August 3, 2016 Meeting of Social Science

Time and Location of Meeting

August 3, 201610:00 am - 11:30 am 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Lisa Romero (chair), Laura Barnes, Peg Burnette, Kelsey Cheshire, Karen Hogenboom, Cindy Ingold, Nancy O’Brien, JJ Pionke, Beth Sheehan, Dan Tracy, Gennye Varvel and guests Mara Thacker and Sarah Christensen

Minute taker: Peg Burnette


  1. Approval of May 4 minutes (see G:/Social Sciences Division/DRAFT Minutes).
    1. Motion to approve – JJ Pionke, seconded by Beth Sheehan
  2. Announcements and Discussion Items:
    1. Engagement and Outreach (Christensen and Thacker)
      1. Mara and Sarah are conducting an environmental scan of library public engagement and outreach efforts. Public engagement activities include those outlined in Provost Communication #9 and on the public engagement office web site.
        1. Question 1 – What SSD projects are being worked on that involve collaboration?
          1. Youth Literature Festival
          2. Minds in Motion
          3. Dementia support group  (pearl tree bibliography)
          4. Libguide for veterans
          5. ALA grant for disabilities web site (public facing)
          6. Health Information Portal
          7. College Rankings page
          8. Edible Book Festival
          9. Library Research Showcase
          10. Oral History Project – veterans and tattoos
          11. International Committee on the Red Cross – annual workshop
          12. Libguide for national guardsman being deployed to Afghanistan
          13. Educators in Illinois website
          14. Illinois School Reform Research Locator
          15. Social media
        2. Question 2 – What are some barriers to outreach?
          1. Funding
          2. Time
          3. Swag, materials, incentives, prizes
          4. Marketing grant restrictions
          5. Digital signage is main library-centric
          6. Lack of
            1. Thematic marketing for the library as a whole
            2. Centralized marketing and outreach
            3. Guidelines for things to consider for certain types of events
            4. Support team for outreach efforts
            5. Centralized pool of funding for outreach beyond academic boundaries
        3. Question 3– A toolkit is being developed on how to implement outreach and engagement – what would be helpful in the toolkit?
          1. Lists of places to post flyers
          2. Contact lists
          3. Guidelines for branding, for example; university guidelines or specifications
          4. List of people who have event planning experience and are available for consultation
          5. Examples, samples of strategies
          6. Planning checklist
          7. Available spaces and associated costs
        4. Question 4– What kind of assessment do you do?
          1. Attendance
          2. Website analytics
          3. Follow-up contacts
          4. Feedback – formal or informal
          5. Surveys
      2. Sarah and Mara collected names of SSD members willing to participate in in-depth interviews
    2. Delivery of standing orders: issues? (Tracy)
      1. Dan opened a discussion about problems with standing order titles to see if others had noticed issues withdelayed arrivals of print and ebook standing order items;in the case of ebooks sometimes this seems to be a delay in the resource getting turned on, sometimes a case of it being turned on and not making its way into the catalog for a while. Other related problems that were mentioned – print acquisition is inconsistent; problems with vendors (CQ) and completion of payments on the part of the vendor; how to even stay on top of standing orders; getting patron requests as soon as items become available but the library does not receive them right away;
      2. Lynn Wiley will be invited to the September SSD meeting for discussion; send specific examples to Dan who will collate them for the meeting.
      3. Other acquisition topics for discussion – Voyager fund reports, membership titles and individual titles related to that membership, errors in the SFX journal list.
  3. Reports
    1. Advisory Committee to the AUL for User Services (Sheehan)
      1. Met on June 7th – new photography policy; looked at some results from Ithaca grad student survey; July meeting – swipe card access for UGL
    2. Area Studies Division rep to SSD (Rudasill) – no report
    3. Citation Management Working Group (Sheehan)
      1. Reworks is officially gone; group is no longer officially active. There is a comparison guide for Mendeley and Zotero – Beth has copy and will put it in the G drive in division folder.
