fund. This should set a model sharing other e-resource packages among the three libraries. We’l l be letting the community know what’s going on through the Library web page and theompendium.

    The Library is funding a limited amount of administrative travel. Therefore, it will be useful when faculty and staff come back from trips that were funded by administrative travel, for them to submit a report to administration to let others know about what we’re doing; send it to Libnews or LON.

    The stress management classes have gone well and were attended by about 120 people.  The evaluations have all been positive. There have been some suggestions about doing a class on change and transition and Cindy Kelly will talk to Paula about doing something in the fall.

    Other colleges and departments got hit harder than we did and are have to really shuffle to make their budgets work.  Therefore, we need to be sharing with each other the things we are hearing from the faculty we deal with.

  2. Process for Updates About Department, School, and College Plans – KaufmanWe’ve talked before about being aware of cross-campus initiatives and other things. Paula suggested that it would be useful for each division to report once a year, at faculty meetings, what is going on in your colleges; what the hot topics are, where the research dollars are going, what areas the new hires are in, etc. AC agreed.
  3. Announcements and UpdatesKaufman – Kate Winkler will be doing GA audits and is working out of Library HR She will do a random sampling of positions to make sure they meet pre-professional requirements. This audit is due to the fact that pre-professional GA positions are exempted from the union.  The audits will start the end of August or beginning of September.

    Wright – UGL will be open until 3:00pm beginning this fall.  The Provost initiated this and has funded it so the hours will be the same as Grainger.

    Kilton – Arts & Humanities has been setting aside time in their meetings for different libraries to report on how they can trim down excess activities pursuant to dealing with less staff. If other Divisions are doing this it might be helpful to share ideas with each other.

    K. Schmidt – The 10 millionth and 1 volume is coming along.  Jennifer has ordered the banana leaf paper.  There are 45 entries including photos.  The donor for the 10 millionth volume has been looking at selections and will make a selection soon.

    Kaufman – There is a steering committee in place for the campus capital campaign for the Library. Mary Dempsey (Chicago Public Library) has joined the committee and will help make in-roads into Chicago. The Committee will meet again before Foundation weekend (10/9/03).

    Kilton – The search for the Spanish, Italian, Portuguese librarian has produced three candidates: Jesus Alonso-Regaldo, Jana Lee Krentz, and Paula Carnes. They will be interviewing over the next few weeks.

    Kruger – The Library has agreed to sponsor a Memorial Grove in honor of Phyllis Danner, Elsa Miller, Leslie Troutman, Marty Friedman and Bob Chapel. Up to seven trees will be planted to memorialize people who die while working for the Library and a plaque will be made with each person’s name. All of the trees in the front of the Library have to be replaced because they’re ill. We’re going to have a fund set up through Library Friends to collect money for people who want to contribute.  If there is anyone outside the library get names to Misty Thompson; development is sending out a mailing.

    O’Brien – when will the book drop be functional? It is almost finished and some clean-up work needs to be done, which will take about one week.

    Kaufman – On October 9 at 1pm there will be a celebration of the Houboldt papers in the reading room at Grainger. October 10 is the Foundation’s annual meeting.  They will be showing a video about UIC, UIUC, and UIS. It will be followed by the dedication of the 10 millionth volume and the public kick-off to the campus campaign for the Library. Here’s a good example of what we hope will be happening in other places. Beth Wohlgemuth and Lyn Jones met with a group of Natural History Survey faculty and talked about the challenge of providing ongoing resources.  They have come up with $10,000 at this time of their own personal money to fund an endowment for materials for the Natural History Survey.

    Kelly – The Office of the Provost is offering short-term loans for faculty, grads, and academic professionals who are worried about the change in pay date. The loans are in the amounts of $500, $1,000, and $1,500 to be paid back in three monthly installments starting in October.  There will be no interest charged on the loans and the application can be found on the Provost’s web page.

    Weible – The members of the Access Task Force working group are helping to make the decisions about implementing TDNet, which supplies weekly information about E-journals into our journal database; it is also working on local development of a link resolver. The working group has been meeting by email.

    This summer we have had a couple of different trials for the service at Ovid to take the place of the Silver Platter database, which for the last six years, at least, we hosted locally here by getting CDs every week and loading them on the machines. We’ve resolved all the acquisitions related wrinkles on subscription transfers. We intend to stop doing it locally and the Ovid and Silver Platter databases will be coming from servers at Ovid.