August 22, 2019 Meeting of Library Staff Support Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

August 22, 2019

Agenda Details


LSSC Meeting Agenda 8/22/19


  1. Approve July Meeting Minutes
  2. Liaison Reports and Updates

III. Updates regarding committee vacancies

  1. Update regarding AC representation
  2. All Other Vacancies
  3. ALA Brownbag
  4. Building Project Updates
  5. Other news, updates, and comments.

Minutes Details


Erik Chapman (Life Sciences)

Courtney Horry (Area Studies)

Tony Hynes (Special Collections)

Lonnie Clark Jr. (Central Public Services)

Ben Riegler (Central Public Services)


LSSC Meeting Minutes 8/22/2019

Minutes from 7/25/19 were read and approved

Liaison Reports and Updates:

Life Sciences: Erik reported that updates to Alma were discussed, including the question of whether it would work with self-check machines- Alma representatives say that it will. New GAs were also announced.

Administrative Services/BHRSC: No meeting.

Administrative Council: Kim attended. The new facilities manager, Tim Newman, came.  Agenda item was how to streamline/build relationships in particular who to ask/referrals.  There is a group working on a proposal and a list going out to divisions.  This proposal is based on a primary need -subjects.  There was some discussion on adding F&Q.    As far as building relationships, there is already an ambassador program in place.  Mentoring was mentioned as well as the “Know your U” University program.  Another suggestion is a program like grab a colleague (someone you do not know) and go for coffee.

Dean Wilkin praises AC for good work on the policies on the website.  There was some discussion regarding candidate meetings with other committees and how they get scheduled.  There seems to be little notice and therefore few people attend.  It is the search committee/chair who schedules these.   An option is for these to be scheduled at the kickoff meetings.


Special Collections: Tony brought a copy of the 50% conceptual plan for the Special Collection Research Center which was recently presented to the Special Collections Division for comments. It provides two options to be considered for the project, one leaving the central courtyard as is, and another partially filling it in, along with other differences.


Area Studies: Courtney reported that the Alma/Primo migration was discussed.


Central Public Services: No meeting.


Updates regarding committee vacancies: Kim will be taking over as Administrative Council Liaison and she is all set up now to get notices and receive any relevant information related to that. Erik nominated Ben to be Chair for the upcoming year and Ben accepted the nomination. Election of officers will wait until we have filled the current divisional openings, though.


Erik has contacted all potential representatives for the open divisional positions, but has not yet heard back from anyone. He will individually email each person next if he does not get any responses.


The possibility of sending out a notice to all staff via the LIBSTAFF mailing list in order to generate more interest was discussed.


ALA Brown Bag: Lonnie shared that there were 6 people at the Brown Bag presentation on 8/21 by the staff who attended ALA- the 2 awardees, 2 members of LSSC, and 2 other employees. The presenters said they appreciated the opportunity and found it to be a valuable experience.


Building Project Updates: Ben reported that Kirstin Johnson has been attending divisional staff meetings to give updates on the conceptual plan and the work of the Programming and Services Working Group. She mentioned some details of potential changes in the conceptual plan and mentioned that the 100% conceptual plan would be coming sometime in September.