    4. Collection Development Committee (Burnette)
      1. Met July 6, 2016 – A&I review – results can be found at g:\
      2. Collections Info\A&I Review 2016; cancellation of Academic OneFile, effective January 2017; Evidence-based demand driven pilot program with Oxford Univ. Press is live; EBSCO renewals are due Monday, Aug. 8, 2016; End of year spending report; expect a flat budget for FY2017.
    5. Data Services Committee (Sheehan, Hogenboom)
      1. Data purchase program will be in the spring of 2017 instead of fall as a pilot project;  anyone in SC can help with data purchase.
    6. Diversity Committee (Ingold, Pionke)
      1. From the May 10th meeting:– announcements and planning for the potluck held on June 8th; the workshop series was coordinated by an iSchool student; committee will update library diversity statement (current is form 2010). Interviews were held for assoc. chancellor for diversity – 4 internal candidates – Assata Zerai form Sociology will assume the position.
        July meeting – human library project will be September 22 from 4:30 – 9:30 at Krannert– people can “check out a book” – a series of questions will spark conversation. Nisha Mody is spearheading the project with Sarah Christensen.
    7. Faculty Review Committee (Song) – no report
    8. Library Assessment Committee (Avery, Ingold) – no report
    9. LSSC Representative (Varvel)
      1. LSSC met with LCAP committee for introductions and idea sharing;
    10. Marketing and Strategic Communications (Tracy) no report
    11. Office of Research, Liaison (Tracy)
      1. Dan Tracy is now responsible for the collection and reporting of library personnel service and awards data to campus – grants, awards, appointments, editorial positions or other recognition; Beth Namachchivaya has requested feedback on the Charge for the new Humanities and Interdisciplinary Scholars’ Collaboratory Strategy and Planning Group. Beth and Carissa are following up on RPC grantee final reports. The Illinois Data Bank (IDB) launched in May. The Library Research Showcase will be Monday, Nov. 14th at 1:00 pm. Details and submissions forms are forthcoming.
    12. Reference Management Team (Sheehan)
      1. The team is looking at calendaring and scheduling software to allow for patron scheduling of consultations with subject specialists; let Beth Sheehan know if you want to participate in pilot (or David Ward or Joe Lenkart).
      2. The schedule for fall reference training series (formerly HUB training) is in progress. Training sessions will be Tuesdays from 3-3:50 and Fridays from 11:00 – 11:50.
    13. Research & Publications Committee (Tracy) – No Report
    14. Research Data Service Committee (Burnette, Hogenboom)
      1. The RDS met on July 12, 2016. The meeting was a discussion with visitors from Sungkyunkwan University in Korea. They wanted to learn about the development of the university’s research data service.
    15. SSD rep to Life Science Division (Burnette)
      1. July 13, 2016 – Mara Thacker and Sarah Christensen were guests at the meeting as part of their environmental scan of library engagement and outreach initiatives.
    16. SSD rep to Central Public Services Division (Ingold)
      1. Group is discussing how to respond to the Clery Act – who needs training?
    17. Staff Development & Training Committee (Ingold, Pionke)
      1. Announced the inclusive IL professional leadership series – JJ has had some inquiries; GA training – 44 GAs have signed up; 40 to 47 GAs per session. GREAT is doing well; IT has invited a group to talk about GREAT; the recent blood drive was very successful; the fitness trail is close to being ready to go; the passport project will be every other year – this year there will be a peace map that coincides with passport. Goals for 2017 – needs assessment; talk about climqual recommendations;
    18. User Ed Committee (Avery) no report
    19. Web Redesign Content Group (Tracy)
      1. Susan Avery is leading the group – Jodi Ford overseeing web work in RIS; Susie Duncan from CIS.
        The focus is on getting new content into wordpress (email from Chris Prom). A reminder to remove LEARN links from libguides and pages before semester begins; working on a draft of the borrowing policy section of web site; Beth suggested a global query of libguides for links to LEARN would be helpful. For lower level pages the library header and footer will drop out and unit header and footer will appear.
  4. Round Robin
    1. Via email.